Sooooo Bored In School

Click the read more link for this message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind.What follows is a message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind. Not surprisingly, he asked that his name not be included. Other identifying details have been removed too.

hey hey, i am really bored. so i decided to write an email to ppl. i have nothing to do. i am at skool and i find it very boring. i am in michael [Surname]'s business class, but michael [Surname] isnt here today. instead we have this dude that i have never seen before. ahh i should b doing ‘work’ right now, but its all so pointless so i decided not to do it. i am in a random mood right now. i am going to type the first thing that comes to mind. u know wat. michael jackson is a homo and a petofile. i feel sorry for his kids. like rele sorry for them, they have to figure out if he is theyre mother or father cuz he/she has such a high pitch long woman like hair and wears lipstick. sounds like a woman to me but u never can be sure these days. but he/she is really ugly so yea. n e ways i wanna go on msn but these crappy computers dont have it. i really want to bring my laptop sometime, but i keep forgeting to. plus i cant find my case. ugh how school is boring. lucky homeschooled ppl. i want pizza, pizza is good. damnit theres half hour of class left. soo hungry. ahh tony wandered over to the other side of the room to tlk to me. he says hi. ahh tony is being yelled at. ahh teacher is coming over. tony made a good lie and went back to his seat. ugh this is boring. sooooo.......... bored. i am listenin to queen right now. SHES A KILLER QUEEN!!!!! ok enuf with that song. CAN ANY BODY FIND ME SOMEBODY TO LOVE, now thats a good song. i think i'll continue listening to this one. ock boredem. i dont like skool. dont u h8 life? i have many reasons to h8 life. life sux ass.�im so bored ahh randomnessssssss, whoa this is keeping me entertained, just typing and typing and typing and typing about nothing. FUN FUN. BORING SKOOL, so boring. these chairs are so crap. i want to sit on the floor. more comfortable than the crappy chairs. u kno what, im bored, ahh good old randomness. ok i have heard enuf queen for now. time for a random cd, lets pick......eee neee meeeny minnney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he haulers let him go, eennyyy meeeny mineys moe.... i have chosen led zepplin. what an excellent choice. ahh so bored. i should skip this class, its so boring. ahh now ppl are yelling and i dont know y. teachers in this skool are so short.�i tower over some of them, its hilarious, even funnier is jimmy, being 6'0. a janitor just pushed the teacher onto a desk. it was funny. n e ways so bored. i like queen. [Name,] u have to come back to [Place] asap. theres nothing to do here, ahh so bored. ahh so bored. I wANNA GO TO ZELLERS, tony just left the class. i want food god damnit. so hungry. I WANT FOOD. skool sux cuz its boring. boring. boring. polish ppl bother me, the are weird. so bored. RANDOMNESS. yes i am bored. i'd laugh if sumbody sum 1 actually read this whole letter. ok well im gonna leave now cuz skool is boring


It's 10:31 and the bell

It's 10:31 and the bell doesn't ring until 10:37. I'm really really really bored. School sucks. I want to sleep. Goodnight

bored in school in lesure iv

bored in school in lesure iv gt a hangover lol


ok i am so bored that i actually read quite a lot of those comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god i am sat i it at the moment and our teacher cant b arsed 2 teach us so we have 2 "amuse ourselves" well thats bloody impossible when most of the good websites (games etc not porn coz i dont watch porn!!!!!) have been blocked for no apparant reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr haha i will so laugh if some1 gets bored enough to ACTUALLY read this! well if u r reading this then hi im bored goodbyexx

school is just plain fucking

school is just plain fucking boring unless u go and buy milkshake


i agree if adults say that oh i would go back to high school in a heart beat it wasnt because of their lives it was because their parents had to take care of them and now they have to do it by them slefs. and they cant get mad becaus epeople were up all night at a party drinking and get mad at them because they have a hangover so quit pressuring your children soo much! geeze! anyway this is so random i hate thaty this class in keyboarding is so gay i dont know any one and like jack black said people who cnat teach teach gym and the football coach teaches this class haha that so true he doesnt know the first thing on how to turn on a computer! hahaha oh well i am really bored and other people are working and i guess i should work to but then i will get bored again and get side tracked and think of food ugh.. i am soo hungry i packed a ppj. and chips and soda and penut clusters but i think fettichine is really good right know ohh.. that sounds so cool ! well i am soo bored and i thimk that we should be abkle to skip class and then have a class that you can skip to .. to hang out in because where my school is you have to walk like 3 miles to find somethimg fun to do and having a fun time woulf=d be cool i guess and oh well i waant to go away know so bye ......................................................................bye,...............................................

bored at school

yeah hahaha im sitting here in english class and i finished all my work...*sigh* myspace got blocked soo i was looking for something to do so wtf why not write about how bored i am..... omg i have a drill competition this saturday its for airforce jrotc!!!!! omg omg omg im competing in inspection and trick and im nearly petrified to death.... yeah im gunna go da bell is gunna ring peace love 123456789 <3Heather

omgshnes!!we are out of

omgshnes!!we are out of our minds sitting here can any1 tell us a site that we can go on bcz all the good sites like bebo msn are blocked we really want BEBO!!

well, i haven't read this

well, i haven't read this whole thing but i have a pretty good idea of it and i really do think that shorthand is ok on the internet becuz everyone knows what u mean. it's not ok on things like the writin SOLs unless of course u wanna fail.

I concur.

I'm a 14 year old freshman in high school this year and I know boredom. Everything is so repetitive! I hate that! Wake up, get on the bus, run to 1st period, sit there for an hour, run to 2nd period, sit there for an hour, run to 3rd period, sit there for an get the idea. I try my hardest to pay attention, and I'm a solid A student (well there is that one B in Latin class.) However, my grades don't change the fact that I'm so bored I want to shoot myself in school everyday. School's in America are pathetic. You hear all these wonderful things about schools in other countries. Students that take classes based on what they are interested in and what they want to do for a career! Imagine that!! I'm sick of asking the question "When are we gonna use this?" and getting a really stupid response from my math teacher. "I find that to be an ignorant statement." That's a direct quote by the way. Well, Mr. Math, let me say two things. One: It was a question. Not a statement. Shows how much you learned in America's school system. Two: How is that ignorant? And oh ya, just thought of a third one. How is that even an answer to my question?! But I digress. I guess the point I'm trying to make is this: Something needs to change. Lessons should be more exciting and interactive, no matter what class you're in. Also, students should take classes based on interests and what they want to do for a career. If that was to happen in the future I swear I would light some sparklers and start doing backflips.

i have no way in my class

i have no way in my class room to amuse my self from this typre of spiral bordem please can some one answer my plead other wise i feel my boredem will drive me into the depths of actualy doing my work and thats not on!

holy bored!

k i'm in the library right now and we're supposed to be researchin crap for our essays on some more crap about the concentration camps. sure, i admire the ppl who survived and were still civilized but when we go into the deep essence of people's minds and then write a frikn 5 page essay on it it kinda sux. well i g2g teach is comin

The Truth about Teachers

I am at skool in the libary this i used to be my free period but because we all used to go to the park or go to this relli cool underground place to hang out and not work the teachers were like this is a time of study (yeh because 6 hrs a day isnt enough)everyone must now go to the libary and work. I have no work to do i have done it all within the stupid 6 hrs in skool i av already had. I mean i can understand y they get pissed when people bunk lessons and they go to the lesson and no one is there because they had to come in but free periods are a time when they get to sit in the staff room and do sfa whilst being paid and we have to work! I just had english and i was day dreaming and listening to my music when the teacher pulled my headphones out of my ears made me satnd up and was yelling at me so i was like i havent done nething and she was like thats my point how r you gonna pass your exams if you just sit there (ok thats a fair piont) but she went on telling the class how i havent handed in a single piece of homework since we started back form the holiday (which isnt true because i do it in her lesson) theres nothing else to do because she just sits there telling us how she has been working in the skool for 27 yrs now and she hasnt taken 1 day sick leave blah blah blah. i really liked goegraphy because i wanted to travel and stuff so i worked really hard but the teacher always used to pick on me because i wasnt the smarest of students and when i got something wrong she used to make me stand up and get ebryone to point at me and laugh and sent me out of the class room one day she asked me a question and i knew the answer because i had done extra work she didnt like the fact i got it rite she stood infront of me grabbed me by the jumper pulled me rite up to her face and started to yell at me telling me i was thick and how i was a like a annoying piece of gum at the bottom of her shoe ( i no this sounds funny but it relli wast because evryone was there o the shame) so newayz i reported her and they didnt believe me and onli one person out of 36 students came forwards and sed io was telling the truth and so all she had to do was say sorry and she sed she was just relli upset that she had to go to the doctors and she was scared so thats y i hate skool because their always moaning and bossing us and its the same thing everyday you just want to shout at them and at the end of the day who really needs to what a+22e-6y is or what chemical when you set it on fire turns purple everything is boring and pointless!!!!! (sorry that all i have done is moaned i am just so bored of teachers not listening)!!!

Ha, ha

The funny thing is that I typed 'sooooo bored' into google and found this, though doubtlessly it's been done and said before. Welcome to second period study hall. I've little else to do with my time... I would be reading a political blog written by a girl in Iraq, but god knows blogs aren't actually 'writing'. They're trash, quoth the administrators, so here I am using my ever-valuble school time babbling away on this mediocre Mac computer.

Oh, hi, by the way. I'm Katie, a sophomore in high school. Sixteen, should it matter.

Many questions could be asked here, such as 'Why are we knowingly rousing our children from their slumber hours too early when we've had the scientific knowledge that teens are sleep-deprived and suffering permanent defects in mental and physical health?' I pose that question to you, loving adult community. I have to get up at 5:00 AM in order to make it all the way downtown when classes start at 8:00. I don't get home until 4:30 PM. How is this making me a better person, jamming useless factoids into my head until I feel like imploding?

Pray tell, when was the last time you had to calculate the tangent of right triangles? Ever used the Spanish subjunctive tense? What does the Ottoman Empire mean to you? Any of this ringing a bell? Is it so dreadful of me to ask that if I must rise at some godforsaken hour to at least learn something mildly applicable to reality?


i agree

i agree with this child, he speaks great knowledge and wisdom of boredom!! i too am very very bored, and am also at school! but c2k won't let us in something fun or worthwhile so instead i have come across this page! and have found that i share the same feelings for school at this moment as that wee boys! give children something to do on computers except boring crap stuff!! even games would be a big help!!!!!!! please all help and support me with my campaign against c2k as c2k controls our lives of what we do and see! don't you think you should make your own decisions on what we go on??? you decide?? instead of some company that decides and controls your life!!!! think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm board at school

This is an interesting peace. As a student myself I can testify that school is deffenatly boaring. I beleave that it is because of the relentless schedueling it is the same thing day in and day out without change. Maby if the teachers or schoolboard had a little emagination we as students would not be board out of our heads. I to have about a million doodles from sitting in class where the teacher just drones on and on. Boardom may be my own fault but there is not much you can do when if you even get caut doodeling most of the time you are tourchered with more boardom in detention aahhhhhhhhhhh!!! you older people responding to the message posted before you respond remember what you felt like in school or even how board you are now in board meetings or staff meetings. I'm sure that everyday you are board at one point. so before you juge the writer of the posted message take a look at yourself and remember how menny times you've counted down the minutes to the end of the work day or watched the clock at a board meeting or picked up a magizeen in the doctors office to keep your mind occupied. then respond after you have reflected on this. this message is deffenatley not a forgery

Hell yeah

I am a teen in class right now and i looked up sooooo bored in google lol.

I'm not a nerd ...well maybe i am, lol. Well nah, i don't enjoy work, i just do it anyway cos i want to get a job i like and that's gonna involve me doing my best.

Anyway, so i am one of the few who always do their homework. I'm only in year 10 and my life consists of going to school, working, wasting time because teachers are busy with behaviour management and being gay in general, then i go home, do homework, go to bed. Weekends are almost completely full of homework too.

It's not that i find the work interesting AT ALL, it's boring as hell. It's hard to concentrate because it's not only mind numbingly boring, but it's also really really easy and pointless: almost every task, no one learns anything. It's just time-consuming crap that teaches us nothing. Dead set, i believe that most people in my grade could have finished high school years ago if we were allowed to learn at our own speed and level. The slower kids' needs are always catered for, and the entire class is brought down to even easier work because of it. It's bull! And the kids who go to school to learn, such as myself are fobbed off like we're immature and we don't matter! If i was less ambitious and i became a teacher, i would never lose sight of the fact that my job affects the courses of hundreds of people's lives! If i become a teacher, i'll enthuse my students and do my very best to make their work interesting so that they might actually learn. And i will treat them like human beings.

I can understandd that teachers have to fulfill the curriculum, but OMG! Do you wannna TRY at all? Honestly, i lost all faith in humanity from a very young age. Do all people suck? I probably suck too lol

Well, i'll stop complaining now.

Luv me

Are you bored, or are you just lazy?

I'm fourteen years old and I would say that I'm a pretty good student. I have an 87 average (an A where I come from, it's equivalent to about a 94 in America, I'd say), but it's not that I like school. What I find is that I constantly stop paying attention. I'm in a sort of "elite" school, and it's French too, and I have the most difficult semester of all time right now. I have French (Immersion), Science, Math (also in French, and it's taught by the best/hardest teacher) and then at last I have Gym, where I have to stay after school to run forever.

French is pretty difficult. I mean, I have a test and a presentation on Monday, and while I should probably be working on that instead of being here, I'm not. My Science class is rumoured to be simple, because the teacher I have doesn't know what she's doing. This doesn't work for me. I find that a teacher who is lost in her plans can't teach at all. I need to know something for sure if you're going to teach it at all. I can't stand to do badly. But that is not derived from my love of school, but rather, my unwillingness to fail. After Science, Math comes along. Math, how I despise you. Math is just silly. Too many rules, too many ways to fail. I won't even bother with it any longer. Last period is my Gym period with this devil of a woman. I'm glad she picked teaching Gym over motivational speaking as a career. I realize that probably all she can do is teach gym, which is kind of sad. But I haven't a shred of sympathy for her, as you can imagine. Even if you're stupid (I am, I've passed everything through memorization), you can do very well for yourself. Just try harder!

I just wish that I had subjects that I enjoyed. Now, if I had English and Psychology on constant loop throughout the day, I would completely love school. But it just isn't that way. I think that people, even those who hate school and their teachers, should still be doing well. I do well, and school is my least favourite thing in the world. My message is that you're all lazy, basically.

school n stuff

hello. i agree with what you ppl are saying but is the solution really to waste your time writing stupid messages on stupid forums and complaining about the same thing over and over again!? my friend and I have just been reading through them ALL because we have nothing better to do. half the time lessons are not borin if you muck around n have a bit of fun. we never stop laughing in lessons coz ppl do funny stuff n its normally great. i agree with the homework stuff though. homework is totally crappy, we do 25 hours worth of study a week - why should we be forced to do it at home aswell. i know they say "its for your own good" and maybe it can be but then teachers should say you get the choice if you care about your education then you should do homeowrk - but if you don't do it then you obvoiusly don't care about your job and future education so why should the teachers care because they should just be concentrating on the kids who wanna learn. for this reason i think that there should never be be punishments for not doing homework - because its there own choice and at the end of the day, when the kids leave skool, they should only suceed if they have put the effort in and it won't affect the techers one way or the other. i'm gonna go now coz am rambling but someone had got golden boots and i love bloc party and muse forever. GOOD-FRY! xx


Im gonna die.

bored out of my mind, and these comments cant even help pass the time.

school is a wast of time!

most kids dont listen and dont learn owt! as u kan see! lol. its pointless, all the stuff i know im most probably never gonna use! all u need is to be able to write *cough cough* read, do simple maths, and some science! everything else u learn when u get a job!!! they start too early with kids im 16 and doing my gcse's all the stuff i know i could have learnt in about 4 years. all they need is a crash course! i think modern apprenticeships are loads better! u get money instead of getting into debt! work experience and a qualification!

all in all skool is boring and they should strip it to the basic core subjects! then let us decide wat we wanna do! skool shouldnt start till the age of ten, u should have four years skooling and then get an aprenticship/job then by 18 u would be qualified!


I don't see why my teacher is so stupid. She talks to the class about how bad myspace is, then I comment and she is like "We are not talking realistically here" and then a couple minutes later she says "Well, realistically...." Blah blah blah, then someone else commented that they thought we weren't being realistic, and then that kid had detenction..

ME TOO! (zzzZZZ)

yay this stoped my bordom during it too!

This site is an awesome

This site is an awesome example of what bored people do in school... One of the most major reasons i think is because school lack the sufficient resources to i just sleep in class and do all projecs and other stuff when i get home with the proper resources....

This place truly does suck

God, 8th grade sucks balls these teachers are purposley trying to ruin my life. douchebags want to keep me after for making fun of the FAT kid I can't help if he's fat and nobody likes him, oh and I'm surprised they haven't kicked me off this site, there's this site it's awsome you look up any slang you want and you can write your own definetions and last year I went on it they didn't care and then this year I try to do something since they don't let me do anything else except sit on my ass and get fat ''GET OFF OF URBANDICTIONARY" ""GET OFF OF THE COMPUTER!!"" and then they unplug it on me the bastards even when I'm in the middle of typing stupid ''narratives'' for them because they have no life and they want me to type everything for them so I can get Carpal Tunnel. I hate school, school's alway's been shit for me, concentration camps suck at life


So yea...I'm doing ths gay report in class right now...It just great! Actually no it's not...Lets see, MY TOPIC HAS NOTHING ON IT JUST DEFINITIONS!!! we have to do some unexplainable topic...Exorcism is mine...!! oh goodness! There's this kid and he's totally annoying...hehe, he drinks pretien and is all buff but he can't punch worth shyte...I've seen's funny! i think he's gay cuz i mean his g/f looks like a man!!! HAHAHA!!! anyways Life sucks...My teacher just yelled at me cuz i have no research done and I'm doing this...but it's all good I mean i'm in the ninth grade taking 10-11 grade classes i mean come on...I'm smarter than the average pen ya know lmao!!! or as my dad says he's not god just a saint...I don't know why he says stuff liek that!!! Oh yea...I totally got kicked outta my house the other day! isn't it great to read bout other peoples problems??? I know, i's kinna funny!!!! Well yea i get out of class in liek 15 minutes then go to track!!! I'M RUNNING THE FOUR BY TWO!!! so freakin happy!!! That shyte is the funnest thing to run...not to long not too short just right...Oh yea and my teacher yelles at me again...but then she got distracted by a boi named jessi...his research topic is jack the ripper...I want that one but he said it's his and threatened to sit on me...lmao, but he's like really skinny lmao!! We're good friends! You know how fun it is to just type bout nothin?? It's pretty fun! A lot of random things are going through my mind! Anyways I'm gunna take these random things out on my friend...ADIOS HOMIES!!!!

Boredom is an epidemic

Hi this is Jack and Emma of Austraila and we are in our COMPULSARY Religon Class (stupid catholic schools)!! We are majorly bored right now and it is all this stupid schooling systems fault! Compulsary religon! I mean COME ON! it is such a waste of time, seriously! I could be doing another english course or someting else that i can benifit from. Boredom in school is a huge problen but there are some teaches out there who are awesome and make school great. And also i read at the start at this post that spelling in blogs ect. was an issue. AS IF IT IS! when you type away at a computer it dosnt matter about spelling, when one writes an essay... USE SPELL CHECK! hahaha ciao JACK AND EMMA xxx

this site cured me

how awesome is this! i was sooooo bored and now i have found the light! just typed sooooo bored into good ol' google and BINGO i am here reading about my fellow bored peers. Keep going you all school has it pluses. BOO YAH! Jack x


Wow... lol I get on this site by accident and all of you kids are complaining about how boring school is. Why don't you listen and pay attention so you can spell your words better and type better?


yo fellas, gotta be pretty bored to read all this crap. o well, if its entertaining you then well, good for u, bu tthis isn't working for me so im out.

ps. life doesn't suck that bad.


We're not saying that life sucks, it's better then the alternitive. It's just the fact that what we are doing is basicly useless. I'm a senior and in geometry ( slept through one algrabra class and apperently you cant move forward if you only took two/thirds of geom.) and I cant keep my head up. Everything that they teach you is pretty much common knowlage with formulas. I'm graduating this year and the only class' that i'm going to take any useful info out of were metals and woods. Mostly because those were hands on.

being a T.A. can be fun

sometimes i wounder if their is such classes as TA and homework classes then why even have them i mean now the only classes i really have to take is english and history why not be able to go home right after them. i tried the coloring in the box thing to take away the time i tried surffing the net but their is only so much u can look at i mean they shoudl never block myspace. im so bored their is nothing to do and it is waistin my time that i could be able to be havign fun. omg this class is so immature these kids are laughing because somone said dick.... omg DICK ahahahahahahahaha so funny. im listening to the fuck it song its so good when u just found out this guy that u fell inlove wiht has a kid and is goign to be with the babys moma and the phyco bitch is crazzy and u want nothignt o do wiht him but u miss him dearly. i love him but cant have him and my best friend in in jail and thinks he loves me god.. i want to move backt o cali..... this is a cool cite. well im out im going to walk around...

Yes School Is Boring...

Yes School is boring, i'm 13 and i find school boring sometimes, i just find winding the teacher up is good, e.g. citizenship <(^-^)> hahaha the best time to have fun : P once she got the head to come to my class coz we were all being so bad, lol, we all got a week afterschools! didn't stop us tho we're still doing it. =0 (lol anywayzzzz try it) hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah poor C.T. teacher, DAFT SAP!

i hate it

i end up bunking nearly every lesson becuase i hate school so much . its boring and un real and you dont get treated with respedt . i woul rather be at the park with my mates then in a lesson being shouted at for being a human . i cant realy7 be bothered with school . i dont think you need papers to show your amazing . i dont think you need numbers and letters in your head to get a decent pay . `02 rt0pjo 14 t schhol is shit even if you arnt bullied and you have mates .its feckin borin


i have a headache of bordem and after this class of boring ict i will be sitting in silience for 1 whole our for a detention. I am really tired and yet i still need to go to a disco


I'm scared of most of my teachers. I'm too scared to sleep in class or to slack off. In fact, mostly everyone is. But there's one teacher who is so boring, even his angry voice is boring. He's currently insisting on teaching us about the colors of light. (Sir, we may only be 14, but I'm pretty sure we know how to tell the difference between green and blue. Oh, sorry, I meant cyan.)


Yes, notes like this are written every day, in every school, across the countries. People use shorthand and chicken scratch all the time, whenever they can get away with it. I, personally, never use it. It annoys me and I tend to think of the people who use it as lazy. But in the end, they're not really. Maybe they're just trying to speed things up a bit, because it does take awhile to type out all of your words, and write them out, etc..

At the moment I'm sitting in a school I technically don't have to be in, listening to music no the computer that's supposed to be blocked. No games, no music, etc. Those are the rules. But I'm a computer whiz, so chyeah.

But anyways, on the flipside! Those of you who are 'trying to make this a better place' okay. You've located the cause of boredom. Long schooldays where we're unable to do our work because we're constantly being lectured, so we must then do it at home. Now, what are you going to do about it?

Think of it like work. 8 hours a day, plus overtime. But we don't get paid for it. We have to pay for it.

You could say that, in a way, the school systems are taking advantage of children needing an education. But I firmly believe you don't need any more after the 8th grade, you've acquired all your life skills, as well as some more advanced skills. The majority of people don't get very high-tech jobs. And I actually quite honestly believe that high school should be as optinoal as college is.

If you don't plan on taking the initiative to go to high school, then you're not going to take the initiative to get a good job, or do well at it. As far as I'm concerned.

But then again, some people might call me a 'stupid, immature teenage girl'. I prefer not to think of myself like that.

I think of myself more like an idealist. I think of myself as 14, and graduating the 8th grade today. I think of myself as a person.

But I know that no matter what I think of myself, or how mature or intelligent I am, I will never be taken seriously until I'm over the age of 25 and have a job.

Sucks for me, eh? ♥B


Boredom is a very trick thing, to get out of it is one thing, to get into is another. I as a student get bored at school every day dont listen to each of the teachers we get (as a class we r the chattiest), true it may seem that you r wasting ur 6hrs of each day, but if you actually listen...You might learn somethin like i just did :) ....Boredom isnt to blame the teachers, its to blame for ourselves, we got us into this mess, and imagination is the only way out.....

I dont know what i just said so yea :)


so true

true, very very true. why do they make us go to school? They say that this is a free country, yet they force us to go to school.

Get up and leave

I didn't read all of this stuff because I got bored as soon as I tried. Well, that is to say, even MORE bored because I am like dying of boredom here. I am 14 years old and in higschool, do the math. Well, I have actually been out of school since June 6th, and it's the 10th. I don't have anything to do now, but before school was over I had 13 kids in my class, and I was in a Gifted class, so yeah I'm smart. I have only ever gotten one B the rest of the grades in my life were all As. Sorry if you think I'm bragging I'm not trying to I'm just telling you people about me. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored. I got to this site by typing in that too, ha ha. Well, I just got to say: If you're reading this, get off your butt and do something! Bye, I gotta go.

Mite aswel go to work

Schools boring, I go everyday. They only thing I enjoy is seeing my mates. I learn nothing. But i'm not thick. I would rather go to work and atleast get payed for wasting my time.

Bored in school

I'm currently on exchange in a foreign country whose language I do not speak, I know alllll about school boredom. Seven hours a day of sitting at my desk, not understanding a thing. Thank god for i-pods.

Now, to the idiot blabbering on about a perfect society and utopia, you think that's what this site is about? Seriously dude, using big words doesn't make you appear smart, you've just proved to anyone that reads this article and it's comments just how little you understand it.

You criticize the makers of this site and those who participate about what they have chosen to do with their spare time? This coming from someone who was searching "Cuases of bordem".....Hah. I can see you really did pay attention to spelling and grammar in school.

Randomness, bordem and just plain pointlessness in school

"School will help you achieve your goals for the future" what a load of hooey i mean quite seriosly we sort our own lives out, smart or dum, good grades bad grades, grades wont stop you from dreaming and its drea,ms that give us goals, they say all that rubbish to scare us. its quite obviose that school is just something to get kids out of their parents hair, the only good point about schoolis that we meet our life mates there and that we learn how we can never really be trusted to make our own descissions and that the people, who are the people anyway, i mean everyone says "they are gonna chjange this and ban that" who the hell are these people anyway, well these people are constantly repressing us and controlling us through fear, paranoid, hardly, just fed up of taking orders from some fat man in a suit who has money so he dont have to worry bout those who dont i mean why are we controlled and watched and councilled by the government anyway ewho the hell are they, i dont understand why everyone is so scared they are just bossy control freaks that want want want, and dont give a monkeys but about the people of this country, i dont think eminem is a good example but bloody hell he is right, if they think they r all powerful over us let us stand towards them as one we could basically over throw rthe government, if they new me and wat i was sayin i would get shot. thing is i dont want the nation to become some crazy town place where there is no order i just dont want to be repressed and struck down everytime i try and achieve something. why should we have to pay to live leave us alone do we order money taxis and jobs and work off of them no we are just little robots they can boss around through fear. so why shouls going to school and taking the exams they set us to proove if we are smart enough to become successful help us in anyway i seriosly think school is just a place wher ewe are tuaght disaplin and to listen to the PEOPLE ok totally digressed, basically school is pointless on the count that we dont use the stuff we learn, and that if you want something in life theyre is always something in the way forget school why waste our youth trying to repress us and stressing a load of grades onto us LEAVE US ALONE, god wat a load of freaks


i am very bored

boredom filling my life

now that i realize this, i just sat here for an hour reading every one of these coments. And people say it isn't true that the email was written just because of spelling and grammer. when i first saw this message, i thought that someone found my email and posted it in this sight. right niw, im bored out of my mind. this sight helped for a while, but im still bored. the coloring in squares is so much fun. i do it all the time, especially in math b/c of the graph paper. it is so true that teachers call on people not paying attention. its just not fair. schools not bad, i just get bored easily and don't pay attention. i like counting ceiling tiles and making patterns out of them in school. it helps until i get called on. i say i dont understand and the question is repearted and the teacher calls on someone else. during tests, i get really bored. especially when there are windows around. theres nothing on tv right now. its boring. thats why im writing this. i was searching for things to relieve boredom and this came up. i lied earlier. i only read a quarter of these. then i got bored. im making a video game because i am bored. i have to learn the language first. i already made pong. it was fun. i shoul dhave been writing my essay, but i didn't. school is boring. so is homework. idk what is more borimg. i get through school, but have trouble finishing hw. sometimes even starting. this is wierd. is there a problem with boredom. im watching reruns of tennis. idk which year, but the guys shorts are way to short. i don't wanna see that. is there a problem associated with boredom? if there is, i probably have iit. that wouldn't be good. stupid rain, i can't do anything. my school is stupid. it blocks internet on laptops. no msn for me. its blocked on the school computers. even the password for firewalls doesn't work. its a stupid password. "because" why would that be the password. oh well, the whole student body knows it. i gtg. bell just rang. gonna be late for class. so much for doing that project. the study skills lady gonna be mad at me. she helps me b/c i don't do hw. bi for now.


I'm sitting in the schoo library right now after having read everything. School really is just annoying, yeah we learn stuff but if we get too bored we remember none of it. What's even worse is having a free period when noone else does and you end up being stuck, in a library, bored and lonely. I am 17 in England and I just want to fly out the window and learn a different which could be enjoyable. I'm sure we all do. So why don't we, maybe if enough people read all theses coments and post their own, then maybe, just maybe someone will listen to us and make a difference. Why don't we try and change the way things work, make our own lives and future peoples lives much more fun. Then if learning is fun more people would do it, more people would become clever, we could find more cures, ways to save the planet and discover new worlds. So then everyone is better off, present and future. Lets make a difference, let boredom become our source of creativity to change the way life goes.

another view

Last term I spent three months as a volunteer English teacher in a rural area of Cambodia. One day a week I had 8 students who rode 80k on bicycles to study for 6 hours and then ride the 80k back home before dark.

And that is the truth.

You bored people are just not hungry enough.

Those who do jack shit TEACH

We should shorten the amount of school hours in a day and be allowed to do more practical stuff. I knew something was seriously wrong when I found out that picking sports studies means sitting at a desk learning anatomy. Its not like I dont get enough sleep in Maths and Biology. God school sucks.


i tottaly agree with

i tottaly agree with everything this peice is about. well that made statement made little to no since. i'm kinda in the same boat as the author right now. I don't understand why they make you take computer classes in school now. everyone has access to a computor. its rediculous. i understand making you take it in elementary school, but who can;t figure out word processor?! realy?! come on!!! I mean, theres a help feature BUILT IN!!!! oh, well, what can you do. oh, yea. sit there and write meaningless comments on random blog pages you found when you tyoed in 'bored' on goggle.

boredem n how to solve it

ok so im bored in ICT which is always crap cos no1 does the workm, and every body gets shouted at, i dont know why. hmmmmm being bored reminds me of food, if u like food then u like goat? okmaybe not my few ways to solve bordem

1. ask da teacher random questions,lyk "where can i get a camel?"

2.listen to the music and type the lyrics on microsoft word.

3.listen to fast,upbeat songs, and rave in ur seat

4. TALK TO SOM1!!!!!!!!!!

5. thats it for now folks lol

if any1 is reading this.... u got a lot of time on ur hands... THIS IS LAST LESSON DEN I GET TO GO HOME AND EAT AS MUCH SHIT AS MY STOMACH CAN HOLD. yay lol

Are you sure you cant read minds?

Hmm honestly when i first read that, my first thought was "Huh? Sounds like something i would do!"

Its sounds so ... true.

Hmm i fill the time by either : A. having competitions with my neighbour (can include many many different games - one including writing a list of how many harry potter characters you can list, animals starting with thte letter R ect. ) B.If possible, a bit of shut eye never goes amiss - not a good idea if you snore or sleep talk - sit next to someone who you trust (in case of emergency e.g teachers walks by, asks a question ect) C. finishing other classes homework D. un-original yet never the less ingeniuos concept of doodling E.stare at someone that can see you - stare into their eyes and see how long it takes for them to look back!

IT really rather sad actually. I (sometimes) enjoy (vaugly) school yet sometimes (most times) it is absolutly impossible to hear see or do anything other than stare into space and wish you were doing something else. But theres nothing really that can be done now is there? Hmm its too bad.

soo amaZinglyy boredd.. n mad

Ok, i've been here at saturday school since 8 AM, (until 11 AM) & im just listenin to my music on my *gateway tablet comp* tht the school let us have until we graduate highschool, & its been pretty boring, but i've been entertained by reading the 1st page of the -soo bored in school- story, & now im just writin wht im doing.. im a 15 yr old freshman, n im so boredd n like at 9 am my stomach started growling, lol & it was kinda loud.. n it stopped now, but anyway.. those were some interesting stories about ppl being bored.. im listenin to **Wherever You Will Go** by The Calling.. n sometimes u know u just blank out n think about the little things in life, like listen to every word in the lyrics of a song.. that im doing right now.. ''If i could then i would, i'd go wherever you will go, way up high or down low, ill go wherever you will go..'' lol i love tht song! and at like 9:40 AM our principle for sat. detention, let 2 girls go home.. n im still stuck here.. lol it really sux.. i didnt get to sleep in.. n guess wht? ppl that were supposed to be here aren't.. like my friend.. in my class.. im mad at her now.. lol b/c i was gonna tlk to her.. when we took our breaks.. all i can say is this sux.. all b/c of stupid tardy-ness.. who cares if ur like a min or two.. or whatever late for a class? i don't think it really matters!!!! oohh another gd song.. **Bleed It Out** by Linkin Park.. ''i bleed it out, dig it deeper, just to throw it away.. i bleed it out, dig it deeper, just to throw it away, i bleed it out, dig it deeper, just to throw it away, just throw it away..'' lol ill ttya ppl l8rr!~

-XxSamxX- p.s. some of those stories about wht to when ur bored, are pretty annoying, b/c anyone *normal* at school knows that its boring, unless u have a funny teacher tht likes to make jokes.. lol, b/c everyone has heard those stories and lived through them.. (well should've anyway..) but really is stupid to write about those kind of things. well im off to listen to sum more songs.. *Beautiful Disaster - Jon McLaughlin* & *The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls*.. PEACE~ :D


I feel for you man and at least your allowed to listen to music ew morning annocements... anyways i think im going to try that color in the grid game in 5th hour advanced math yuck. im failing it and im going to be grounded for it seeing that parent teacher conferences are on thursday and its wednsday Queen is nice but thrice is also nice XD

Bored to Death

I always write these notes too! Last year, me and my friends wrote a whole notebook just with these notes! I know I shouldn't waste my life like that, but it's better then paying attention to class... I doubt this note is fake, cause everyone writes that kind of things at school and it'd be rather pointless to create a fake note like that. Just bitter old people would think it's fake, cause they've never been bored at school because they were nerds and had no friends ¬¬ Emily


On The Subject Of Boredom.

Though Many Situations Arise In Which One Feels Bored, They Truly Must Realize That The Situation Is Their Own. If They Are Bored, Then They Should Strive To Learn Something, Or Perhaps Use The Time To Reflect On What They Have Learned In The Past. Boredom Is A Lack Of Discipline. If One Cannot Have Enough Concentration To Find Something To Do In A Lackluster Situation, Then They Don't Have A Right To Complain. I Am Sitting Here Writing This From My School's Library, Because The Thrill Of Finishing My Paper Two Weeks Ahead Of Time Has Left Me. As My Fellow Students Struggle To Write Their Essays, I Am Done And The Teacher Recruits Me To Help Them. If I Am Going To Be Doing The Teacher's Job Then I Should Be Getting Paid For It. Boredom And Intelligence Have A Direct Correlation. Boredom Is When One Has Nothing Required Of Them & Are Not Being Told What To Do, So They Don't Do Anything. Intelligence Is Knowing How To Use Constructively That Rare Time That They Have Been Rewarded. In Writing This, I Realize The Hypocrisy Of My Words, But The Fact Remains That I Am Being Constructive In Writing This Brief Essay. I Have Finished My Work, Was "Bored", So I Decided To Post My Opinion On This Page. I Doubt Anyone Will Ever Read This, And I Admit, I Only Read About 4 Other Posts, But I Still Feel What I Have Typed Here To Be True. Have A Wonderful Entertaining Life!

Thank You For Your Time. Bored @ Rockwood Summit High School


Why on earth do people write like this? It only takes about TWO SECONDS more in total for an understandable message. In fact, i hardly understood any of the above. Is it just the way that education is terrible, or is it the way that People cant be bothered to use proper syntax? Its just illogical.

And, to clear it up, i am 14.

Bored as helllll! [in school]

hi. look, ive been tryin 2 tell ppl my theory about 100 times already. im bored in ict. and, here it is.. jack, little innocent jack, went up the hill with stupid jill following him. the evil person. then, jill, oh that jill, viciously attacked our jack in attempts to retrieve the crown that was rightfully his. so what happens? jack goes fallin down that hill with the crown after him and then jill gets up, stealz the crown and pretendz she saw nothing!!!!!!!!! :[ poor jack. evil jill. and a misconception to the world. like the way hitler mislead evry1 in germany. well im sooooooooo bored.

once wen i was bored in school, i had a peach. and my friend had some cheeese.. so.. we decided 2 join them 2gether 2 make a 'cheach'. Now, a cheach can be very harmful, mixing dairy with citrus is never a good thing 2 do. my friend is now recovering in hospital and i ran away, like jill, pretending i saw nothing.

'i like you. give me ur shoe.' i said to my friend. he replied back 'i like you, mooooooo!' this is how random we get wen we are bored, stuck in an ict lesson with crap teacher who doesnt care that we're on a website that has absolutely nothing to do with our work [which,btw, is about dancing] i mean what the hell?

safe thatz it bruv im out homiez brap-pap-pap peace 2 all my galdem and mandem.


why in the crap is school so friggin bored. I mean i literally can't wait for the bell to ring just so that i can go out into the hallways and talk to my boyfriend and friends. This school is ok i guess its just that nothing exciting ever happens here. I wish that for just once we could have a fun day of school. Honestly the only reason that I come is because my parents make me and so i can see my boyfriend. I can't wait till I'm 18 and then i will be out of this place =] But yes bloby blooo school is definantly boring....especially this class. my teacher is so old and wrinkly. ughh and he almost bald too. yuck how ugly. yep i can't wait until that bell rings then i can go see my baby. we've been datin 5 monthes today! yep well i guess that enough commentin 4 muah.

lovelovelove tabitha ...........coming at you from [boredom cental]

hey, I am soo bored, stupid

hey, I am soo bored, stupid lesson and supply teacher! I agree with the Jack and Jill theory - I always thought there was something suspicious about Jill - I mean the name Jill is a horrible name. No offence to any Jill's :) (Y)

Toodles :)


Treatment for boredom!

I was so bored that I typed bored in the google dictionary like another reader or fellow bored person. Anyway, I came up with this and it inspired me to type myself a bored letter.It is quite interesting the things you come up with - try it, it alleviated my boredom for, oooh, at least 15 minutes!

Narghly School Is Suckish* *It sucks ok

Why do terrorists not attck schools during the holiday eh?! Not just one either or we will just be moved to another school, like actual evil plans to bomb all schools.. in scotland =D Yeah.. strange imagination for a 15year old eh o.O Rawr.. CHEESEEEE TOASTYS The kids in class that shout "I have a bellybutton" just annoy me as funny as it is.. when will guys begin to realise them making a farting sound isnt as funny as they think it is.. And no neds dont look cool when they tuck their trackies into their socks hehe!

Well anyway im meant to be doing some Project for my standard grade, notice i said "meant to be" which is obvious cause im doing this.. a feather just flew up my nose? o.O Eh..

<3 Mucho x

Wow your right.

school is the most boring thing in the world. i hate it so !@#$%^&*! so much, i dont get it why does it have to be so boring, and im bored to in the libary rite now. but really im suposse to be in lunch, but nope becuase i went to like 3 lunches today, yea its called cutting, and i cut like AL0T! if schhool was kinda intersting maybe i wouldnt cut. like maybe if you could chosse any class we want maybe that will make kids stay in shcool, i dont know its just a suggestion. but what else to say . . im so bored i'll write a paragraph, but then again im so bored i have no clue what to write, ohhh i really dont know why im in school if im going to fail anways. soo uhmm idk when im go home im going to sleep becuase im sooo tired and i dont feel liek going to school tomarrow, actually i dont feel like coming to school at all anymore. but then again i dont want to be a 9thgrade drop out, like if i do that then what am i going to be in life? NOTHING. okay well im going to check other websites to see if it takes away the boredness, this took away some of the boredness.


Oh, it's not needed, and it's incredibly immature of me, but you spelt writing wrong ;)

If you must take interest, I myself am writing this from my own IT class, which I took, out of my own choice, and yet, here I am instead of working on testing my database.

I would write a ton more, but my lesson is actually ending now and I'd only end up by agreeing with "Jordan"'s comment, written on 15th March 2005.

goodbye, Karl


skool is gay!

this is to all the people before me and after me who really think skool is boring. we should be treated like kings and queens instead of like little babies because we are the future. yes be punished when need be but frinking A! we are the future and im bored. i am sitting here in the ilbrary during my 6th period study hall and i have nothing to effing do my life sucks. you know what i think people put too much time into caring about the celebrities life crap. who cares where they ate at or what kind of dog they got. people should hate attention but some are so selfish they have to just get up there in the spotlight and when they realize they think they are person hates them....ME. i hate being the center of attention. my birthday is in a couple day s im turning the age a young teenager dreams for to get their liscense. yay ill be 16 the only person i want attention from is my boyfriend. that is it. not my bestfriends, teacher, mom and dad, my bro and sis. no family no one but him! people just piss me the eff off!

... hmm... yup

ha, this kids just like me... im in computers right now "watching videos about african kids" and oh-so-bored. haha, my teachers coming hold on brb...k back, oh wait, u guys cant tell when im gone... haha... not funny... i agree michael jackson is a he/she... he sat on my dads lap before tho ( when he wasnt a freak yet). haha, my friend jsut raised her hand and told my teacher to pull his zipper up, hes blushing. muahaha, ha. AHHH!!!!GRRR!!!UGHHHH AHHH BOREDOM!!!!! LALALALALALALALALALALALALAL!!!!!!!zzzzZZZZ SNORE! ... sry bout that... ok umm... well... clwons are freaky. im looking up pictures of clwons. they creep me out. AH! SCARY CLOWN SCARY CLOwN!hey johnny depps afraid of clowns. i love johnny depp. hes awesome. and kool. and soo lucky, he got to drop out of skool. i wish i could. waa... sarahs coming to ask what site im on... she raised her hand and asked to get a tissue.. walking, walking walkins walking, shes walking and she talking... hi sarah. sarahs saying hi... im sure they say hi back sar, dont worry. ok now shes leaving.. "im gay, goodbyyyeeee" says sarah. jk she didnt say that... hmph. the bells gonna ring soon YES!SO LONG SUCKERS!


only got a few minutes to go in this class. but all the same i havent done one thing all 50mins. all the interesting site are blocked. BORED! but yeah this page kept me entertain for about 10 mins.. rofl!

well i have mth next.. my teacher looks like santa.

so gay.. was ganna jig at recess but i didnt wanna miss photography. i had to sit threw this & math and pe.. just for that.. tut tut gtg bell ganna ring soon.. id rather be here than math tho.. Byee x


Thia guy is legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude ur actually awesum, am so off ta do vat in ma nxt lesson... our ict is so borin....e goes on bout sum grids n ow u do formulas or sumit wierd. n maths, dnt even get me started, we do dividin fracshuns, wats the point!!!??? wen am i gonna use dividin fractions!!! even if i did ad just use a calculator!!! i like fodd 2, its a pritty kl thing! n i get bored alot 2. ur a mint person lol, tony sunds like abit of a rebel!! lol. toodles

are you all dumbasses

ok what the fuck. What the fuck! Why the fuck would you say " How dare they criticise the excellent Teaching and Learning provided by their elders and betters" What the fuck is wrong with you all. Betters? you all arent better.

Why the FUCK should we respect you? You all try to act better and say we arent as good as you. You all are sick. I just hate it when people say they are better and respect their elders. What makes you assholes different from us teens? Fuck im so pissed right now.

If you really want to find out how us teens act. Then stop with this shit and give up. We hate it when you all say this and act like this and especially try to find out everything possibleabout us. Its crap and it will draw your kids away from you.

cant you see we hate you for this. Its just crap we dont need in life. We all have enough problems as it is if you cant see. Witch mostof them are caused by you. ERHGHGH!!!! Why do you all continue to try to find out every possible thing about us. We hate it and it kills us inside.

So please i ask you to stop doing what your doing before you regret what might happen between you and your kids, because you may never know what will happen.

Anyway one differance betwen

Anyway one differance betwen man ad beast is that we get bored.


Erik, you're probably like 18 atm, but I'm 15, and I have to say how much I agree with you.

And everyone on this comment board. Especially the 17-year-old who wished for an alternate, no-public-school reality. ;;

cn i jus typee n send like

cn i jus typee n send like this i wonder lets try emmmm..... ya ok it works lets get started then i am also ricualously bored wif a sub im ment 2 b doin corsework but ofc as u cn tell by ma spelling i am awful at it hehe so ya i giv up pretty quick so bored i read da hole relli long comment haha and i red anopther 1 then realised hw long this page is and gave up so nw i fort id keep maself entertained 2 listenin 2 end of days by b4mv---no more i care 2 live wen im jus born 2 die nva b4 nva again... gr8 lyrics gr8 stuff really luv music its pretty safe its this site n music tht keepin me goin at this second as ma head is bout 2 crack im goin mad i tel yoo so ya haha emmmm bored ajj cnt c teacher brb then.... ok bck im safe fort i culd get cort bt haha im far 2 sneaky 4 tht haha a 2bored i h8 school its shizz shall i tell a joke ok i dnt no many errrm ok i dno lol mmmmm i jus found gum in ma pockets its orangey flavour yummy its trident soft dnt they make gr8 gum yummyy woo man i am soo bored y do plp do these things like sum1 got up 1 day and sed lets make kids go 2 sch if i had been ther at tht moment i wuld hav convinced da guy not 2 either tht or shot him xcept i hav no gun so tht wuldnt work out so wel i culd spit paper balls at him haha tht wuld b jkz this lessons soo gay ohh i think its almost up tho yay tht means i cn go away n b happy well sorya im not 2 much of a happy chappy rite nw dnt no if u noticed wooo bored as hell yaaaa ok then dno hw long this is ill b off now as ya lol x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthc 4 entertainin meeeee

bored at school (AKA skool)

im at skool now. bored. in english class. i found this a bout a week ago at the end of a ??? class. i found it amusing. i read some more today. it spent my time that i ussually spend staring into space. thankyou, although i have to say i disagree with some of what was said.

p.s. to those of you who spell like this - wats up im in da skool - and LiKe tHiS - stop it. you spell like monkeys on crack. :)

dang im bored i can never

dang im bored i can never get past theese stupid proxy sites senior year and i swear skoool just gets more and more boring its such a drag VIVA LARAZA if there any latinos on this cite holler back

youtube blocked? try this

ok well im da same person hu rote cn i jus typee n send like this and ya thx 4 saving me tht day ok i jus fort i culd sAve sum1s life if ur at school n they block all da sites (like mine dos) pretti gay i no but theres a code 4 youtube type it in on da address bar it works 4 me try it its like this and youtube r ma life saavers hehe

i can relate- i'm in schl now & i'm soooooo bored!

It's hard to stay positive when on your own with work u cant do and nothing 2 look forward to.

at the moment i can hear the charioke party the rest of the school are having.And what i did wrong was an honest mistake.

oh well

sympathy please

skool is boring

you this letter is like 3 years old already. altough just like me im bored too. right now im still in advisory it is 7:37 a.m. and still nothing to do.anywayz, that guy is right bout skool. it is boring,cant use messenger,myspace,facebook, or even use the web like you should. every now and then i get some proxys to work. tought most of the time they get blocked 1 or 2 days after the first time we use it. i even installed the YOD'M 3D CUBE in the school system and lasted like 1 maybe 2 months without teachers even knowing. after that i got my @$$ whoped cuz they found out. welll bells bout to ring bye.

schools lame shitt

omg this is soo lame im in web development right now ad all i do is sit here for an hour wiht nothing to do. i didnt know soo many people coul be this bored and wrie on this page. ohhh sheeitt. im really hungry and want food. omg i really need a cig. humm but im in school soo thats not going to happen. i hope this clas is almaost over. ok well im going to be going now laters!!1

Boredom's not a burden anyone should bear

Seriously, school as training for boredom?

The whole idea is kind of an oxymoron. I'm writing this, bored, in my digital media class.

This is the last day before spring break, and let me tell you, not shit is going to happen. You guys don't even know, my brain is melting!

I say, if you're reading this, shit in a bag and throw it at someone, fight the boredom!

I know how he feels....

I know exactly how he feels in this situation. I was a student in job corps...I wanted to leave my high school and try that. I didnt see how important job corp was and is so i messed up and ended back into regular school. I hate it!! i dont do anything...well i do quite well in a few subjects but its the subjects i cant do that kill me!! lolz i know how he feels about the randomness and boredom. In my business class i do the same thing. I get a blank document and just type away, sometimes i write about the things that i am happy about and sometimes i write about the things that are hurting me. Anything to pass the time away in a manner that will not kill me with each minute that passes by. BUT at the end of the day i feel relieved...for a few seconds. then i just begin to see myself as a loser and someone who will not amount to anything. so i make a promise that i will do better but come the next day i end up in the same situation of the day before... yea sad

*story of my life...


HAHAHAHAH this is hilarious. Its funny how I search Bored in school and this is what I get. I feel the exact same way that kid feels right now. Actually I am in school right now. And I have nothing to do. It is complete boredom. I'm not doing anything expet sitting here and looking up random stuff on google! Jesum Crow they really have to make school more interesting!

I read this like everyday...

i always type into google that i am so bored and this site always comes up. i've read this paragrah like 8 times. i am at school right now and it sucks butt! actually typing this makes me not fall asleep................i hate these GAY firewalls....i cant do ANYTHING!!!!!!!! yea im bored to....i think i will try that grid game in a few minutes......................................................................................BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@

boredom is like death, it is

boredom is like death, it is an inevitable pit that drags us all in at one time or another.

there are many things in life that you simply must cope with. i personally suffer from clinical deppression, and it has consumed my life at times. i often have to find things to keep my mind occupied (for instance googleing "im bored", reading this story and half the page of responses, and currently typing my own response). lol.

but you just have to find ways to cope with boredom; what are your intrests or what do you enjoy doing? find healthy ways to express these intrests and begin to use these methods when you feel that dull moment approaching.

i know what your going through and ive been there many times, but trust me, just hang in there and things will get better.

Sincerely, your average BORED 15 year old

A brodeomn at scul.

No, i cant spell, but hey. Im sitting in a top end clas of sum top end scul that i dont even enjoy being at. The teacher is telling us just to get on with work. So, sitting here, i search the web for the two or three remaining 'bet round filters' sites. Except i cant find any. So im stuck waisting most of my time reading all of these attempts by adults to understand children.

Yes, we all have deeper things wrong with our brains which some poor phsciatrist sumwhere would have a field day wiht. Yes, were bored because were choosing to be bored nd all that shit, but cant you all accept that hey, maybe there was just some kid sitting in a lesson in a random mood who was bored? heck - you should of read some of the random splergs ive done during ICT lessons.

You no ur screwed when you realise were getting up at 7, going to a scul we dont want to go to, coming home, working, sleepin, then doing it again. But for what? so we can, in our future, get up at 7, go to a work we dont even want to go to, come home, sleep and then do it all again.

You know when ur screwed.

SO YOU DONT WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME DOING WORK. You sit, filling in little boxes for every minute you spend in some godforsaken lesson. because when you grow up, you wont be able to. so for now, we have fun. so to hell with ou and your theories.Childhood is there to have fun.

Omg i think this is

Omg i think this is halarious, i am well bored and this is rather entertainin cya later xx

boredom in school isnt our fault

someone above/below (?) posted a comment saying that if you are bored, it is your own fault. Well, in school, that isnt always the case. because we have to do what the teacher tells us to do, and there are rules to follow, and most teachers, (even in a public school) are strict about doing something off task, or as we students would put it, trying to somehow entertain ourselves. i mean you think that reading text books, writing essays, and doing math homework is something fun????


omg im so bored im supposed to be looking up informatioon on gambling but the stupid computers wont let me cuz they're blocked.

Boredom - a GOOD thing??? NOT!

People who say boredom is a good thing are basically abused children defending their parents in 'we did it for your own good' mentality...

Enforced boredom, for YEARS on end, IS ABUSE, all the worse for being 'legal systemic abuse'... NO-ONE should have to go through that - you only have to look around you to see the damage that it does...

The fact that people later have to 'learn' not to 'zone out' 'in the real world' says only that this systemic legal abuse is 'preparation' for a LIFETIME of systemic legal abuse...That is NOT the REAL world, but a LIE!!!

Most people simply do not have the courage to see that for what it is... Roll on a world of FREEDOM FOR ALL! FREEDOM TO BE ONESELF, to CHOOSE whether & what to learn, to CHOOSE HOW to Live one's LIFE...


schools like almost over. i mean we only have like 8 full days left and yet theyre still trying to teach us junk...when well obviously forget it all over the summer so whats the point?? gahhhhhhhhhhhh i feel my childhood slipping away =[[ w/e, but if children are the future then the future is screwed..omg its almost lunch time?

I'm Bored, Too

I'm in school right now... pretty bored. I'm surprised our internet security blocker thing hasn't blocked this site. I found it just by going typing in "I'm bored at school, please help" on Google. The link was on the second page or so. Some other people next to me are bored, too, only they're talking about prefixes. I don't really care about prefixes, but writing is fun. What I don't like at all is algebra. That class makes me feel so dumb. I wish they had classes like AP Addition. That would eliminate my worst class and then maybe my GPA would go up. It's at like... 3.1 right now. I'm going to college after next year. Hopefully college will be fun. Actually, let's rewind. I hope I can afford college. Butler University is the school I would like to attend but it's kind of expensive. I'll just have to get some sort of scholarship. Maybe I won't even have to go to college. Something will happen and I'll fall into a bunch of money or I'll make a career out of my writing or music.

Some people are really annoying. I wish they know how annoying I thought they were so they would either stop being so annoying or they would just avoid me. I certainly avoid them.

I'm going to go read Wikipedia articles now.

same heree

i do the same thing all the time! seriously just typing about how bored you are and how stupid your teachers are can be super entertaining. it makes school easier to get through esp. when you are able to randomly make fun of people who you don't know. haha, fer sure. sometimes, just shouting out random words if pretty fun. like right now, i don't have my cell with me... so i can't text people// and they blocked the new aim site i found. seriously, i just used it last week. grrr, well. whoa, i'm bored again. ergh. we're biking in PE>>> you know you've reached an all time low when you have to BIKE in pe. woot* class is over now. buhbye (:

How can a teacher not be boring

I'm about to retrain as a teacher. This is so that I and my kids can go off on holiday together and have fun times and I don't have to argue with my boss about taking so much time off just because I'm a mother.

Both my kids are bored out of their minds at school - they are not even teenagers yet just 8 and 6. The year 4 kid is complaining that they just do the same stuff they did in year 1. The year 1 kid is bright as a button and probably ought to be sitting in year 6 or something so no wonder she's bored. I was bored rigid at school. Scored good grades all the time, but soooooo boring. School is very unfair on above average kids, it's not so good for below average kids either. There are probably about 10% who fall exactly in the middle that school is OK for.

I'm going to be a Design and Tech teacher, which is about the least boring subject hopefully. My plan is to let the kids work on whatever they like as long as they finish whatever task is set for the lesson. My art teacher used to do this and it was cool. Quick life drawing of a hand or whatever and then you could get on and pull out whatever materials you liked - I always liked the clay best.