well well well... im bored.

well im at home and im just doing this coz i got nothing better to do..

im waiting to go to the movies and see all my friends but until then im stuck doing this.

could any of you please respond to try and save me from boredom and tell me what i could do when im bored?, school or home.

much appreciated, thanks :)

Yeah we're bored too

Itachi: Me and my little brother are bored too, we're stuck in school and we have hours to go before we can leave. Sasuke: ok at home watch tv or somethin idk. at school youll always be bored. since when is school ever fun? unless its the last day. i wish i could tell all the shitty teachers to fuck off and get a damn life. just mind ur own fucking business and leave us alone!!!! DX srry i curse a lot... Itachi: Sasuke! Bad little brother, bad! Curse on less digfnified fourms! Sasuke: wow way to screw up the word forums. Itachi: Shut-up.