y do we go 2 skool

idk wat dah whole reason of goin 2 skool is..it just makes us want 2 go insane..i mean sumtimes i just want 2 kill myself its not dat i dnt pay attention i just dnt fill lyk listening 2 dah teacher talk cuz they talk bout dah same dame thing all day every day..i mean dahonly reason i go 2 is 2 c my lil sis and friends..most of the tym i just want 2 stay home and play my x-box 360... i dnt get dah whole point of skool it makes no sence.. the only reason i think paretns make us go 2 skool is so they culd have a piece of quiet around dah house..enyway gots 2 go..

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You got it in one

Most parents send their children to school so that they can be off their hands 5 days a week. It is lots of child"care" free at the point of use.

I think there is also an element of "I had to go to school so I'm making you go." Which makes no sense at all.

I think...

We go to school because they think we need to learn everything humankind currently knows. Which is retarded! I WANNA BE AN ENGINEER! I DONT NEED TO KNOW HISTORY! AGHHHHHRGAGHGAGGHAGHAHGRBLE I NEED BRAINS! RAGHHHHH!

Lol....I think the writer

Lol....I think the writer knows how to spell. It's 4 effect. I've been reading stuff on the site and was wondering wot u guys thought about school.....I'm really into autonomous education/unschooling and would much rather keep my kids (3 yrs n 17 months) out of 'compulsory education'. I think this idea fits in well with TCS. However my partner/their dad hasn't read any of the stuff I have although I've tried to tell him about the stuff I've been discovering. I've been trying to get him to understand the way I feel about these issues but all he can see and understand seems to be the 'conventional' way of doing things. Rewards and punishments, compulsory schooling, it never hurt me, made me the person I am, kids need to socialise and all that b*llocks....its not like I was planning to keep my kids locked in the house all day...I was gonna take'em to home education groups etc. They've got loads of friends already and they've never been to school and socialising with kids only your own age is totally unnatural anyway.

Well just wanted to see what others thought about this...

Thanks for any replies x


I AGREE COMPLETELY!!! i wanna be and engineer too and i dont think i will ever need to know all this stuff...OFCOURSE i need to know some of it BUT half of it or more..WE WILL NEVER NEVER NEED TO KNOW OR USE!! it just makez me sooo mad..

erg...All this stress is making me sick

skool iz so hard...and half of the stuff we learn iz pointless...once i take the test...everything leaves my brain "You need to learn to help you in the future" the teacher sayd. "when will i ever need this in my future?!?!"i respond....ugg...BTW I CAN SPELL RIGHT..I am a great speller actually...but I do not feel like typing all of these words out and correctly...that takes to long so i just type how i feel like typing...(AND IT DOESNT EFFECT HOW I TYPE IN PAPERZ!!!!) ugg teacherz alwayz argue that... opps got off topic WELL skool to so hard for me..i ALWAYZ get on the honor roll...and ive never had anything lower then a B...but all the work is really hard and ive had a headache everyday for about 4 months now...about a month after skool started and wen skool started getting really hard...of course the fact i am in the gifted program at the skool makez it harder...if i waz in regualar skool right now i would ACE all my classes...i cant take all this pointless information forced into my head..making my head feel like itz going to burst!!! I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! and i dont know wat im ghanna do about it..but i hafta do sumthing!! all this stress makes me sick! LITERALLY SICK! ...

Soooo bored ='(

We go to school to stop people writing like that, no offence intended just it does look rather silly. If you can spell correctly why write like that. Anyway I am also bored 'shitless' in school, silly a-level biology :( Would love to be on my xbox too =D Hope you start to enjoy school more :D:D xx