Randomly random stuff coz IM BORED

help. i am bored and fed up and tired. in the last 2 days, i have had 5 hours sleep. my so called best friends hate me and i am generally miserable my french teacher appears to be going through a midlife crisis, and i am stuck next to sam, who keeps looking over my shoulder to see what i am writing. i should be finishing off my animations, but i left my french book at home, and can't be bothered to try and remember it. So i am writing this instead..... i am feeling weird, my boyfriend used to go out with my best friend, then SHE broke up with HIM. i now go out with him, and she's not talking to me on the account that she thinks i stole her boyfriend. ever since i started going out with him, she has been really jealous. she purposely made good friends with him again (she's hated his guts before we went out). at first, i thought, good, no problem, i'm glad they are friends, but she's just admitted that she still likes him a LOT. he's still a bit hung up on her, and according to my friend, she asked him out last night. apparantly, he's now gonna dump me for her.

my life sucks.

I hope things are better now

I don't want your post to go unanswered. It's a few weeks later but it sounds as if things were rough at the start of April.

Best wishes.


your life sounds alot like mine lol life really does suck but hey its a millevalnt force dat seaks to destroy us all dude. rave on!!!

I beg to differ

It's not a malevalent force out to get you, truly; you are in control, here. Use your mind.

all three of yall wrong. u

all three of yall wrong. u should not hook up with a close friends ex-boyfriend. both of them will still have some kind of feelings for each other whether good or bad and whether they admit it or not. your friend is wrong for dumping him and then being accusing you, trying to steal him herself afterward, and trying to make you feel uncomfortable. The boyfriend is wrong for being with friends, and if he is dumping one for another, he is wrong for that too.


That is probably the most ridiculous thing that a friend could ever do! 1. She dumped HIM. 2. She wants HIM back, but you have him. 3. SHE asked HIM out.


Much. You don't need enemies when you've got friends like that.

soooo bored! gasp! im bored!

imm sooooo bored. im in class bored as ever; class is for junkies and myspace nerds. btw, myspace is lame, facebook is hot right now. im a highschool sophmore and id like to say that college is goin to be wayyyy more boring then this, im feeelingggg sorrttaaaaa. RANDOM!! sorta like what im typing makes no sense, but in a weird oxymoron kinda way it makes perfects sense. i wonder what cows are thinkin, this kid chrissy im sitting next to is a boy. well sorta boy/ girl. i ponder what he/she crissy is thinkin right now because he jus shouted out he likes donkey butts, smh what a weird thing for a freshman to say, im not a tweener if your wondering im in applied tech. class. this elective sux. id rather be on the moon sharing tacos with a guy wearing flip flops and swim trunks. ha ha. thats finda funny but not at the same time because i have like 3 hippies in my community and they stick together and think the tunnel at the jungle gym is a time machine. schoool and grades suck. MAN IM STARVING!! my stomach jus growled at the computer next to me.......the computer didnt say anything so i think it didnt hear it. or maybe its plotting to shut down on the next person because my stomach growled so loud. this is verryyy fun. yesterday i was bmxing and i almost pulled off nollie tailwhip. well maybe im over exaggerating. i dont bmx and i dont know what a nollie tailwhip is but it sure sounds cool. kung fu panda rockss. he kicked that guy sooo hard anyway all superheros are cool but supervillians are wayy cooler. they dont have any rules to obey. IM SOOOOOOOOOO BORED. its cool to kno that people have a heart in this mean world. this one old lady gave me 50 dllars for helpin her cross the street. what a nice lady. LMFAO. someone hit my english teachers car and she was panicing and yelling lookin to see if the person who hit her car left a note of information or anything and she didnt find it and she looked sooo sad. ha ha. this class feels longer for some reason.....OOMMGGGG i went blank for a minute like there was nothing on my mind....omg it happened again. welp thanks for reading if you did. lol when the times get tough the tough get goin and when the bored get bored the bored get reading lmao thanks viewers