Sooooo Bored In School

Click the read more link for this message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind.What follows is a message sent by a 14 year old sitting in school, bored out of his mind. Not surprisingly, he asked that his name not be included. Other identifying details have been removed too.

hey hey, i am really bored. so i decided to write an email to ppl. i have nothing to do. i am at skool and i find it very boring. i am in michael [Surname]'s business class, but michael [Surname] isnt here today. instead we have this dude that i have never seen before. ahh i should b doing ‘work’ right now, but its all so pointless so i decided not to do it. i am in a random mood right now. i am going to type the first thing that comes to mind. u know wat. michael jackson is a homo and a petofile. i feel sorry for his kids. like rele sorry for them, they have to figure out if he is theyre mother or father cuz he/she has such a high pitch long woman like hair and wears lipstick. sounds like a woman to me but u never can be sure these days. but he/she is really ugly so yea. n e ways i wanna go on msn but these crappy computers dont have it. i really want to bring my laptop sometime, but i keep forgeting to. plus i cant find my case. ugh how school is boring. lucky homeschooled ppl. i want pizza, pizza is good. damnit theres half hour of class left. soo hungry. ahh tony wandered over to the other side of the room to tlk to me. he says hi. ahh tony is being yelled at. ahh teacher is coming over. tony made a good lie and went back to his seat. ugh this is boring. sooooo.......... bored. i am listenin to queen right now. SHES A KILLER QUEEN!!!!! ok enuf with that song. CAN ANY BODY FIND ME SOMEBODY TO LOVE, now thats a good song. i think i'll continue listening to this one. ock boredem. i dont like skool. dont u h8 life? i have many reasons to h8 life. life sux ass.�im so bored ahh randomnessssssss, whoa this is keeping me entertained, just typing and typing and typing and typing about nothing. FUN FUN. BORING SKOOL, so boring. these chairs are so crap. i want to sit on the floor. more comfortable than the crappy chairs. u kno what, im bored, ahh good old randomness. ok i have heard enuf queen for now. time for a random cd, lets pick......eee neee meeeny minnney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he haulers let him go, eennyyy meeeny mineys moe.... i have chosen led zepplin. what an excellent choice. ahh so bored. i should skip this class, its so boring. ahh now ppl are yelling and i dont know y. teachers in this skool are so short.�i tower over some of them, its hilarious, even funnier is jimmy, being 6'0. a janitor just pushed the teacher onto a desk. it was funny. n e ways so bored. i like queen. [Name,] u have to come back to [Place] asap. theres nothing to do here, ahh so bored. ahh so bored. I wANNA GO TO ZELLERS, tony just left the class. i want food god damnit. so hungry. I WANT FOOD. skool sux cuz its boring. boring. boring. polish ppl bother me, the are weird. so bored. RANDOMNESS. yes i am bored. i'd laugh if sumbody sum 1 actually read this whole letter. ok well im gonna leave now cuz skool is boring



I am sOoOoOo bored!! god help me!!!!!! >.<


k wow in my french lesson ryt now, wiv mi m8. very very bored. we hav 2 look 4 stuff about france but we cant be bovered. yeah so i rli dont lyk cheese. i dnt no what the point of this is. its nt lyk im eva going 2 france! i cant even order a sandwitch. yeeeeep. yeah so my m8 is larfing at me n staring at the boy she fancys and tellin my how cute he is.... lol well hey joooel! yeah so the boy she fancys is ginger but its kl. very kl. k hes nt ginger acctually (shes saw this n is tellin me nt 2) but shes kl. kl kl kl kl klness!!! luv it, luv it, luv it, LUV IT! yeash so anyway, i bet ur reading this casue ur bored, im bored, so were all baroed 2 geva. im also 14 but ill b 15 in october. its healthy 2 b bored. every gets bored. bored bored bored... i fell asleep in detention yesterday. its was boring. boring boring boriiiing.(8) hav u seen that advert when she goes 'i can feed the faamily 4 9.99' kk my m8 wants 2 tlk now. k here she is " if you werea fish wat fish wud u b? yuuuuup i lv joel bt shussh cz hes here im gna tel dis booy dan goldstone 2 go on dis website so hihi smadaaaaarrrrr lol" jka! got 2 go byexxxxx m xxxxxxx

every kid gets rlii bored

i can totaly agree with that dude... im like rlliiii bored now & im not even at skool... but wen im at skool i die of boredom... IM SOOOO BORED!!! Anyhay ill show u something thats really funny bout being bored at stupid skool: Guess how old I am... 'ave u guessed? Well, im only 10, yup, and i go 2 primary skool, AND I STILL DIE OF BEING BORED!!!!!! Now u probably thnk that im just some little kid muckng around but don't cause i can seriously make people think that I'm 16 or something. and im probably gonna get told that high skool a hell lot more boring by people who are even more bored than me but stuff them. anyhay if you guessed that i was only 10 then connies... i rekon it was Bcuz i dont swear..... i hope this gets through cause it took me yonks 2 type so yeah, bye now


i am at school and guess what..... I AM BORED

Things to do when bored

poke the nearest person to you untill they get annnoyed HaHaHa.... fun

hum incessently until the teacher gets annoyed

draw 120 squares and colour two in per minute (its more fun)

make farting sounds


SKOOL IS BORING im sittin in science gettn yelled at i dont care piss off teacher cya im goin 2 da focus room now

i agree

i agree with xxx m xxx about the hole boredness thing. its healthy to get bored. imbrase it. - i think shes a girl by the way


wow i just got really bored in YFT. i decided to bite a deoderant can to pass the time. unfortunately i didnt realise that the nossle was pointing towards my and i bit the trigger. that was one hell of a spray that went into my mouth...

Hi iam the girl who wrote

Hi iam the girl who wrote that teachers r evil sadistic people and bored in Philosophy. Iam glad u agree with me ad i have held that opinion for a while iam just glad that iam not the only one and i swear that they put extra spelling mistakes in the comments any thankx.


Holy crap that guy sounds like me. Also in school with a crazy teacha lol she is so odd. any way the point being IM SO BORED but we cant really use emails or msn on this stupid comp lol oh well u do wot u can lol

My veiws

Well basically the reason schoo lis so boring is because the way you get forced to repeat basic things over and over to the extent that you could do them with no thought required, unfortunately that means the complicated stuff gets shown to you only once or twice. So when it comes down to tests/exams its more of a case of what you can remember from the last few days than what you actually know.

For example I have a mate at school who rarely does a single piece of work, but he has such a photographic memery that by just looking through a revision guide the night before the exam he walks in and gets an A*.

Another thing, if we could just go to the lessons we want to then things wouldn't be as boring. For even when it's a lesson you like you're still normally bored shitless because the other lesons were so dull so you're mind just can't be arsed(or maybe thats just me).

And once again, because i've read this whole thing,(i was that bored) i'd like to mention the queries as to whether or not the piece at the top is real. I'd like to state that the chances of it being real are almost certain for the exact reson that i've done it many times before as i'm sure tionnes of others have. In my R.E. exam I got bored to the extent that one of my 'blank pages' at the back of the test had literally no blankness on it because I decided to put donwn my thoughts and feelings as they came to me.

Also with the shorthand which several people have complained against,(note that I have avoided using it although it has meant i've had to go back and correct things)what's the reason for complaining, I personally find that when trying to get down my exact thoughts and feelings I can't think about stupid things like spelling words properly or the thoughts vanish, and normally you don't expect people to actually read what you put. I mean I normally don't bother saving what I right on these frequently experienced times of boredom.

Although not related to the original topic i'd also like to take this moment of boredom and ask the random question... Whose bloody idea was it to make it so that whenever you use an 'i' by itself you have to put it in upper case, i mean what's the point?... Now then, where was I (like this), so far i've had to go back and correct them eight times.

Just to follow up on another statement someone made about the fact that you do actually use 100% of you're brain during life not just 10%. I'd like to point out that it is in fact proved that on average you only use 10% of you're brain at any one time.

I'd also like to take this time to mention the fact that also i generally find, as i'm sure others do also, that the school reward system is generally retarded in the sense that idiots get rewarded for doing the most simple thing right and get let off for doing tonnes of wrong stuff, whereas the more intelligent people get punished for doing a single thing wrong and yet get ignored for the tonnes of stuff they do right. In fact my school also has this way of working things that if someone hits you, doesn't matter how many times or anything, then they get a detention, if you attempt to stop by a simple thing such as pushing them away from you or tripping them up and walking the way then both people get excluded fro fighting. I personally have had this happen when someone threw my bag against the wall twice and on the third attempt I pushed him back so he couldn't reach my bag and he hit me, yet it was my fault for pushing him and therefore causing the 'fight'.

Well anyway this(look above) all happened because I(thats ten times i've coreccted an I now)was really bored and so typed 'sooooo bored' into google. Well i hope this does actually get read, although it probably won't because it's all the way at the bottom.

C'ya guyz tis bin nice tlkin t'ya.(<-- how i usually type, jus decided 2 type proper so peeps dont complain)

P.S. wow just clicked on preveiw comment and it's actually very very long.

P.S.S. Just so ya know i'm not actually at school although am doin work exp. and thats almost just as borin cuz cudn't get anythin decent during actual dates so had to do summin and got stuck workin in canon uk wiv uncle, although some of tha girls here are quite fit.

P.S.S.S. What does P.S. mean anyways???

P.S.S.S.S. this is second half cuz i typed too much hopefully both halfs will end up next to each otha.

Amazing and true

Although I usually don't write this stuff out, this sounds exactly like my thoughts on a lot of days during the school year. I try to occupy myself by reading a novel, or sometimes even the textbook. I've gotten scolded for both (and when I told my mom she went insane that they would dare try to stop a child from reading. I say try, because I hardly ever did stop. This labeled me as a "rebel" and "trouble maker" in some classes). Sometimes one must find anything to do to keep the boredem from driving them psychotic.

I know what this person feel like, because I've felt it too. Luckily, its summer now, so I don't have to deal with boring classes.

One of my problems is I would get so bored that I wouldn't pay attention, nor ever do my homework, which brought my grades down. On tests, however, I always got A's and a very rare B. Still, without doing the hours of homework I was assigned, I struggled to keep C's in some of my classes.

Someone said something about the school system not doing its job right, hence having to give homework. Thinking about this, I remembered my favorite class last year. It was very low stress, there was no homework, and most of the time the teacher just TAUGHT! I had an A all year long, over 100%, always payed attention, and even had fun sometimes.

I've always thought that the school system has been largely inefficent, and after thinking some more, I believe that even more.

In a few weeks I have to return to that hell-hole of bordem and mostly non-learning. In a few weeks I'll get to read some more, and get in trouble for it. Oh what a troubled world we live in!

wow how much did u ryt!

wow how much did u ryt! thanks to the guy that agreed wiv me. xxx m xxx

school sucks

school sucks

oioi dis skwl iz shit n im

oioi dis skwl iz shit n im sooo bored we r spost 2 be avin a free lesson but evry thingz blocked!! i go hatch end high skool in harro :D


Hi everybody i am bored at school again so i might just say hi to yas all:) anyways i better get on my assignments cause they are due very very soon but cause they are soo boring... i dont want to do them

school for this generation

I was very affected by this email. I have two children 8 and 11 and wonder already whether the school system is going to make them confident people or destroy their beautiful natures. It seems today so many kids are misunderstood, even with more knowledge about ADD and gifted children than ever before. My 8 year old is already throughly bored with school although she is intelligent and inquisitive. She just seems more intense than the other kids of her age. It scares me to think she might be writing these same feelings when she gets to high school. I don't feel the syllabus structure relates to the way a lot of kids these days want to learn. It needs to take into account their uniqueness, their creativity. Education should inspire but a lot of these kids don't get that inspiration. That is why our writer would rather be somewhere else. These kids have a wonderful imagination and ability to express themselves. Why isn't modern education listening to them, but rather making them feel alone or different or weird? Why do kids have to sit still and listen to some grown-up talking AT them like in 1800s.

whatever Trevor

Well, i am at school now and am feeling excatly like that other guy in the blog. Although i am sixteen, this is passing my time very efficently and keeping one's brain alive. Just. I feel like going to sleep. All i do is assignments and tests and i get excellent grades but i do have my problems which is what i feel like talking about now, because i will be writing and writing and i will never read this again althoughb i will no someone might have the possibility of reading it which makes me happy. Happy because i am heard.

In my school we are not heard, we are told to comply or get out and i don't like that. I have no life right now, it is boring and promises no future success, although and when i do work so so very hard i get good grades yet other people at school party every night get the same. Life is not justicable. It is mean, and sadly i will suffer. Can u tell i M REASOBNABLY depressed right now? Although by typing this now i am feeling a bit better. Although now realising thisi am not, so this last 3 lines is a waste of time. ARG! Teachers at my school are biased and focus on those who do not work hard for their grades and it frusterates the hell out of me. It mskes me cry and be upset. I must go.

im bored

guess what im so bored i searched google for 'im bored'. then i clicked this webpage and i actually read your whole letter. thats how bored i am.

If it's not fun, it's not interesting.

If any of you have ever had fun, you can tell that the time goes by fast. And most people LOVE having fun! I went to a Elementary and Middle School that didn't have a High School. There were very few kids there (99 kids in K-8) and we all knew each other and we were all very close. Something exciting happened EVERY DAY. And I mean EVERY DAY. Of course, we had classes that were boring, but most of our classes were interesting and entertaining! Some of my classmates even started calling one teacher "Grandma" because she was always so nice and loving to us!!! She UNDERSTOOD what we hated and what made us bored, and she always tried to brighten it up a bit. And usually, it worked! But now, I'm in High School. I'm going to be a Sophmore this year, and I'm DREADING IT. We have about 15 teachers, and only 2-3 of them are actually INTERESTED in what they're teaching. Once, our Biology teacher was gone for a month, and we had a substitute. He was the best thing that could have happened to us! Biology wasn't so boring anymore!!! He made things interesting by drawing things out, using real people as examples, and etc. You could tell that he loved science, and he loved telling people about it! The problem is, most teachers become so used to what they're teaching that they completely zone out. I had a Health teacher that just read out of the book. And he was slow. I, honestly, was reading the book when he asked me a question I didn't know. The problem? I had already read what he was talking about! AND, I was 3 chapters AHEAD!!! I had been so absorbed in reading about the functions of the eye, and other parts of the face, that I had totally lost track of time. Now many people ask, what's a solution to this? How about this: Put us in one classroom, give us the books, and let us read them ourselves! If the students had questions, ask the teacher. After all, they've been to High School. They SHOULD know. I understand if some teachers don't get parts of math and science, but they should at least try to help. Schools should do things differently. Most of the students go out brilliant, or stupid. There's no real middle area. People have obviously forgotten what a joy it is to discover things for yourself. Perhaps if they let the students ask their own questions, then answer them on their own, the students wouldn't feel so bad about themselves, and certainly not bored. Learning is supposed to be fun. Not torture.

school is shit i know i sit

school is shit i know i sit in school eating its a good way to not be bored if you are still bored text someone or something and run out when u get caught tahst fun and you get out of lessons

Re: Skool was thought up by evil

I agree. I don't want to sit around all day listing to a teacher repeat the same exact things s/he said yesterday. My teachers all ways take the whole class oeriod to explain 1 thing when you can shorten it, make it easier and explain it in about 2-5 min. Then after a day at school I have a pile of homework and atleast 3 projects/ large assignments in one month. It so irratating that we have to spend all day in school and then have to go home to do more homework.


hey im like really bored like all these other people...but im in this little white room with fluffy all over its starin at the straps and buckles on my jacket....theyre too shiny its scarying me. but neways,im typin becuz like im sorta like a hoodinie or however u spell it :-D thats why im in here. but if u wanna like respond back to me....ummmmmmmmmmmmmm idk im like really bored i forgot my s/n. neways the warden dude lady man sir is shovin me back in my jacket bye

bored at school right now

Yes it seems like every day i am bored at school... being bored at school are different bored at home: you can always find something to do if you want to like eat, or watch tv, or anything your mind thinks of. bored at school: you can't do anything but sit in a d amn seat at listen to a teacher talk... ahhh so boring there is nothing that compares to be being bored at school.

School Making your life more Boring Every Day.

free time is gooooooooooood

B- Blue cheese growing in dogs ears O- Octopus slime is glue R- Random I am E- Evil pink polor bears just ate my bag D- Don't eat the mushrooms

I am high, That's a lie, I'm so bored, I'll ryme a word, I want some V, Can't you see?

bored as well

well i read most of this page cuz im bored at school and i was surprised that some idiots thought that bored people interrupt the lesson. First of all, if ur bored in class, the teacher isn't creative so there isn't much "lesson" to interrupt. First and a half, as a side note, when im bored i like to rant, so be prepared for anything. Second, a bored person usually does one of the activities listed on this page, like coloring grids, none of which disturb anyone who isn't already bored looking over at their neighbors. I forgot third so im going to change subjects, sorta of.

There are many fun things you can do when you are bored in class:

any sort of drawing (doodling)

if the teachers a moron, correct his/her every mistake (this is especially fun in math, because mistakes are common and easy to find)

tap the desk to any rhythm (or hum or something musical)

if u have a comp, download and watch tv during class

tap the desk every second on the second, two taps for a new minute, three for a new hour

create your own mental escape

yay that was fun. end of period, time for most boring class ever!!!

Im sooo bored!! hey ppl

Ya i used to do that, lol. Cept now i just sleep or doodle little hearts. Skool is soooo boring. ive wasted so much of my life in a stupid, unecessary establishment. gah... homework is soo dumb. teachers are stupid. thats we dont learn nething. skool sux. yep. later ppls


this shows a real lesson, the school bored needs a new plan

14 yr old girl @ school now

i feel sick coz the screen is making me dizzy. i hope i get brain damage 4 being forced 2 sit at this pc 4 sooooo long. du u think i wil b able 2 sue then? ooo. rich and brain damaged. all the cleva ppl get rich n wudnt it b cool 2 get rich frm sittin here being forced 2 watch mindless crap! god my hed hurts! did u kno taxi drivers can work 24/7 so that means they would get no sleep and could fall asleep at the wheel at ne time and the law allows this! i was talking 2 a taxt driver a few days ago. he had no wife, no kids but 4 german sheapard dogs called sugar, tofu, fifi and coco. Thats what u get for messing on n doing mindless rubbish in school. i suppose i betta work if i dont wanna b a taxi driver with 4 dogs. wel i suppose its better than havin 4 cats! scary hairy miaowey things *cringes* ! ok my eyes r goin blurry now. i cant read the posters on the wall coz wen i look away from this screen i can just c a big white glowing blob. i think maybe in starting 2 go mad i keep hearing ppl say ma name but wen i look i cant c ne1 lookin @ me. o wait yes they r lookin at me i just cudnt c for the blob in front of ma eyes. ok i betta go now coz the belli as about to ring thankfully. freedom finally! oops i did no work. looks like ita a life of depression wiv 4 dogs working as a taxi driver now. o wel @ least it wont b 4 cats!

i agree.. i am sick of school

yeah i'm 14 too. school sux doesnt it?? u no, i will admit to writing those kind of letters. school gets so boring. i cant stand it. constantly watching the clock. i swear one hour of maths goes for as long as my weekend does. i find that turning things into a joke can make time go quicker. or drawing. drawings good it takes up alot of time until the teachers try to crush the last bit of individuality and creativity you have left in your soul by telling you to stop drawing and get on with your work. i also agree with being hungry. mornin tea is @ 10:20, and i either skip breakfast or hav something small at like 7:00. so i'm pretty starving by lunch, and now the canteen has introduced "healthy options" where all the food is basicly crap. theres no coke, chocolate, or anything, we are all dieing of starvation here. lol. wel anyway better get bak to my english assignment =[

BoReD-DoGeY ScHoOl AnD IcE SkAtInG

hey all were at school and are bored out of our brains. were in english and trying to find sumthing to do but the crappy school has bloked all the good websites. After this we have sport. we have to go to iceskating and the buses and nus drivers are really dogy. This is the 3rd time we've had to type this coz every time we try to type a comment sum idiot at the end of the row pulls the plug out from the computer and we have to start all over again. Shows how deduicated we are! ( and bored) well ice skaiting is really dogy and the place really smells. There are 3 schools that " attend" the stupid place so there heaps of kids on the ice whuch makes it all most impossible not to trip over it. but its alright coz tiff goes there coz she goes to mary mount so we get to see her. bout the only highlight of the hole thing. thank godness its da last week of school. well, last proper week anyway. year nine next year. pretty scary. well, we best be of bye bye

grounded and BORED

well im not at skool...its a saturday and im SOOO bored cuz im GROUNDED! its the start of summer andi cant do shit all for like half of it!gayness...ive sat my ass on this computer and the net since 10am!! thats 8 hrs constantly so far, but im about to get kicked off and told to do sumtin...BUT THERES NOTHIN TO DO!! im gunna go die or sumtin...lalala, so hungry..bye

gosh what is wrong with you

gosh what is wrong with you people, if you are bored you cant help it, is everyone elses fault@! boredom is like being killed, who ever did the evil child thing needs help, seriously, teachers are evil for giving us boring subjects and boring assignments...

Skool Suxeveryone knows it,

Skool Sux

everyone knows it, there is like no way to escape this horrid place.

we should be able to do what we want, shape our own world and now let teachers help us. let us do it on our own!!

point of advice. zone out when possible!

Heres the thing...

First off, im definatley not a parent, im 17. Ok...all of you are retarded talking about being bored...just space out like everyone else, so simple. Ive done some research that 6 out of 10 kids are usually bored in school, 2 of those 6 hate school all together, but the other 4 are ok with it...but are still bored. The other 4 are the ones who love school and the academics that it provides. But screw that, no one wants to hear someone drag on about how awesome school is. But then again, no one wants to hear about how boring school when a student says something stupid like they want to kill someone or something crazy just because they are bored...just give them a good smack in the nose, it'll shut them up for quite a while. All of you have a damn nice day. :)

bored in school

Hey everyone i am in my english class and i am so bored so i decided to write all of you to tell you about my school experience. i come here every day at 7:30 in the morning every day i sit in a computer typing class for 2 hours...two hours of repeated aajjsskkddllff that gets really old seeing how i keep getting that class this is my 3 rd time taking it but somehow my transcript keeps messin up. then i go to third period here i work on novanet every day well not really cause there are so many errors in that program that i cant move on to the next chapter every day i sit around and wait till the tech specialist fixes the error. but by the end of the period it finally works, leaving me just enuf time to log off and go to economy where once again i do nothing because i have my project at home and that is all i have to do in that class. in us history even though i have completed the course i have to finish the practice EOCT(end of course test)i make a low to high 70 each time but no that is not considerd a passing grade anymore even tho i have basically learned a whole new coarse because the novanet EOCT practice test is nothing like the book or the final and are completely different. The best thing about this is in the end i finally get high enough to take the real EOCT and i start and it is mostly economics and government questions this EOCT Novanet thing is rubbish it makes no since to test a kid all year and teach him all year out of the book then right before the EOCT make him learn everything a different way and in a diffewrent format and not even the right things. I guess that is the easy way to do it now i guess. well i just wanted to let you all know that our school system needs some major improvements my mom is a princibal and we have about 300 students, ths building was made in the 50's for an elementry school and it has one halway with 2 bathrooms in the whole thing for the students to use we have an art department but no funding for the teachers overpopulated school drugs everywhere...

im so bored

im currently doing time in something called ac. it stands for alternative campus. i got in trouble for calling my assistant principal a 817<#. she is one. ive been in here for over a few months now even though it was only supposed to be 15 days. and im so phucking bored. im on my last day so its all good. but im supposed to be typing a report on automobiles for my tech class. but i gfelt like reading your letter instead. thanx for all the advice. you guys all made this damn day go by a little faster. phuck skewl.

sup my homies

Yo wots up my homies, i to am bored at skool, i feel that skool does not/ has not provided me with the skill needed to enter the work place. . . although its has provided me with an aptitued for random discussion and traverse . . . yea iam bored . . rachl stop correcting my spelling i know i need help . . . piss off lol.

I dont understand what

I dont understand what everyones problem with school is, school is the best time of day for me, i have so much fun learning new things each hour i wish everyone would have as much fun and excitement as i do when i finish my schooling i am going to become a teacher and pass on all my enthusiasmn into the children i teach

The Simpsons! yo

Americans . . . do not understand sarcasm. Clearly if they did then they would see that the popular tv program the Simpsons is clearly aimed at ridiculing the Americans . . . yea yea it is . . . retards the lot of you who don't get it moahahaha! You're laughing at yourselves! Now that my friends is comedy!

p.s. iam bored in school.


I am also at school bored, i am in my Computer Systems 2 class and bored to death. My regular teacher is here and all, but i have a book that has all the answers in it, i hardley have to do anything. Most of the time im in this class all i do all day is read jokes on the internet or play games on the internet, once and a while i read my book. My favorite author is R. A. Salvatore. He mostly wirtes about the dark elf Drizzt Do 'Urden.Well im off to do something else, -Kyle Brady

Ps- The way i found this site is writing "Im bored at school: in the Google search engine, lol

I agree

I SO agree with you about the purpose of school and that he/she is OBVIOUSLY not getting it. I used to wonder the same exact thing when I was younger, but now, I am lucky. My school(public) is very amusing to my personal standards. I have a school filled with diversity of race, personality,language,and above all, a diversity of each other. You will never know exactly what will happen each day. If I get bored, I have a big list in which it is titled: "Drawing Ideas List" so I will not lose my freaking mind(although i do, often) School facsinates me.


Jeez. this kid has got some serious brains to him. Finally, someone has enough balls to speak about skool this way. Why is it that even ppl like myself can't bring themselves to speak out against things such as school. You see ppl are too woried these days about being sued over slander and libel and what-not and its ruining the world. all these money hungry hollywood-types think they are so odsessed with themselves, and think they are better than everybody else...well ive got something to say about that. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!! You aint any better than anyone else. Just because you ae rich does not mean anything, so what... I am a farmer, my boss is a multi-millionaire, and he will easily get in the sh** and do what has to be done. Id like to see something. Id like to see some famous actor work on a farm for 1 year. I think itd be hilarious. theyd be complainen about how much work it is, how early they get up, they all just a bunch of pansies. We are the ppl that keep the world turnin, not actors, the ppl who actually work for a livin. There is a great song about this by Alabama its called 40 Hour Week (For A Livin'). This is one of the best songs ever written i think. Anyway, school is boring, i agree, but, how could you learn to stop the schools without them? I think that schools go against the Constitution, they say they cannot force ppl to do anything they dont want to do, but, if you dont go to school, then your parents go to jail. That sound like the government is forcing our hands dont you? But g2g, i dont know why i did this, other than i was bored as well. bye

Last day of term

School can be allright sometimes but the most boring days of the school year are the days before the last days of term. This is because you either get to listen to music, play rubbish games or go on the computer. All this is ok but the music gets repetitive after the first hour, the rubbish games are-you guesed it- rubbish and the computer would be good if the council hadn't blocked about 99% of the good interesting webpages!

Forcing kids to go to school is stupid

I totally agree with you. Forcing kids to go to school and learn all that crap is bogus. It should be the kid's choice. They should be able to drop out and go back to school when ever they want. We shouldn't force them! That's crule! I pass my time by drawing pipe figures. The more time i am in class bored, the huger my drawing gets. It keeps me buisy. Last hour in speech class, we had to read like 10 pages, but i didn't, what's the teacher care anyway? I mean, it's nothing a little common scense can't figure out! My teacher is old and rinkley and he always talks on and on and on everyday like he's making a very important speech everyday like he's running for president or something. except that his tone of voice will make you want to jolt out of the classroom and hide or face his voice's wrath and fall asleap and get a detention......again. School is just so boring. It's not fair. It's 2 days b4 christmas and were gonna get homework over christmas break. I have a speech due when i get back from break. this sux. life sux.

Birds of a Feather...

I am a sophomore in high school, and I find it amazing how much of this post applied to me. I too have been neglecting homework, but continue to manage A's and B's on tests. Also, the teacher of one of my favorite classes does not require homework to be completed. It's just there for the practice. And I love it--in that class I have had more fun than one could ever imagine. It's just amazing.

It's odd, really--my high school signifies to me both the best of times and the worst of times. I'm really not sure what to make of it...except that there are definite flaws in the system that need to be addressed, if not immediately, then in the very, very near future.

School is boring just face it.

School is boring write now i sit in a class typing this, the teacher doesnt know let along care. I am in high school a junior. And i dont want to be at my school it is simply the worst place to be. My first hour teacher is CRAZY. she is the weirdest person i have ever met. I know we all need schooling but GOSH Come on make shit more interesting. I mean, who really cares about shit that has happened 100's of years ago in social studies. I sure as hell know i dont. What ever i am one person that i dont think anyone will change me on my ways about school because It SIMPLY IS BORING!


I'm sitting here in da middle of an i.t lesson with a senile old teacher. she really hates me cuz i neva d da work(cos its shit) and talk all da time(cos da work is shit) is is da only desent lesson had in 3 months. she is a proper I.T TEACHER and dnt even know wat an MP3 player is. our food teacher is a better I.T teacher than herif i had a large brick i would chuck in her large ugly head.It is not only my I.T teacher its most of em' like my Art and D.T teacher who shouts at us if we dnt get wat he is sayin through is stutter and lisp, also the shine off his head is blinding and he wonders why we cn't see. Gotta go shes suspicious. bubu XXXXX


Well I'm in a business class and as usual the teacher doesn't know how to teach and yet again we sit here surfing the web and being bored. This is a really pathetic school. It's one of the top 10 high schools in the US and yet it sucks. BIG TIME!

Wuuud Up!

What up bored people of the world. I'm pretty bored myself right now. Lol my cell phone just went off in class...but the teacher don't care.

Things to do when bored in class: Sleep Cry...At least you could go to the counselor and do nothing lol Write/Doodle Make up crazy phrases using your name and all your friends names

School actually isn't so bad as long as you're not paying attention. Maybe its just good to be me cause my teachers don't care if we sleep as long as we get good grades haha. Well there's only like 7 min of class left and I'm going home so peace out suckers!

Yeah, school sucks

ok, what i hate is that no one listens to us just because we're "minors". so what if we're under 18? i mean it's just a number and just because of that no one listens to us. the teachers basicly say to us that "you're a minor so f off". i get bored in school to. i just think of ways to shoot stuff like pennies and rubberbands.but i guess i'm kinda lucky because i have a teacher who knows how it is to be a kid and makes the math fun. i don't know how she does it. sometimes she'd just let us tell stories that have nothing to do with school like a story about a vacation or our opinions on the president or mayor. i may only be 12 years old, but according to, i'm a human so shouldn't i be treated like a person? thanks for reading this. my shift key is broken.

I am 12 and wrote something like this today here it is....

hey paper whats up yah you dont like it when i write on you with this sharp pointy pencil do you? Ohh yah take that stupid fagit!!HAHAHA i am really bored so i am gunna erase u now.............(erase marks) ok yah take that so in ur face stupid paper you know wha i wish u didnt exist beaause then i wouldnt have to do al tis gay work ohh my god this is soo lame i hate schooo s much..... ohh my god there is so much todo... but i dont care it expression ok stupid paper yah im still talkking to you bbut i dont like you at all and i have no idea why im talkng to you!! ohhh my god shutp already yah well i wish i could meet eminem or john cena or rey mysterio and i wish u werea person stupid paper cuz then i couold do the 619(reymysterios wrestling move) to you becvaue i hate you so much so just shutup and i am not a bad kid i just hate school and im getting yelled at now but im gunna keep writing so yah ok heres what she is saying Beckie stop writing rigt now and listen or else i will calll youre mom.......ok im gunna come over there and take ur paper.......and so on about all that blabing that tteachers say but i dont cae anyways finaly time to eat so ill continue on you later:)................................. I am baq but we are going to an asembly so i think ill bring you and my pencil wth me in my jacket pocket yuppp......lets go............[at the assembly] you are lke my school journal acccept you are gay and i hate you but i am gunna keep wrting bored boredboredboreedboredboredboredboredboredboredbored ohhmy god this is the most broing thing i have ever done and im to bored to just write bored...OH MY GO ITS SUPERMAN!!!!! ....oh no jus tabird anyways i am guna stop and go listen to some music with my ipod in the bathroom so ill ttyl stupid paper

A game

When I am bored in class I play the penis game. Yes, the penis game. It is a simple game and all you need is at least another friend to play along with you. And all you have to do is say penis, then the next person has to say it louder than that of the person before him/her. It is a simple but an entertaining game. You can use any word that sounds funny or is inappropriate for class time. Like French class.

Conforming to school.

After reading some of this page, i have come to the conclusion that you people are each half right. Yes some children do find school boring but academic activities have begun to change to fit all childrens interests. I myself found school boring as hell but only because i was forced to take certain subjects. When i was finally allowed to choose what i wanted to study, school was far more interesting and enjoyable. The problem is that children do not conform because they are made to! Give them a choice and responsiblity and 99% will come through. That 1% are just the regular bad apples found every where. Lets hope that school in the future is far more enjoyable for people. But until then listening to music on the sly and playing naughts and crosses worked wonders for me!

i jus read like a third of

i jus read like a third of this, and why is everyone so against shortening words and stuff.(like using 'b' as be etc.) i mean its just an email to a friend, why does it matter if the grammer isnt perfect?. its not like that teenager uses those shortenings in his/her actual school work! also i dont know any teenager that doesnt get bored in school sometimes, get over it. its not the childs fault, teachers should be more interesting, thats what their paid for!!! its ridiculous!

I can totally relate.

Classes at my school at one hour and a half long, and a good half of that is wasted with excess work time and the like. I've filled up countless pages playing games with dice in school, assigning each feature of an animal to a number (ie, for a duck, 1 - wing, 2 - eyes, 3 - legs, 4 - body, 5 - head, 6 - beak). A good time waster, if the teacher doesn't catch you. That's if they care - mine usually don't, as long as I get good marks on tests and the like. I do - what, am I supposed to find figuring out what x is in the equation 2(-3x + 8) + 3 = 1/3(x - x3 + 14) difficult?

Sorry. Find a grade nine who can't manage to type with capitals even for their English assignment, or a grade ten who's still stuck on why you double the R in 'referral' but not it 'reference'. Don't look at me. The day that paying attention proves to be at all halfway interesting (not likely, with Mr. P droning on about Napoleon and cival wars and handing out pointless reveiw sheets with phrases directly out of the text book until any spark of interest I might have had is extinguished), let me know.

/not checked for typos


OMG im a tipical 13 yo gurl frm a tipical small skool and im BORED!! im always tired b/c they pound crap into our heads w/ hammers and nails then glue us back together! if they would do more visual things, i would learn more and we would have more fun! skool shuld b fun...were kids!! theres only 1 time u get to b a kid and there wasting it on crappin skool!!

i play sports ok? i wake up @ 630...go to skool till 4....@ 430 i have bball practice or cheerleading practice or track practice or cross country training or games or tennis practice or other crap like that! sumtimes i dont get home till almost midnight frm crap and then on top of that i still have all the boring crappin hw that all the teachers pile on till were drownin in it and crap so then im up till like 1 or 2!!then sumtimes on test nites i have to pull allnighters!! and im pretty smart, and crap but not a nerd.... but im always tired frm staying up so late!!! then every other day i have quizes and pop tests and vocabulary in 2 classes and then i have history and all the other crap everyone else has cept im glad this year i dont have to take frickin spanish!!!!

gah teachers should give us less hw or just fun hw!! i heard of a teacher one time that gave VIEDEO GAMES 4 hw!! i wish more teachers were like that!!!!! im getting a headache frm all this crap.

ahh sooo bored

i found this site by typing in, so bored in school on google. i go to a private school that doesnt have many courses to choose from, therefore i do not want to take 10 billion sciences so i took spare. unfortunetly, i have 12 spares a week now. that means 12 hours of life wasting away. no car to drive home, OR ANYWHERE. so instead i sit here rotting away. staring blankly at a dumb ol computer screen, what can you do.. nothing.. absolutely nothing. what does school teach aways?? am i really going to remember what a polynomial is in about a years time? nope. what IS the point of this all???


OMG get over with this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O ya Iam so happy school is almost over (i have bad spelling and typing) we have 2 days left here in waukon Iowa. Me happy i came to this website well ...... actually i was looking up random words on google it fun. what to know how bored i am iam making kirby dance <('.'<) (>'.')> <('.'<) (>'.')> <('.'<) (>'.')> <('.'<) (>'.')> DANCE KIRBY DANCE!!!!!!

i am supose to b doing home

i am supose to b doing home work rught now but i carnt b stuffed i mean y do they make u do home work when u'v just been ay skool 4 lyk 6 houres i think it is stupid our teacher is really weired cuz shell start telling a story then make it in to a maths qouestion and no1 listens so no1 can answer it is really annoying and boring which i am right now but this is good practise for my typing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored i think ill just not hand my home work in and say my dog ate it lol bibi

im bored 2

wow u relly do get bored ppl if u write messages like taht in class but im not much better seeing im sitting in media studies right now, so wats up wit u ppl u r soooooooo cool i wish i was like u. WAIT A SECOND, who r u?

im bob (not really) but it doesnt hurt wats up i already asked you that didnt i well im asking again!!! so how about u give me a reply and i wil be happy coz im really bored and i need some one to talk to me so i mno longer bored.


I actually read Sooooooooooo Bored in class!

I was so bored that i read the whole thing and thought it was random lol. I enjoy random things and am random all the time speaking of random bucket of fried chicken just destroyed the world yey random random random getting bored and bored still getting so bored. WEll better go I hav spanish 2 next.

Non titled

well,the school system is set up for all teens and all studenst so why should people that are bored be kept out I believe, as a student in high school now, that teachers should try harder to keep students' attention. It's their job afterall. -a high school student(in school right now)

i kno hey

well most of my clases are a bludge, but even tho i bludge thru class doesnt mean i dont have stacks of assignments i dont kno how to do and so i just wing it when the time comes. i always manage to make up some BS and get away with it so yea, its all good. the bad part is that it sucks having to wake up soo early when its either REALLY cold or REALLY hot just to goto skool and when there is lots of good shows on at night time u feel pretty wasted in the morning so when ur at skool even if u want to listen and do ur work u cant so u just blank out and hope for the best. i LOVE forign teachers and teachers who dont care wat u do as long as it doesnt affect them like my art teacher(dont care) or my maths teacher (asian =0)

well thx and yer...if ur REALLY boored at skool then just wing it and do stuff u kno ull get in trouble for and then try to work ur way out of it...its great fun to do...


okay so.....

so school is boring and im sitting here right now staring at the window trying to find the best way to jump out... when suddenly i see a bird. no wait.. 4 birds.... so i decide to name them

1) aladdin 2) jasmine 3) jafar 4) genie

teehee so now i am not coming to the conclusion im bored but.... now wondering if i am going mad?? erm most probably x


OK. Any1 who reads this, u better hate skool cause its BORING im just gonna b random cause i wanno. Ok, I am at home but its 9:38 exact and im not supposed 2 b on the computer.Lol. Ok back to the I HATE SKOOL part. I have a really crabby teacher but im not gonna say her name cause who nos she mite read this! I probably have to get off the computer now but who cares? Back to the crabby teacher, all we ever do is math and ELA its so boring! I cant wait till the end of skool! The skool BBQ is in a few days! Im so exited 4 that, thats probably the only fun thing to do! Well, GTG. bibi


i am sooo bored. im in an IT lesson nd im way behind nd i jus cnt b bothered 2 catch up so there. im doin ma crappy GCSE coursework nd im onli predicted a B so wats da point a B is crap n e ways. i HATE the teacher shes so annoyin she critisises evrithin u do its lyk argh!!!!!!!!! BORING BORING BORING BORING im so bored!!!!!! iv probably bored u with this sooo yer iv passed on ma boredem!!!!!!!! im infectious!!!!!!!1 yer!!!!!!!!! see ya!!!!!!

ive written stuff like this a bazillion times

omg i write this kinda stuff alllll the time at school. i mean, the teachers say, DONT PASS NOTES OR U WILL GET IN TROUBLE. like we care!!! we hide them, we have ways, we will write everything down, and give it to our friends between classes, or hide it in a pen cap, or anything else. the pen cap works especially well, u hide the note in the pen cap, and CASUALLY drop the pen. "oops!" and the person in front of u (works best if this is who u want to pass it 2) will turn around. u give them "the look". they immediately pick it up and give it back 2 u, but not b4 the take the note. its the only way to pass boredom. and besides, i still get good grades! honors all semesters. lowest grade was and 89.

ICT lesson, 29th june 2006 12.47

yeah, we r so bored in out ict lesson. we gt sum random teacher and hes like way strict but he sed we culd do wat we liked so i sed yh ok wateva lets type in2 google 'games to play when you're stuck in an ICT lesson with nothing to do!' so yh dis webby came up. so i thought wtf, lets rite a comment! we luv hueva made dis site up cuz u totally rok. we r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored nd dis is rilli nice just writin absolute crap dat sum1 is very likely 2 read! so yh urm... a few random wrds: lead morsel, urm yh im bored. urm, eny1 herd da song onli gay eskimo? it totally rox. yh me sing it, its wel funny. yh id bets go b4 we al get in2 trouble! ARGH!

Why wouldn't it be true?

Why are people so skeptical of this article? Is it really not possible that a highschool teenager can be bored in class? Some psycologist recomned writing as a way to release frustration and anxiety. In this case, boredom. If this teenager indeed had nothing to write about, and was just writing for the sake of something to do, obviously the result would be scatter-brained and random. The grammatical errors? No, this does NOT, let me repeat myself, it does NOT mean that the teen has learned absolutley nothing in school. It is simply an easier, more efficiant way of writing. This was not a professional presentation, it was merely an expression of emotion. Why in the world would they even ATTEMPT to put their thought into a perfect 5 paragraph essay (oh, and dont forget your thesis and your conclusion...and try not to be redundant) /sarcasm ....Especially because of applications such as AIM where teens are mainly talking to their friends. WHat would be the reasoning behing typing perfect sentances with perfect grammatical structure when having a friendly, fast-paced conversation with a good friend? I mean c'mon...people REALLY don't THINK as professionally as they write.....As for me...I'm a high school senior...who is also bored in class... :)

1 year later....

Wow. I came back a year later and my previous post is still here! ^.^ Neat! Anyway, back to the subject.

When walking through my old Middle School one day (the High School was shut down and we were forced to go to a different one) the bell rang beside me. It scared me half to death because the bell in my new High School is very, VERY similar to the "Seatbelt ding" heard on an airplane (honestly!) and this was a louder, ringing bell. But what really got my attention is that I had almost started running. This was a conditioned action that I never really even noticed I had until now. The only post I read before this referred to it as "mechanical". That person was correct. We have been conditioned to do, and not do, certain things our whole lives. Unfortunately, this may make many people form bad habits that will still remain later in life (such as zoning off in an important business meeting). Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't go to school. By all means, everyone needs it. Some kids are smarter than others, some are not. Some need to be challenged more, so do not. Some kids do not need encouragement, yet receive it anyway, while others DO need it, yet never get it. For example, just recently I related the behavior of my "to-be" Chemistry teacher to a very nice Aeronautical Engineer who works at the University of Arizona. I have this "to-be" Chemistry teacher in several other classes, and he is VERY smart. He's such an intelligent man, and he encourages us all to try to get scholorships and not waste them, as he wasted a scholorship that could have made him into a college professor instead of a High School Science teacher. But he has a downfall. He's a smart person, yet he can't teach very well. Yes, I know different people learn differently. Unfortunately, I'm one of the ones that just doesn't learn well from him. My father is a former Chemical Engineer and explains everything to me that my teacher missed. It usually just "clicks" after he explains it. This teacher also seems to think if you don't do perfectly in all of Science, you'll never succeed in anything. That's only partly true. Science is very, VERY important. So is math. You need to, at least, know the basics of Algebra and Geometry in math, but it's better to surpass both and get into Calculus and Trig. But my friend, the Aeronautical Engineer, told me that he was taught by mostly example and by book. What we really need is good examples sometimes. It's just like a recipe. You may know the ingredients, but they aren't anything until you actually look at each one, put them together, then come out with the finished product. If you know what each ingredient does, then you can eventually make your own recipes. All I'm saying is that I agree school is boring. IT IS! Day in and day out I am bored to death by monotonous teachers. I drifted through a whole year of American History, so now I'm going to go back, on my OWN this time, and look at it bit by bit. Don't give up. Never let those bastards win! Study the details, ask yourself questions, even ask the TEACHER stupid questions. In the least, this might waste class time (We used to do this ALLLL the time in Middle School and somehow, someway, the talk always drifted back to hunting or sports...). The teachers are there to teach, so make 'em do it. I know, I've been told this MILLIONS of times, and I still don't do it half of the time, but I'm always wondering. When I was little, I had a fierce passion to learn. My spelling and grammar were head of the class until I started to get bored with school and slowed down. It's really quite sad, cause now I sort of have to "catch up" again. I KNOW I'm not stupid, I KNOW I can learn it, yet sometimes you just don't have the will power to DO it. I still have the deep desire to learn every language (except Spanish, for some reason I never cared very much for it...) I can get my hands on, or, rather, my ears to pick up! I still agree with my previous post that most teachers are not excited about what they teach. Well, maybe some are, yet they can't figure out a way to get their STUDENTS interested in it too. I know a Spanish teacher, not mine unfortunately, that had fun everyday with her students. She got them to laugh and get involved in her class. That's what WE NEED!!! Don't worry about the will power though. It's in there somewhere! You just have to find it and harness it! ^_~

I am also in ict!

I am also in ict have been for the past 30mins this is what i have dont in that time:Hey my name is *Kirsty and I am writing this in my ict lesson. This is just to explain to the world how very boring ict lessons are we do absolutely nothing. Our teacher knows nothing about it and if he does he doesn’t care to explain it to us but we manage and have done the work. In fact we did the work about 7 weeks ago and we are still doing the same bit of work. If we get this ict teacher next year we will fail! We once sat here for the whole hour or another time we sat here watching our computers load up for 30mins. *Bob (My friend who is sitting next to me) is now spinning. And I am writing this. We are learning so much are we not? We have boys in our class just sitting there on the Internet or talking. This is what our ict lessons consist of. He wouldn’t notice if I was planning to blow up the school. Last lesson the boys sent 2000 emails to a girl in my class, as they had nothing else to do. Bear in mind how long it takes to send 2000 emails and you get the picture. I am now discussing with *Bob how I could print loads of these out and post them all around the school. I have just had a teacher walk past me whilst I was writing this and they were totally oblivious. If I printed these out would anything change? It would be easy to post these up no one would notice you going round posting these up on the walls. It is just the printing out that may be the problem. We are now discussing how long it would take us to get home.* Bob could get home in 20mins so that’s there and back 40mins 20mins at home to straighten hair and eat. I could get home in 30mins altogether that’s 30mins at home to eat good food. The food here is disgusting.

I changed my name on this as i want to post it round the school. Danke Georgie xx


hey how are you? i found this when i was bored in class and well i had no paper so i decided that id replpy to you. so how are you. just want to see if you write back i hope you do. cheers

Wow.. deja vu.

That sounds exactly like me.

Actually, I'm here at a school computer, doing the same thing that kid is doing.

I googled 'bored at school'.

so yeah. HI.

Afraid and Dissapointed

I don't know about anyone else, but aside from being incredibly bored, I've always been extremely frightened of getting in trouble. I'm not sure why this is, 'cause I've never had really bad teachers, but I just can't stand the thought of getting singled out by one of them. I hate being yelled at, reprimanded, and am always trying to get good grades 'cause I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't. When I go to school, I'm always really anxious. I'm always worried that I forgot some homework or something like that, plus, I HATE sitting still for long periods of time, so I'm always figity. I'm also in advanced classes, so I thought they'd be interesting. I was wrong, I seriously don't know how any one can fail, I've never studied in my life and I pass all my tests with flying colors! The text books are boring, and the guidlines are WAy to strict. Another thing, when will I ever have to know what matrices are? Or 13 different ways to write a topic sentence? Or how about the definition of a model? I can't stand being forced into things that are irrelevant to my life, it's pointless and I never remember it anyway. *sigh* This has been a nice rant, now I have to go write two essay things and a 30 math problems that are all practically the same. I know there's more to life than this...


School is lame. Lets not deny it. you show up get your work, maybe do your work. get homework, go home do it, rinse repeat. Its all just so useless. i don't care about the stuff i learn in alg 2. Its really quite useless. But i guess we need to "learn how to learn". thats what a lot of people say. I read in school as much as i can. It's kind of like an escape from reality. My own personal transcending but it's constantly interrupted by teachers or whatever. which i know is valid because im not there to read but ehh... I don't really know what to say anymore but i have like an hour and 56 min to kill so yeah... I just wish there was a way to get through it faster. I already go to an accelerated school but i feel like im wasting my time. i don't remember things past the day of the test on it usually and i just want that stupid peice of paper that says i finished so i can be done. I do really enjoy my lit class though. the teacher tries not to focus on literature as much as writing. he really pushes us to be creative and practice our writing. it makes me dream about being a writer someday but i don't know. well im gonna try and find something else to... later



Just wanted to say...

Just wanted to say that i am bored in class so i decided to write a stupid message to all the people that read this. this is a stupid WEBSITE!!!!!!!!

School Is Retarded

Gosh I have a theory about school the just have us there to brain wash us to be stupid people when we grow up gets that bad

I am 15 at skool right spanish....being bored... I am not getting anything out of this class. I hate this class....i am dropping out soon. I can say that skool gets so boring that i find myself doing silly things just to pass the time. Like in algrabra 2 i found myself typing on my calculator a whole 4 paragraphs! then i am not even going into the whole scribbling i do. there is one thing that everyone in skool agrees on~ If you dont like the class, Then it is BORING!! there is no way around it... so if you dont like skool at all, then skool will be boring all together.

i came across this typing in

i came across this typing in google, i am bored at schoool.... i am in media and there is nothing to do, i am a annoying kid, who doesnt like to work, right now i am singing the words that im typing and jakira jakira jakira is getting MADDDDDDDDDDDDD MADDD MADD MADD MAD MAD i have my phone out texting on the table texting on the table but all the cool kids are not texting me backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk im singing in a male voice but now it changed to female i cant sing very well but i wish i could... i looked up an emo website that was fun and i have 18 minutes of school leftttttttttt yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay ya yayayayaaa DIRYYYYYYY BABY I SEE THIS SHACKLES BABY ON DISPLAYYYYYYYYYY YEAH YEAH


this kid is as bored as i am. here i am sitting in keyboarding class with like 2038570847028 min left and i have decided to write this. i was searching the web to find some things to do when i was bored in school. well, i didnt find much, but i did find this thingy. so i read it. totally random. funny though. reminds me of when i was 14. i am 16 now so it wasnt that long ago.

ugh. the people in my school have so much hare its unreal. one of my friends got his nose broken yesterday because he was defending his dead mother. i find that very rude. i mean you do not make fun of someones dead mom. its just rude. how would you like it if someone said that about someone you cared about that had passed away?? i dont think i would like it too much. and he didnt either. so i think he deserves an apology.


school newspapers came out today!!

the real way to excape bordom

First off I'm not an illerate little teen like a few of the teachers/adults have said. I found this site when googling something for my mother. I am 15 and in High school. If you want a way not to be bored read on. First try doing you class work. Then if your finished do your homework. once that is compleate. Start a good book. Or if you don't like to read start a note book that you put all of your thoughts in. Soon that note book will become an insperation and you won't be bored anymore. Try decorating it and puting lyrics or poetry on it. And if all else fails do the unthinkable and learn something ~~angel~~

Wow...nothing ever changes

Hi, I'm 27 years old. I got my degree in chemical engineering about 5 years ago. I hold a "good" job in consulting. Man, am I bored right now. That's what brought me to this web site...can't really bring myself to do work, so I hit the 'Stumble' button in my web browser (try it, you'll love it). I remember when I was 14, and when I was in bored me to tears. Now look at me, 13 years later, still bored. Is this all life has to offer?


ha you can tell i'm bored if i sit around reading about somebody being bored... but ahh i'm a boring person so it all works out well... i had fun reading that.. i don't know why but i did... lol oh you like queen... that's awesomeness... wow i'm BoReD... it's actually really fun to write like ThIs whenever you r

so like

I typed in Google, "I am very bored at school". And this came up. Frankly this site sucks and didn't help me at all.

i like this story

i like this story i am in personl finnance and i know how dumb them classes to be i just want to thank you cause it really did make the day easyer i have done a sotery like that before and i know how you where feeling when you whote it


so bored IM HUNGRY TO!!!!!man theres nuthing to do in here and this one guy juan wont let me use his sidekick cuz hes gay and lets a guy use it before me but its all good im not trippin gay peeps r kool but yeah anyways I WANT TON GO ON MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha imma myspace freak and proud imma eat a lollypop rite now haha its sour apple haha i just bit it lol but yeah my teacher is by me so imma go love u all


i actually sat der an read dat whole letter damn boi u must have been so damn bored 2 rite dat , i had 2 be so damn bored to read all of dat shyt,,,it sucks but i dnt do nothin in dis class but type my work on the computer the grade is good thought,,, gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teens and school

Hi i am this random 13 year old girl in the 8th grade looking around the web about boredness, I think school is fun, but not the working part, about 90% of the school does not like school.Why you may ask well it's because teens like to do something not just sit and learn and there is soooo much work to do. The teachers always scream at you so you get even more tired and ontop of that you have to get up early for somewhere you don't wanna go, they should make school more fun so you can get excited to go and get up and ect... But teens like school mostly because you can meet your friends there, they don't really care about the work, yes they can work hard and be very smart but it does not mean they enjoy it, if you read this whole thing thank you very much.

- Lucy