School is kind of boring...

BOREDOM. It merely sucks!

Talk about how bored you are. :D


OmG! skool is very boring...either they dont give us anything to do...or when they do..itz to confusing and they wont help i just sit there bored....and to add to the boredum...NO ONE to tlk to in my classes...ugg...I got like no friendz here just cause i am MYSELF...okay im proud that i am myself and not the fake people that these ppl are...but i have no one to talk to...and i ALWAYS hafta work by ofcourse all the work iz harder for me cuz no one wantz to work with me...and wen we hafta work with people im alwayz stuck with some 'loser' (i put the quotez cuz they are considered a loser by all the fakes)... and they dont work and are hard to work with :( skool iz really hard for me at the moment... AND right now we hafta do the science fair and i havent even started the expiriement and itz do in one and a half weekz...and idk what to do and the teacher iz NOT helpful.. :(


We just took a Latin exam in a computer lab so i am on the computer and really bored!Me and my friend Melissa are so bored and talking about how badly we failed the Eaxam;;; so were freaking out. Yeah;; we are the straight A students that probably got a B on the exam. ;) We are nerds! I hate that fact that when you type in "bored in school" in google; everything that comes up is blocked. At least this isnt ;) so how is everybody?