How will credential-less children survive?

“How will credential-less children survive in our highly credentialised society?”

It is only highly credentialised for those who believe in that sort of thing. But the notion that children who choose not to get the standard academic credentials are thereby unable to get prestigious high-paying work is complete nonsense. Indeed, there are many forward-thinking organisations, companies, entrepreneurs, founders (and even some governments!) that value and seek people who have precisely not taken the standard route. Some of the amazing job opportunities credential-less children taken seriously have had (and these are just the ones that I have heard about!) would astonish you. They are the kind of opportunities people spend many years, vast amounts of money, and huge efforts (not to mention putting themselves through 15+ years of utterly miserable so-called education) to get, and still fail – once in a lifetime (or indeed many lifetimes) opportunities.

Having said that, many individuals (including people raised coercively) choose a different route through life, for example, creating passive income, creating businesses themselves, travelling the world, or living financially frugally for the freedom that affords (as opposed to having to have a well-paid, high-powered job to pay for all the stuff and service all the debt etc.).

Finally, it is completely untrue that children taken seriously cannot get qualifications if they choose. Plenty of children who have lived free lives as children at some point choose to get credentials and pursue paths requiring credentials, including ending up in academia. Such children just have not wasted most of their childhood locked in an institution bored out of their mind instead of doing something more interesting.

If anything, children taken seriously have more choices in life than others, not fewer. There are many possibilities for people whose vision has not been blinkered and whose creativity has not been hobbled by the narrow path most children are forced along.

Sarah Fitz-Claridge, 2022, Taking Children Seriously FAQ: ‘How will credential-less children survive?’,

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