What happens when a 9 year is too playful and doesn't practice for her classes

My 9 year old is way too playful and doesn't want to spend time doing any work. We come up with several plans but they don't last longer than a couple of days. Very poor organizing skills and that drives me mad. How can I re-inforce positively and be kind ?

Not poor organization skills

Your child doesn't have poor organisation skills, he doesn't want to do the work you're setting for him. To see the difference, look at something he actually enjoys: cycling, drawing, physics, video games. You'll see that when he enjoys doing soemthing he has not trouble organising it.

Whatever he likes doing try to find ways to help him do more of it. If what he likes changes, find ways to help him do what he likes doing.

Why? Well, you value competence and your child's happiness. So pick what he's competent and good at and help him do more of it and he will be both competent and happy.