So; School

So; school. something always on everyone's mind. Right now, I just got out of school from having a wopping total of five exams in three days. People say that kids have no job; but going to school, dealing with pubescent teens, and teachers/exams, school should be considered work enough. How many of you guys are straight A students; in higher level grades. I am and I know just hw much pressure there is at this job. It's like; holding a manager's job in eighth grade. Since i am all A's, parents have definately began expecting much more. I feel sorry for my brother though. He gets B's and C's in school; and because the expectations have been set so high; they seem to be expecting more out of him than me. It really makes me upset when people base their expectations on the best, right? Well, I'm gonna ssign off, but plz post replies! I really want to hear what you've got to say! XOXOXOXOXO- Manny