I can't take school anymore

I cant take school any more...the stress is killing me...I am a 'gifted' student in a gifted program and the think we are super smart...but reality check WE STILL NEED HELP! WE DONT KNOW EVERYTHING! i need so much help in school but i am so very scared and shy to ask..(I am not a shy person but i do not like asking questions and i am not good at wording them either) i have alwayz gotten all a's and b's...but i now have my first c...cuz of a mistake i made that i rather not talk about..it iz kinda embarrassing (BTW I CAN SPELL CORRECTLY I JUST DO NOT PREFER TO HERE) but now that c iz eating me alive...and it haz ruined my always-had-all-a's-and-b's thing..i cant take ruining that..but i cant do anything about it The stress of school getz me sick and i have a headache constantly..ive even been to the doc for it...i dont wanna be in this gifted program but im near graduating(eighth grade) and i must stay in it until this year iz over..and by then i will be moving on another skool.... sigh...i dont wanna be smart..im very proud of my self but ppl alwayz expect so much out of me...thingz i cant do :/ and I want to be an engineer...half the stuff i learn will be of no use... >:( I Just wasted a whole class period on this website writting what i feel because 1. I need to let things out cuz i alwayz hold things in.. and 2. the teacher wont help me on my science fair project(which is due in 9 dayz :/ and i need help) I CANT TAKE SKOOL ANYMORE