Never stop reading to your children

From the archives: Posted on 5th March, 1994

A poster wrote:

“I think that one good piece of advice I have gotten from this list is to not quit reading to him just because he can read for himself.”

Another poster wrote:

“I understand that this can be a real fear in some children – I think children need to be told and reminded that this will not happen. It can make a lot of difference to a hesitant reader.”

This is so true. I remember not wanting to read to my mother even when I could, in case she stopped reading to me. Being read to is one of life’s great pleasures we can all enjoy, even as adults (if we are lucky enough to have someone who will do so).

[Note added 2022: To this day, my husband and I read to each other (and to anyone else here) almost daily. Such a joy! Such fabulous conversations. Highly recommended!]

Sarah Fitz-Claridge, 1994, ‘Never stop reading to your children’,