Bored in School

I am so bored right now! Also, I think that i have the attention span of a cat! I usually like this class because the teacher is really awesome, but right now i just can't concentrate and just want to go outside and run around because it is the second day that its nice outside. We are studing Shakespeare at 9 in the morning1 omg i just want my nose to fall off because it is running and our cheap school never buys any kleenx's! Our school is soo cheap that in the winter ther is no heat and in the summer its freezing too!!! i am in a random mood today i just want it to be tomarrow right now and then i could do my solo and all the solo and ensemble stuff would be over and i could do nothing but lay outside in the sun! wow these computers suck it take forever to do anything and you can't go anywhere or do anything fun!!! i typed in bored in school in my computers class the other day and this website came up so now i want mine to come up and for other bored people to read it! that would be awesome. even thou mine's prolly more boring than the other one, that is ok. if you read this whole thing than way to go! you rule and are just as bored as i am writing this!