How can I pass TCS on?

Hello, I'm new to the site so hope this post finds you well :) I'm still very much learning non-coercion myself, and whilst I solidly believe in the concept, it doesn't always come naturally. I often revert back to labelling people 'bad' and verbally disapproving without even realising I'm doing it, but I hope practice will make pefect.

With this in mind, how would one pass on the philosophy to authoritarians? I am finding acquaintances will follow an example to fit in whilst I'm in their company, but some frown upon 'weak, namby pambying' around children and some will challenge the notion that children aren't simply bad people who need to be forced into good ones!

So how can I reason with parents and carers of children who do not want to change? Or is this just another form of coercion?

I'm gradually learning that

I'm gradually learning that it's best to just walk your own walk. If people want to know more, they'll ask :-)

I think there is space for some evangelism

I'm not sure how if could or should be done, but I think there needs to be more information out there that TCS and other more anarchic parenting styles are a practical option.

The modern parenting landscape in the UK seems to be going away from spanking and only speaking when spoken to and towards timeouts and obey explicit direct commands.

If we can have leaflets in the library saying "School is not compulsory", then why not "Children have valid opinions", so something that sounds a bit more sensible than Jan Fortune-Brown.

Hummmm. Willow.