Sooooo Bored In School

Click the read more link for this message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind.What follows is a message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind. Not surprisingly, he asked that his name not be included. Other identifying details have been removed too.

hey hey, i am really bored. so i decided to write an email to ppl. i have nothing to do. i am at skool and i find it very boring. i am in michael [Surname]'s business class, but michael [Surname] isnt here today. instead we have this dude that i have never seen before. ahh i should b doing ‘work’ right now, but its all so pointless so i decided not to do it. i am in a random mood right now. i am going to type the first thing that comes to mind. u know wat. michael jackson is a homo and a petofile. i feel sorry for his kids. like rele sorry for them, they have to figure out if he is theyre mother or father cuz he/she has such a high pitch long woman like hair and wears lipstick. sounds like a woman to me but u never can be sure these days. but he/she is really ugly so yea. n e ways i wanna go on msn but these crappy computers dont have it. i really want to bring my laptop sometime, but i keep forgeting to. plus i cant find my case. ugh how school is boring. lucky homeschooled ppl. i want pizza, pizza is good. damnit theres half hour of class left. soo hungry. ahh tony wandered over to the other side of the room to tlk to me. he says hi. ahh tony is being yelled at. ahh teacher is coming over. tony made a good lie and went back to his seat. ugh this is boring. sooooo.......... bored. i am listenin to queen right now. SHES A KILLER QUEEN!!!!! ok enuf with that song. CAN ANY BODY FIND ME SOMEBODY TO LOVE, now thats a good song. i think i'll continue listening to this one. ock boredem. i dont like skool. dont u h8 life? i have many reasons to h8 life. life sux ass.�im so bored ahh randomnessssssss, whoa this is keeping me entertained, just typing and typing and typing and typing about nothing. FUN FUN. BORING SKOOL, so boring. these chairs are so crap. i want to sit on the floor. more comfortable than the crappy chairs. u kno what, im bored, ahh good old randomness. ok i have heard enuf queen for now. time for a random cd, lets pick......eee neee meeeny minnney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he haulers let him go, eennyyy meeeny mineys moe.... i have chosen led zepplin. what an excellent choice. ahh so bored. i should skip this class, its so boring. ahh now ppl are yelling and i dont know y. teachers in this skool are so short.�i tower over some of them, its hilarious, even funnier is jimmy, being 6'0. a janitor just pushed the teacher onto a desk. it was funny. n e ways so bored. i like queen. [Name,] u have to come back to [Place] asap. theres nothing to do here, ahh so bored. ahh so bored. I wANNA GO TO ZELLERS, tony just left the class. i want food god damnit. so hungry. I WANT FOOD. skool sux cuz its boring. boring. boring. polish ppl bother me, the are weird. so bored. RANDOMNESS. yes i am bored. i'd laugh if sumbody sum 1 actually read this whole letter. ok well im gonna leave now cuz skool is boring



I used to liven up lessons by drawing a grid with one space for each minute, and colouring them in as they passed. Very useful preparation for should one ever happen to be put in solitary confinement for a few years with nothing to do except write on paper. But don't forget to hide the paper if the teacher walks near! Gah.

What an evil child. Obviously...

What an evil child. Obviously plotting to murder the teacher in his/her bed. Immediate exclusion and placement on young offenders' register required. Youth of today - how dare they criticise the excellent Teaching and Learning provided by their elders and betters?


Maybe other solitary confinement tricks a la Natan Sharansky like working out chess puzzles in one's head, or working out how best to obstruct one's captors without compromising one's friends would liven up a dull year or 11...



one theory about boredom is this:

if i am bored, it's my own fault. i can change something about the situation. i have a brain, i can think of somthing to amuse myself with.

that is what the person was doing, in writing this post- amusing hirself. the larger problem of 'skool is boring' is a problem to be solved, one solution is to find a way to not have to go to skool and to find better things to do. in the meantime, in each moment, a person can plumb the depths of boredom and figure out ways out of it within the confines of the momentary situation (if they are for some reason unable or unwilling to change that).

LOL, I used to play the exact...

LOL, I used to play the exact same game of coloring in the grids with a block for each minute. I spent a whole year that way. I imagine our specific rules were a bit different, but the idea's certainly the same. I had other kill-the-time games as well. It amazes and saddens me to reflect on how much of my irreplaceable life was wasted that way.

One interesting thing about this email, to me, is that the youngster is being forced to go to the school in order to learn such things as spelling, coherent writing, etc. It is obvious from the email that he is not learning these things. That being the case, one wonders what the point is in continuing to force him to attend.

Bored, eh?

School has always been boring at times, and so have a lot of other important features of life. We still have to experience these things, if for no other reason than to learn how to spin the straw of life into some form of gold. That's the point. That's always been the point.

Zoning as a skill

The point of school is to learn to cope with boredom?

Seems like a lot of folderol just to learn that. Wouldn't it be simpler to shut them all in empty rooms?

Levity aside, I can't say that my school-endurance skills have served me well in adult life. Meetings at work, for instance, are much harder because of the school-inculcated reflex to zone out and become lost in my own thoughts. School didn't teach me to pay attention to dull talk; it did the opposite by providing plenty of strengthening practice for the ability (?) to escape mentally.

It was a survival technique in school, but a detriment in the real world. And it took years to break the habit.

The one post-school advantage to this is that I never have to watch commercials. When I'm watching TV and a commercial comes on, I zone out instantly. I never see commercials, and have no idea of the content of most of them.

But now that we have TiVo, even that isn't useful.

How amusing... or something

If you really believe that this piece is fake in some way, you are so out of touch with reality that I must conclude that your education went awry somewhere along the line. (I wonder why...) When I first read the piece, apart from being struck by the way this person expressed the sheer torture of the boredom felt (which is why I sought permission to put it up on this site), I couldn't help remembering the extreme boredom of my own school days. My reaction was: goodness, you have the internet and music to listen to in school? Wow! That would have made such a difference to me had I had that when I was at school. But perhaps it wouldn't have. This example suggests that it doesn't necessarily help much. School manages to drive children mad with boredom even with those things.

Of course there are some children who absolutely love school, and that might be wonderful. Is that a good argument for putting all the others through all these years of mindless torture?

Scheduled Boredom; Time to Learn Math, and Potentials

Almost any teen in any school (skool) could be writing this today. Waiting for the next bell. Most of what goes on in school is so scheduled and programmed right down to the minute by minute detail of each lesson plan that it is almost more productive to color squares by the minute. Since children are so often bored in scheduled classes and don't pay attention, homework is assigned. Homework is documented evidence that school does not work like it is supposed to, for can any of us imagine spending almost eight hours a day in class and still needing to do "homework" to learn the lesson? Children that don't do or can't do homework usually then get detention, where they can continue to be bored. I just did the math for a standard minimum american school year. 180 days of 7 hours of class and 2 hours of homework daily. That is (not counting detention) 1620 hours of scheduled boredom. Times 50 minutes each hour (10 minutes for milling around between classes),

that is 81,000 minutes per school year of scheduled potential boredom. That is equal to a potential of 81,000 colored squares worth per each completely bored student. That is alot of colored squares! I can easily do 81 one inch colored squares per sheet of paper, drawn 8 by 10 and one left over is 81. I think this is doable. I will need one thousand sheets of paper tho providing I use only one side and one ruler to draw them neatly. More colored pencils, a pencil sharpener please, and a new bookbag to carry them. I need to live up to my potential.

thats not why

those kids who you think shouldnt be there might not need to be, but that is to blame the school for passing kids who dont do well enough to care. if you are an adult, then tell me that you havent gotten mad at someone who wasnt doing anything wrong when someone was getting on your nerves. tell me that you havent had a bad day at work or school. there are just some times when you cant help it. drawing doesnt always pass the time of get praising from teachers; well at least not in some of my classes.

re: boredom

i don't think this passage is necessarily evidence of someone being unable to write well. i'm a "good writer" and i still write like that sometimes. there's a certain creativity in it.

when i was in elementary school, i would bring my books in to school. if i was bored in class, i would stick my book in the middle of my open textbook or in my lap. got yelled at a lot for it. i never did the colored squares thing (i think that would make me MORE bored) but i would draw labrynths and faces, stuff like that. you could calculate my level of boredom from the number of doodles around the edges of my notes.

have you ever noticed that teachers always call on the people who aren't paying attention? it sucks... if you ARE paying attention, none is paid to you. the class gets slowed down by the people who don't want to be there. in high school, this is inevitable, but in a community college (that's where i'm at now) it's ridiculous.

p.s. the place i learned how to concentrate, even thru boredom, was at an alternative school which i attended by choice.

more on books

I began to get a reputation as one who would rather read than listen in class. When I'd bring a book into class, the teacher would tell me, "I've heard about you, don't read that book in my class." Yet I still made a's and b's!

Hmm.....You people are all Sick

Well I got to this website by searching for "cuases of Boredem", just to fill all of you all in, I'm 18 I live in texas and I'm a senior in highschool.....and your website is crap, crap crap crap.....taking children seriusly ???? Come on can't you find better things to do with your time??? seems alittle I roni that I say that after searching for cuases of boredem...I realize....but n all you attempts to perfect society and understand people you must start with the basics.....there will never be a Perfect World or Eutopia if you want to call it ...and you cannot create it by teaching kids what you think is right or by doping them up on pills.....there will always be jealousy, which leasds to hatred, there will always be adifference of understanding and opinion between 2 people which leads to arguing, which leasds to hatred, and no matter what anyone says there is always a feeling of Being higher up on the social status, or the thinking that you are better than someone else or somthing else......SO get the fuck over it and deal with life....quit wasting your time trying to understand something, that cannot be understood compltely ...human nature....... I mean if it was possible communism would have worked...hey guess what it didn't....newyaz ...I have better things to do at school than give yall my opinion becuase school is so entertaining....................

That's exactly the problem with it

The piece is too perfect; it's exactly what we all want to believe. That alone should make you suscipicious.

Second, it isn't sourced. How would someone wind up recieving it? I'm curious where you got it from.

Basically, despite my general agreement with the sentiment of the piece, it set bullshit klaxons a 'wailin in my head. The world is stranger than you can possibly understand, so I suppose it could be true - but I doubt it.

How the piece came into my possession

I know the writer personally. The piece was an email message to a third party. Permission to publish the piece here was sought and granted. Obviously, the writer wants to remain anonymous. If you want to believe that it is not true, that's up to you. But it is.

i no wer ur comin frm

i do de exact ting in me skul-jst sit der an b bored and hungry...god wats life like bein a teen, mmmmmm let me tink...BORIN. I tink no 1 shud do any wrk in d hole world so we could c wat wud happen - nt really. so any way, im jst ur little average 13 yr old gal who is average at skul normal lukin normal everytin really but im not writin dis bout me. im writin dis 4 al ppl frm 13 to 17. SKUL SHUD B FUN AND SO SHUD EVERYTIN WE DO, lik com on we only get ONE childhood and dat childhodd is he only few yrs we can act lik idiots, b idiots and do idiotic ting without bein slaged of 4 it. so say in 7 yrs time wen im 20 il av 2 b al mature an al ...wont i. al im sayin is 4 d mean time i tink it would b a beta idea 4 us 2 learn, yes, but do it in a fun excitin way. not 2 av it banged painfuly into our heads while we moan bout bein bored and hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and 1 oder ting if a hangover is ur brain sufferin frm lack of water den if u die of thirst is it the sm as diein from a hangover.


ive done all my work,im 17 years old junior in high school...

and ive been online for about 45 min after all my work was done and im dieing of boredom, work is easy if im intrested in it, but im usiaylerarge err cant type, usually not intrested in any of the work. gah i got a headache from this crap, whatever.

i am a bit tired of comming home at 4:00 pm though, i wake up at 6 am and come home at 4 pm.

and i have to spend atleast 2 hours on homework, i go to bed at around 9 so i dont sleep in class ( even though i always sleep in class )...

3 hours all to my self everyday, excpt for weekends.

it sucks



As a sixteen year old girl who had to suffer in the public school system for a very long time (I got out at around 14), I can produce notes that look just like that, except they probably have better grammar, but that is a seemingly rare thing for people my age nowadays.

Honestly, I don't get how someone could find that fake, but they're obviously not a teenager in school. If you want, I can scan in one of my notes. I'm a packrat, so they're still around here (along with some doodles of my choir teacher choking me to force muscial notes out of my throat, if you want those too).


don't b fooled by a personal jounal entry

The person who made this note claims it is obvious that the student was not learning spelling or coherent writing. But I wonder if this reader had actually ever tried sitting down and writing without stopping for an hour? Especially in a personal "journal" - type entry, where the writer doesn't self-edit with the expectation that others will read the piece, one naturally uses a sort of code or shorthand. The student was consistent, more or less, with his or her use of "b" for "be" and "4" as "for." Apparently to me, in this student's case, the lack is in the educational environment and not in the student's innate ability. The comments readers make about ways they filled their time in school attest to this as well, it seems...

Boredom's a BaD thing?

Take advantage of the opportunity for boredom....soon life will move so fast you can't remember everything you've done in a day.

Boredom isn't a bad thing.....

This Story is Real

My name is Tony Omran and me personally knowing the writer and being part of the story i can guarantee this story is true. It may seem fake to all of you who don't think It's real but in that business class, you have all the time in the world to do what you really want. I also know Sarah Fitz-Claridge personally and as you know she says it is true, me and her are both right. It is a true story. You don't have to believe it but I witnessed it.

Speak for yourself

You may have a brain to think for yourself, and I do too. Tthey say we use 10% of our brain power. Well I, unlike some, only use 5%, so that means i can't occupy myself when I am bored. Unless of course I am listening to Queen!!! So i dont blame this guy, who happens to be a friend of mine, for writing this. ROCK ON!

It's True

It should not make anybody suspicious. There is nothing suspicious about it. A kid got bored in school and decided to email it to somebody who gave it to the creator of this site and they posted it. It is sourced, but this guy wanted to remain anonymous. It's not bullshit. It's funny cause its true. So now u know where it came from and how it was recieved so u my friend are wrong.

you's all have no idea

not believeing a message cause of the spelling? if you were a teenager these days you would realise that when we do most of our typing on the computer it is for ourselves. it may not be for others to read and if it is, who cares if you havent spelt the word properly if they still know wat we are talking about. It saves time to rite the word you as u or before as b4. it is simple short hand that has been around for many years, just now younger ppl have got a hold of it all you old ppl have decided that it shouldnt be around anymore. I personally know that an email like that could so be true as i have written many exactly the same. when we sit in class we are being taught so many useless things that we will never ever use again. i m a 16 year old girl in year 11 in australia and when i finish school i want to go to uni to be a sports coach. for this to happen i need to study physics and chemistry. now can some one tell me why i would need to know how many electrons there are in an atom of copper if i want to coach sports?? or why i need to learn about electricity circuits?? the truth is i dont. but still i have to sit n listen to them go on and on about it which i find really boring. the result- to write an email that fills in time. n mine usually follow the exact same pattern as this one. i rite about anything at all that comes in to my mind. but not believing it cause it fits wat this website is saying too perfectly? thats so stupid. it shows you have no idea wat the youth of today is going through.

sooo bored in school, no wonder!

Good Night no wonder so many kids lie, act out, drop out, do drugs/drink, skip class! I remember being him in high school as probably many of us do. WHAT ARE WE THINKING? Or maybe more appropriatly what are we not thinking?!!! Everything from the chairs to the food make school such a horrible place to send our "beloved" children!!! I am kicking myself for every day I sent my kids to school!! I am also relishing everyday I am spending with my daughter who is learing in a comfy chair, eating good food(when she wants) and being loved and not criticized or made to lie! Sorry just hit a sore spot with me!!

Aye, that's right

Hello!! I'm a 15 year old girl from Ireland. I am in year 11. I can safely say that I've written plently of stuff like this email a thousand times before now, and MILLIONS of other kids do it, so just because one out of millions of relics of boredom in high schools around the world is published on a website, everyone starts doubting that it's real!? OK, it's basically boredom that's making me do this now, so is that not living proof that it happens? The best way to survive boredom is to sleep. I should know. My math teacher's voice is so monotonous I've fallen asleep in that class more than once. I even cried out of boredom in math today. Although maybe my eyes were just watering up. And I have to say, my teacher seems to think that keeping the window open when it's like -2 degrees centigrade outside (So we won't fall asleep) is fair!! Surely that's illegal!!!!!!!

Yeah School is so boring

Im in class right now and everyone of my classmates are taking a test so i get to use the coputer i never thought i could ever ve so bored every1 is just stare down and im on the computer ha what loser lol jk to alll u people will im out of here im not a nerd that write a lot. HA seniors all the way baby


Im sat here now in I.C.T bored would you believe it. Being told off by a gay sainten look alike substitute teacher. So, so bored. This lesson is so life suckingly boreing it almost hurts.


ok today in algebra claa my teacher mr.bucknor was all like r u crazy ? no r u disrespectful? no or is it just ratardation omg can u belive he actually said that to me and by the way im a 8 grader with great scores i mean i was chosen to represent california this whole honors american junior club freaky so peace out homies bye


we all get bored at one time during school but me im always bored and can do nothing. You think that it sucks to go to a public school trying going to a catholic school from 1-8 grade! the only teachers we have are nuns so we cant do anything bad without getting away with it... well sometimes we can get away with some minor things. Im guessing that you hate your music teacher or your music teacher hates you.. our music teacher gets made if we dont sing in the right pitch or even if we dont sing loud to her (which is really loud) ----Jeff (age 14) 8th grade.

I am bored

I am bored at school also I mean what is the point so I can go insane and hurt somebody. School should be fun ahhh help me I am going to go mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooo I want one

oh give me the picture of the choir teacher choking you

Fascinating topic...

I'm reading this because, ironically, I'm bored out of my skull in writing an essay paper on Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land...

I'm a 16-year-old sophomore, and I'm amazed that some of you think that email is fake. Jesus, you should see the girl that sits next to me in Keyboarding/Formatting - I think she got through eight years of schooling and managed to miss punctuation.

Hmmm...It's 1:13AM, I should probably finish this damn paper...

Just to cease any doubts, I was born in November of 88 and I'm an all-Honors student; this isn't a forgery. Fools.

yes! heinlein!

i love _stranger in a strange land_ and tyler i'm very sorry to hear that you might be turned off to the book and possibly the author by a school assignment.:( heinlein explores some important libertarian ideas in his writings, ideas about taking people seriously. hope you don't miss the good stuff! don't let the turkeys get you down!


If school is so boring, that is because you are being a victim of people attempting to brainwash you to get you to conform to a standardized way of life, and you are too unique and/or smart to fall victim to the attempt to brainwash. What sort of school are you going to?

And I don't know how to help you with finding somebody to love.


Ah boredom

I went onto google and typed being bored and this site came up and i just read all the comments and the peice thats how bored i am! im at college sat in a computer room with about 3 other people who i odnt know blah blah i got a lesson in an hour...zzzzzzZZZ

An Apology

I hereby apologize to all the young people I bored during my 3-1/2 years as a high school English teacher. Sure, we had some good times, but I now know that most of your time was being wasted because the choice to be there wasn't yours. If it's any consolation, I have seen the light!

anotha bored one

Thinking about`s kind of funny. right now im sitting in school, being bored outta my head, i surf the internet, and i find this whole thing, i keep reading what the person wrote and what the reader wrote...and the whole class is finished now, and this whole thing kept me entertained...ya we do suffer from bordness...i dont think there is gonna be a solution..thats just nature..unless u find somethin to do...

funnily enough..

funnily enough i found this site wen i was sitting in class at school wen i typed soooooo bored into google! kind of ironic and now im ritin a message like the 1000's of kids hu get so bored at school wen they have been moved away from their friends. *HMPH*

Totally agree.. school is shi

Totally agree.. school is shit how are any of the lessons gonna help you in later life, especially physics. Wots up wit that, i hate physics. I like to pass the time by drawing pictures of my teacher bumming someone else, it helps me de stress. And also wots with all this pressure they put on coursework and precious gcse's, i dont care!!

Y dont they just make skool more fum, eh?

This is interesting becuz its so tru, skool is, in fact, THAT boring. However i find it important to attend because frankly i dont wanna be dumb....So if its good that we attend, and it is, than y doesn't someone just make it fun? heck,maybe its impossible.

we no how to spell this is ju

we no how to spell this is just a way to go faster and u peps should reslize this u adults dont get it we no how to spell we just choose not to spell it right cause WE LIKE IT dont u get it we will do anything just to "rebel" a little bit.....oh i cant draw so my extent of drawing is flowers and ugly people and passing notes all to keep the time going we dont learn anything and the teachers we hav r crap and cant teach anyways so there u slef story wasteing 6 hours a day in school, 5 days a week, taking midterms that we stress out about oh and math reeks

by a reader doesnt mean its f

by a reader doesnt mean its forged and spelling we do is our own language back off...please

cough..amen...childs use this

cough..amen...childs use this riting as a short hand to save a little time he thought he was going to send it to a few friends that speak the same language and if adults dont like the fact the we do this kind of stuff in school then blame the teachers that cant teach and the math skills we will new use ever again in real life.....

bored as hell

im at skool rite now and i have nothin 2 do and my teacher told me that we have to cut pictures into a background yeah rite!!!!!!!!!!!!! daa she thinks im doin it rite now aqnd yeah...........wat to tlk bout i hate to write properly just to let u no. and im just lkin to my friends and listenin and they're tlkin bout eachothers moms.

I liker to live a simple life

I liker to live a simple life, thats is do what i want to do first and then i do everything else. Im so bored right now in school and i found this website so i thought i would say somthin. ne ways about living a simple life.. so many ppl strive to get good grade in school and everybody wants a 4.0 GPA but i say hell screw it, im not going to be wasting my time tryin to get that, instaed im going to do what i want and not worry about school. Im not sayin that school isn't important but its not my main priority. So yeah if i were to die tomorrow i can say i did what i wanted to do and not what i didn't want to do, so i can die happy. so ppl don't stirve for things that in time will be poointless, b/c when u died all that time u spent working and tryin to do good in school well all be useless and its really not worth it!

I felt the same as that kid

I went through similar experiences as that child, but also at the time I was on mass amounts of medication for "adhd" which I stopped taking after my junior year in highschool. See there was something majorly wrong with my highschool. They tried to tell me what classes I could take because of adhd. And they did put me in special ed, where the curriculum was halved. So I was going to learn less altogether in the long run, how does that help me in life? I figured and then decided to leave, I went to boarding school and repeated my junior year because of troubled grades in the previous three. It was amazing, the difference it made, because I knew everyone there personally. A very small school at that, but you also had to want to succeed, because there were many kids that just failed out. My graduating class was only 21 students. I am now a student at Ohio Wesleyan University and that was because of my decision to leave and to repeat a year. If I had stayed at GLENBROOK NORTH HIGH I would not have gotten anywhere. I have also been having great difficulty remembering most of my childhood from third grade to my junior year because of how much medication I was taking. Coming off of that was like a rebirth. What a great experience it was too! plus I was in a new environment. Just thought I'd word my views on all of this, because I felt so similar.

re: you people make me all sick

You are absolutely right! Im a sophmore, and this is just a normal occurance. School is, no matter how you mask it, boring as hell. Anything that a kid writes is his own oppinion, and you people are crazy. Its just a stupid letter..why is it such a big deal? Relax and take it easy people. So what if a 14-year-old somewhere is bored. By one person ur gonna just assume that all of today's youth are bored and not learning? Come on! That's just ludacris!

Skool is useless

hello! i am a 11th grader.. and i think school so blows ass i waste most life in school wacthing clock so i can leave at 3:15 and chelsea siad hi! were in the libary and everyone is doing something but me i dont have a life and i hate school i wish i would go back to bed and i think this girl besides me thinks i am stupid cuase she has a life but i dont and i jsut got hit witha tampon OMG! but i think school sgould be a fun not BORING and i am so ready to go oh yes i got to go the bell is ringing thank god 2hours 30 mins and about 45 secs left peace and i am always bored

omg loik dis is mah komment

Who the hell writes like that? I'm 14 and this is how I type, not like some bloody retarded child. Honestly, no one types like that.


I went her elike a long time ago when I was in my Computer Literacy class and I was soooo bored. and I evidentaly read all of those stories. But yeah now I am home and surfing the web and leaving when the tide comes in and I thought I would just come here and write a little hello.

iIts important not to let

iIts important not to let it interfer with your education as Mark Twain put it. I found this to be a possibility in my life. School is agonizing enough for the typical student but the boredom is magnified 10X for someone who, at the age of six, had already mastered arithmetic as a toddler, read and enjoyed Shakespeare, and practiced such musical pieces as Mozart's Alla Turca Sonata thirty minutes a day (in secret). Although I was recognized for my gifts I would still have to sit through the basic lessons, staring for ten minutes at my finished spelling quiz when I would rather be learning about the wonderful mysteries of the world. In fact, my label as "gifted" functioned as a magnet for boring activities. Instead of going to recess with the other children I had to spend that time taking standardized IQ tests under the prodding glares of strangers or performing mental feats like a circus animal in front of a curious school board or public. I would have been delighted to have the chance to day dream and "zone out" during class. Instead I was frequently called upon by the teacher to answer some obscure and meaningless question (perhaps to show show the other students that I wasn't perfect thereby preventing a drop in the net self esteem of the classroom). At other times I was forced to lecture to the class about the subject matter preceding the comment: "That, class, is what YOU should be able to do". A big waste of time and talent right? Absolutely not. It could have been if I didn't have the support of my family and friends and the wonderful extracurricular activities. I would have become sour and spiteful no doubt but that would have been my choice. Noone, not even a school, can take away your passion for learning if you hold on to it. Your childhood certainly doesn't have to end either, there is always more to learn and there are always more opportunities for growth if you look hard enough.

FYI: We actually use 100% of our brains during the course of our lives, the 10% thing is a myth under that context.


I am so bored i couldnt even be bothered to read the whole page (read bout a third) and ive started playing with the CD drive, whopeeeeee, CD go in, CD go out, CD go in, CD go out. BBBBOOOOORRRRREEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow, your a stiff

no offence at all but when your bored you scribble on you keyboard, I'm sure the person could take a few extra minutes in writing this to make it grammaticaly well.

Also, if he is a classic rocker, he should have yanked out Pink Floyd, another brick in the wall prt. II

...we dont need no education...dum dum...da dooda...we dont need no thought control...HEY TEACHER...LEAVE THOSE KIDS do do...dum dadum...all and all your just a-nother brick in the wall.

part I and III are good too. i wish there was a part IV and V and VI and so on. but enough about that, i do this all the time during class, i can totally relate, in fact, im in class right now and im pretty bored.

2:40 AM and still procrastinating...

I'm a High School Junior and in about 4 hours and 40 minutes, I have to leave for school. Yet, I haven't done any of my assignments due tomorrow. It's not that I'm a horrible student, stupid, slow, or anything like that, but rather, I hate being mechanical. Sure, the teachers say "Be punctual" but I really can't fit that. I hate how repetitive the school system is. Everyday, not counting weekends, its 6 hours of class, and homework. 6 Hours of class, then homework. Over and over again for 5 days each week. And I go to a High School with 100 minute periods, 3 per day alternating. Can you imagine how that feels?

Boredom is one thing, but the school system is overly too mechanical. I would be less bored if the teachers didn't have a planned out curriculum, but rather taught with the flow of his or her class. Not a concrete study path, but one that form-fits the classes learning type. But alas, that day will never come in this society of ours.

As I'm writing this, I'm still procrastinating on an English assignment I have to do in less than 5 hours. This is what the American school system is doing to their youth. Creating mindless drones who have nothing to do but waste a fraction of their lives sitting in the same position for a long period of time. And the teachers still ask me why its hard for me to focus.

I'm not saying education is bad, don't get me wrong. But the current school system is too plain for the common High School adolescent.

Just thought you'd like a viewpoint from an actual High School Junior. I should be getting back to my assignment now. Oh, and I found this site on google by searching for "passing time in boring classes". I was quite amused with the responses of the previous writers.

Anyways, later.

there's nothing we can do about it!

i first saw this site when i was in my ICT lesson and i typed in 'things to do when you're bored in your ict lesson' and this came up. that 14 year old kid feel exactly the same way as all 29 kids in my class do. maybe if school wasn't so fantastically boring then we would concentrate and acctually look forward to learning in school. it's a fact of life that school is most of the time boring. kids have leanrt to accept it and i think that no matter what you do, kids and teenagers will always be overlooked when it comes to making decisions. p.s i am in year 7 at a grammar school in england. luv georgia x

BORed?.... hmm what to do nex?T

well i am in info processing clas.. listening to my boyfriends Ipod. i am soo bored these computers are shit.. well i gota g bells gunna ring.. bye luv ya guys Lol

Boring School

First, using internet language is retarted. Typing in "b" instead of "be" serves no pupose. Numbers do not belong in words. Just spell words right so nobody has to take 5 minutes to read 2 sentances.

Enough on that. I think that school is taught totally wrong. A teacher should be in a room. If a student wishes to learn from a teacher, they show up at the appropriate time and they learn what they want. If a student shows interest in one area, they should be allowed to explore that area. If they want to learn math, then they show up at a math class when it is being tought. That way nobody is being forced anywhere, and all you have is coopertive students that want to be there.

I'm 17 and I'm wrighting this from my nightschool class. I'm in nightschool because I find school boring and useless. Did you know that if you only learned math that you needed to know, you would have stoped learning it in 6th grade? I'm also not a dumb kid, my IQ is 129 (average being 90-110), I just find school so boring and useless.

Hate School

This school stinks so bad i could die. We can't get on any web sites at all. Even ones we like and were on. All the teachers do is blaub a way our time. they tell us to do what they want. It sucks From Stabber

Soooooooo Bored in School!!!!!

hey sup. nothing here i don't have anything to do in this stupid school i guess i just need somethin' to do. i'm in miss hunts class i have more fun with my brothers than in this crappy school we have tests comin' up that tell us if we need to take 2 math classs it's sooo stupid i can't be home to play my PS2 i love to play it i like racing games.

why im bored

I am in an economics class right now and i can relate to that email very well. We are supposed to be working on some really stupid project but since my partner isn't here today, i've decided not to work on it. its just not worth it. i'm bored and this paper is no fun. i won't remember writing it in 2 years so tell me why i should do it? as i look around about 3/4 of my class is doing the same thing, slacking. School is pointless. Kids need to learn about things relevant to life, not how to do calculas which i don't understand and will never use in everyday life. anyway the period's almost over so i have to wrap this up. o yeah sorry about my spelling, grammar, and capitalizion but i just don't care.

Boring Snoring

I just feel like sleepin in class! Dont u?

Im so bored of reading peoples im so bored

common ppl these are lame im 15 in seniors 10ths grade in england dnt really care about my gramma its pretty lame 2 like my skool so common try and make things livly. I came on here cos i was bored n now im even more bored think about fit guys n girls running round in their undies n getting laid.Anyways chill out ppl hope its more fun next time

I played a similar game

In science i played a game for half a year like your grid game. I counted down the minutes from the beginning of class. EX. 45 minute class- 45, 44,etc. Each amount of minutes i had left i took the first letter from each number(F-ourty-five: take the F)and named something that i liked or a band name or something like that, that started with that letter. Kinda fun. i was really bored


I completely agree with you but what r u gonna do about it.... ur 13 im 15 everyone else in there teens has this problem and guess what the adults dont care. there is nothing we can do.

Don't You Fall Asleep in Class?

who doesn't fall asleep in class? i do the teachers hate it but it's fun to do it we shouldn't be force to go to all the classes we should pick 'em gota go later!

How Boring is Skool? Very

hey sup nothing here. nothin to do here. i'm in computers. we're on our last day in it. next we got to another. i rather not cuz the next one's probly goin to be even more boring.i want togo to the skate park ( i fi can find it). i've had so much homework i couldn't get out to go and find one. do you know where one is? i'm soooooo bored here. they sould give us something to do in the classes.i wish i was my cuzin cuz i would get out of skool early every day. it'd be sweet. he gets out at 10:30am every day. we have to be at skool by 7:22am

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW YOU CAN BECOME UNBORED hopefuly someone can. i found a way. fall asleep in a book your reading. i'd be nice if you could on monday get a two hr. delay and on friday get out 2 hrs. early and on wednesday have off. Nice time that wood be. what do u think? woodn't it be. Got to go the teacher's comin to check how much work we got done. i don't have any done

Later Kayla


Jesus, This is sux dogs balls-I have far too much work to even begin thinking about doing it, so much so that i actually looked up "bored" in google and found this and am now writinh in it.Fuck i must have hit the essay wall in big way! well this has been a fun way to waste time and to realise that if i dont finnish this work that is nowhere near done by 2moz then ill be up the preverbial creek, anywho i should leave these suckers, its been a slice

Thank you

It is wonderful that a teacher can realize that classes are usually boring. Now that you've seen the light, it's the first step in helping classes be less boring! If classes were less boring, i'm sure that more people would be happier to learn!

im kiNda HunGry

iM in the most boring class that anyone has ever made up. Luckliy we have a substitue teacher, cause our real one is like sent from hell. Shes short and fat, and she yells all the time. Its most annoying. But it just made my day that i didnt have to see her today.And i get to leave at 1:30. Its great. I have a doctors appoinment.....just a checkup. I am so glad i have lunch next im getting hungrier by the minute!haha, anyway,This computer is so gay, it wont let me get on msn to check my email or my xagna. What a peice of crap! who the hell thought of putting filters on EVERYTHING! I only go into here cause the title has "school" in it. But whateva, oh thats so funny about some of these people that wrote blogs on here talking about the old "coloring-in-the-grid" technique to pass the time. I still do that. Its sad, but true. It can become very entertaining acutally. Well the bells gonna ring in like 15min. and i still havent done my assignment so i'll go. BYYE ~LYNN~ "BANKING AND FINANCING CLASS" SUCKS ASS!

i dnt understand it was jst a

i dnt understand it was jst a boring letter like i wil now make this 1 i am also at skool rite now n i am soooooooooo bord i no life sux n teachers r crap i wana go home bt im not listenin 2 music as it is banned and im stuck here at this computer with nothing to do at all n tht is jst not fun at all this is a loada bull bt ther u go im bored!!!! xxx

i used to be like you

il make this short and sweet so then like you i was. i live in southhapton but then i moved to colobia bogota thay is nonstop entetainment by the people here but what you need is just to start working get some fair enuf grades and spell proply like school instead of scool unless the you way of slang email me enyone intrest me im going to sleep good bye

i find it kinda funny i find it kinda sad

i find it funny coz i know how nearly each and every one of you is feeling yes school is boring. but its sad that you all feel like this because without school life would still suck! like we need education to get a job and stuff...maybe i am one of the only people who wants to get a good job (i doubt that) but to get a good job you need education or you will end up being bored with life in general when you really will have nothing else to do at least at school you're kept kinda busy and will get something out of it even if it is a few pieces of paper they still mean something to people who want to give you a job

omg school is so lame

ya all i do in social studies is sleep to. its so boring. were consolidating soon with stronghurst. (illinois)

in the zone

im always so bored on school exept in chours it is so much fun i love chours. im ussaly bored on hula but u know its schooll all i really have to say and i want to give advice do all your work and then you can zone out for a while then it makes you feel better that you got things done instead of getting a big fat 0 i hate those but i mean i have to get good grades and so should you not just because your parents want you to you should also do it for u it can make u get into a good hight school and a good collage and u can be wahtever u want to be so just take my advice and keep it with you wnere ever you may go in life just remmeber what i told u, just remember!

bored in school

yea i'm actually sitting in the library at school right now and surrounded by about 9 teachers. isn't that just great. i tried to go to some gaming sites but the block wouldn't let me. someone seriously needs to make a site that students can go to that the school blocking systems can't find...think about that the next time you're bored in school..make a website about being bored in school...ehy? -wisconsin


My classes aren't that boring, because I like my classes, I suppose..But that's not the point. for our school newspaper, I'm suppost to write an article about how not to be bored in class. The problem is, I'm never bored in class so what am I gonna say??? Since some of you guys are bored in class mabey you people could help me. I really need to get a good grade on this assighnment so plz help!! Thanks!

I'm planning ahead

First of all, I'd like to ask: Who the fuck is still stupid enough to write in internet 'language' and then whine about adults not caring about their opinions? You don't need to be a genius or to take 5 punctuation/grammar classes a day, all you need is BRAINS.

I'm 15 and I feel *extremely* tortured every day in school. I know most of you probably don't give a shit, but those who can relate to me know exactly how I feel. I knock on the desk, move my feet around nervously, look at my wristwatch, fuck this, still 22 minutes left.

When I get out of school (or as immature brats say, "when I'm old", as if 'getting old' is an automatic process), I want a job that pays me as good as possible. I want to make sure I will always have enough money to support myself and maybe in about 15-20 years, my family.

Tell me ONE JOB where I actually need calculus or algebra for example, or calculating stuff on a spreadsheet? I have a calculator, and I'm going to use it.

And don't tell me 'if you become a mathematician you'll need it'. No shit, Sherlock, instead of figuring that if the result of an equation is 8 and the second variable is 5, then the first one must obviously be 3.

But no, I have to sound like a medieval pope and make things sound more complicated than they actually are, so let's throw in random bullshit like "x+5=8". WOW, it takes so much brain processing power to figure out 'x' instead of just swallowing the fact that it's not needed. I've had to go through this piece of shit class for 3 years now or so.

I've done quite some research, and I came to the conclusion that investors and independent business owners get the best pay compared to how much time they spend. Surprisingly, there is no formal education on how to become the best at either one, so that filters out the suckers who entirely depend on stuff you learn from books.

The problem, though, is to get the start-up capital for a business or the stock market. That's what I'm doing right now, and by the time I'll be 16 (next year February), I will have about $8400 saved up.

It might not sound like much but I WILL keep dedicated to my goal and one day I'll have enough cash to live on my bank interest and earn $100k a year on that. Then I'll show those arrogant little pricks and idiotic teachers who's the lamer now, while they're working a shit job in some office for 8 hours a day and getting paid $2k a month for writing reports to the boss who's sunbathing in Hawaii.

Some people say "money is not the most important factor". Yeah, but it is anyways. If I had enough money I'd buy out the principal's home estate just to piss him off as a revenge for torturing me. It's a fact that you're always better off with a lot of money than none.

Only a stupid person would say otherwise. I know there are things you can't buy with money, like wisdom of life, disclipine, health, and so on. And those are some goals that school tried pathetically installing in my head but failed. I will pursue those virtues myself.

A final note: Don't think all of us who are teenagers are stupid. Yeah, there are those who write in stupid language like "omgz I g2g lol cya 2morrow dood", but not all of us are like that.


I'm in info lit right now this is boring nothing to do just sitting here i done with what we are suppose to do... im hungry.. we still didnt have lunch yet next tuesday yay im going to hershey park

what should i say this school is boring : (

alright right quick there are

alright right quick there are 4 minutes left in detention and i cannot believe have the shit i read let alone that sat here and read this entire page how BORING there are many boring things in the aspect of life as many people know just cause some portions of school is boring doesnt mean it is as a whole i mean you get to see you friends (if you have them) chat when you shouldnt pass notes doodle when normally would you get a chance to space out i dont know abut you guys but i dont sit at home and space out by the way im a 12th grader in highschool and i dont give a rats ass about grammer or ne of that shit because this is not for a grade this is not to impress ne one. THIS IS ME TO EXPRESS. thats all if the point comes across you should be able to write how ever you feel and the person who did the math.... I HATE YOU i dont wanna know how much time i spend here. im gonna be a fire fighter and a long shoreman the only reason i need to know math is to know the water displacement and nozzle sizes and yards of hose but why when is someone gonna ask me how much water comes out of the hose thats saving there house....detentions over.....thank god


School is boring. They shouldnt have to make the periods of the class so long. Its very stupid. Most of the time you dont even learn anything. All you do is sit around for a hour then go to another class and sit around for a hour. You know what? I think there should be a period where all you do is hang around w/ ur friends! I have a lot of friends and I think it is totally mean 2 just let you have 2 days of the weekend to hang around friends! I play sports and I barley get 2 go any where w/ my frineds. and another thing teachers pile on wayyyy 2 much h.w.!!! it is so stupid we have better thing 2 do then 2 just spend our time doing boreing homework assignments & most of the time you dont learn anything. i think that there should be more time then 5 min 2 get 2 ur other classes 2. AND schools should have classes that r acctually fun! the only class in my school that is fun is chior/expressive arts and we only have it for a half a year. We could of had home ec. but our school is 2 poor 2 have it! instead we have leadership. Leadership is stupid. there is no piont of having it. who needs 2 learn leadership skills?!?!? not me.


I definatly know wat classroom bordom is like. not meaning to brag, but im a higher than adverage student, and i get bored as the rest of the class. i personally grab a sheet of paper and doodle all french class..."le maison"...come on. how dumb do u have to be to fail that class!?! (and i sit in the back so the stupid constant PMS biotch never catches me!!! XD!!!!) the problem in schools however is the social ladder (from what ive personally witnessed). most adults dont get this concept so ill take a min to explain it: For the Girls: THE "ALPHA" GROUP: the main cluster of 3-4 girls. some times refered to as the "in-crowd". they are impenitrable, but most girls try desperatly to be their friend. the "Alpha" group are usually evil, sinister idiotic little twits who ignore you completely, unless you are in the "secondary" group. THE "SECONDARY" GROUP: these are the girls you have to watch out for if you are low on the social ladder. they are evil and if reconed with can and will make your life a living hell. they are the resident "sluts" of middleschool who end up being pregnant at sixteen -.- . usually a cluster of 2-3 girls, can be larger though. THE "OUTCASTS": weired little nerds who arent really good at anything. also never practice any and all forms of hygeine...*shudder* THE "WEIRDOS":all groups hate and secretly admire and fear them. they dont belong to any group. they go against the crowd, they r creative and unique. usually friends with a few people in school, but alot outside. THE BOYS: the "cool" group: the guys who all the girls like. nice hair and a good face. relativly smart and basically your adverage-joe. the BORDERS: skate-guys. complete morons. enjoy watching other people/small animals suffer. pastimes include burping, and burning things. and they r usually really cute. :( nerds: states itself.

sorry...that was really fun...:D!!! well yea. im personally hated by most of those groups if not all. sorry if im not accurate on the guy's social ladder, im not exactly familiar with it.

damn, im bored.


Bored in Philsophy

Pythagoras had a thing about not eating beans dnt know y but he did. That was the most interesting poitn of wot we had to do 2day . . . how patheic. Simon Stylites lived on a pole that was the pther most ineresting asspect of this lesson yay! We ave ages to go and Rachel smells real real bad . . . . ya me 2. Rachel says i write too much random stuff well i think that can be left to the judges . . . they concure f**k iam going to solitary confinment for being random . . . "i i love u mum i love u dad" GLC and my dead gold fish . . i ova feed him until he exploded now iam being done for fish slaughter which is the realtive to the lenghth of a fishes memory so my sentence wiil take me about the same time it has taken u to read this sentence. Yay iam free!!!!

Skool was thought up by evil

Skool was thought up by evil sadistic men who wanted to torture young children in a legal way. I hate the teachers vile people who just want to make our childhood hell becuase our is longer than theirs. Bastards i hate then and all that they stand for how dare they try to dictate to us what is right and wrong when they themslevs dont even tlive by any moral codes or standards! There again who am i to talk, know one has the right to take away someone's freedom and that is essantially what skool does but becuase we are to young to realise what is happening to us they get away with it. Skkol is essentaily a prison form 8:45 to 3:30 monday to friday and now they are even thinking about extending dentions to that they infrindge on our weekends saturday detentions pose a threat to our weekend the only freedom that we get is now hanging in the balance. Bastards they can go fuck themselevs which is porbably what they do as no one would want to sleep with the person who thought up skools let alone saturday detention!!!!!!!!!!!! power to the kids and the future generation left to mop up the demise of our elders. iam 17 so any adult who reads this should know that skool has ruiend my life. Thankx

I.C.T i know what you mean

im in I.C.T rite now pretending to read about automated systems and stuff its soooo boring. i finished about 1 and a half hours ago and am bored out of my skull. hacking is one of the best ways to pass time.

after reading this i realise that i really need help :(

ways to escape bordem...

1) on a hot day wait until break then run as fast as you can ALL break. get to class. get heat exaustion. go home.

2) try eating your own fist. if you dont get out of class it will still be more fun.

3) slowly at regular interval bang your head on the table until you cant feel anything INCLUDING bordem


yea i no im bored i didnt rea

yea i no im bored i didnt read most of what u said my but my teachers a dick

wel, after reading about haf

wel, after reading about haf of this page my lesson was over, i hav 2 go now. but im rliiiiii bored o no w8, we all just put back in too the class room. ahahahaha some1 rote shawn smell 100 times n prited it out, k the teacher yelling at us. go 2 go


hey ther ppl! my name is dar'oma mcaloon and i am a real fruit! i really have no friends and no one likes me!well that pretty much sums me up so gotta go before my next class starts again because i can NEVER be late for a class. i love school and my favourite teachers leavin sobsob!well nyway c yas soon dar'oma

.. im bored out of my mind! someone put me in a pshyc ward! ugh!

hey ya sound just like me. haha. i hate skool. and "ugh" is my word!! you stole it! lol. boring boring!!! im at the library right now just sitting here doing nothing. i cant get msn to work cuz i dont know waht is giong on. dont ask............................................................................ there is a old lady across from me.. she is on some weird site. lol. boring boring. it is really hot out today. i am glad this site was made so i can talk to someone when im bored, lol.*SIGH* im tired. not rrealy. just bored. i am so bored.!!! so whats up anyone?? nothing here. of coarse. even tho i said taht a bunch a times already.. well im goign to go and do nothing.. have fun everyone.. i know im NOT! lol.. buhbye.