The Importance of Video Games

Posted on the TCS List on Sat, 19 Jul., 1997.

by Sarah Fitz-Claridge

A poster wrote:

I think a difference between the piano and the video is that ultimately, with lots of practice, the piano player produces music that other people like, and this creates a rapport between the player and other people, which is deeply satisfying to both. This does not occur with proficiency at video games. It is not an inconsiderable difference.

You are looking at this altogether too superficially. Video games are not about any obvious direct product. They are about interacting with a complex autonomous entity. What one is learning is not so much object theories as meta theories – inexplicit knowledge of how to solve problems. These deep theories are the theories that underlie everything one does. Forget the overt content and lack of obvious product. Their value lies in how they affect one's deepest, inexplicit ways of thinking, solving problems and interacting with the world. What video-game players are rendering in their mind is not just knowledge of the overt subject-matter of the game, but inexplicit knowledge that applies in all creativity in the world. In a way, they are (mainly inexplicitly) learning how the universe works.

If one could plot a three-dimensional graph of knowledge across the multiverse, one would see a large structure relating to the meta knowledge created in video-game-playing. Talking of which, you should read The Fabric of Reality 1. It might help you understand this. BTW, The Fabric of Reality is one of the bestselling popular science books of all time and is absolutely mind-blowing.

Taking Children Seriously


1. TCS still has some first edition first impression signed copies left, but there will be no more first impressions after our remaining copies have gone. Go to this page if you want to order one by credit card from PayPal.


My universe does not work like a video game

Could you elaborate some more on what the video game-playing person is actually learning? Because some of the finest aspects of my universe do not seem to be in video games ... compassion, cooperation, how to cook a delicious meal & enjoy it with good friends, in fact how to make friends at all ... etc etc, I am sure you get the idea that I clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

It's been a while since I played video games, but most of the ones I played were outrageous worlds involved in intense fights for survival. I remember playing Mario Brothers for months on end - I think the greatest thing I learned from that was which turtle to jump on in order to get an unlimited number of lives. Oh, yeah ... and that the world outside of the video game had much more to offer.

Why Video Games Are Under Rated!

Video games are hugely under-rated due to people thinking that it's a mindless passtime. This is a huge mistake. There's plenty to learn from videogames, (hell any type of game one might play)!

Just a few examples could be reading, problem solving, strategies, math. Also people don't see video games as being anything social. But it seems that people might work together to win the game, which can be very beneficial to learning about relationships, and working together to get a desired outcome.

Lots of computer games have b...

Lots of computer games have been showing up in recent years that are very interactive, I've developed friendships with people on them throughout the world, I've dealt with emotional & social issues, after a couple years decided my social skills had grown to a point where I would be happy belongning to large group of people very different from me to accomplish shared goals, I stand up against bigoted language, I've introduced online friends to TCS ideas :)

Compassion, cooperation, and making friends have all happened in the context of playing computer games, theorizing about how different people's minds work have come from trying to articulate why I like different aspects of games than my friends.

Cooking a good meal has value in the *process* of cooking, irregardless of the result, a lot of people see the process as mind-numbing drudgery in fact - perhaps cooking isn't a good way of learning or enjoying life for that person, and perhaps the process of playing games is better (or playing piano or digging ditches).

the Gamer

I for myself believe that videogames are a good way of improving as specifc skill for example if u where play medal of honor u would be improving visaul skills.Most People may not know this but solider use military sims and first person shooters to improve skills on the battlefield.Interesting isnt it!

video games

I need to keep checking myself on this, my child loves them, and I get no worries when he is playing things like Age of Empires, Pharoh etc, but it's the 'shoot em up' games that get me, so much violence. I don't feel I have any right to tell him he can't, but it does churn me up inside; we have great fun playing them together, but it is the amount of time he can spend on it - all day all night, no interest in anything else most days. Am I right to worry?

Love and Peace Mitha

Reply to Mitha

Well, you didn't say why you're worried about your child playing 'violent' video games and not the non-violent ones, but if I'm right in thinking it's because you fear he will become violent himself, you shouldn't worry. He's more likely to feel resentment towards you if you limit his playing time. He will be in a bad state of mind and not be able to accomplish anything. Have you ever seen a movie called The Recruit? (If not, you should.) There's a brilliant scene in it, in which the new recruit surprises everyone by being such a good shot, and when they ask him about it, he replies, "Nintendo."

So try not to worry :-)

videogames are evil

they make kids shoot themselfs, and became alianated from social live, and i cand believe that you TCS support this ...

Video games are evil...

Well, I can recall such other topics, like Dungeons and Dragons, or Alice Cooper, and more recently the Matrix, "causing" children to shoot themselves or others. But realistically I don't feel any of these things were the cause of such incidents, rather these children were already emotionally disturbed to begin with! A person can only do so much of one thing. I would think most any person consumed over one thing will eventually burn themselves out on it, and maybe just maybe, a junky gaming kid could learn a valuable lesson if given the freedom to find this out for himself!

video games

Video games aret the best

Now that statement is ignorant...

What support do you have for this "video games are evil" statement? Apparently, you have some beef with video games or you just don't plain understand them. In either case, you're just ranting. I am an avid video game player, and I have not once thought about killing myself, have many friends, and I believe that the TCS has every right to support video game playing.

video games

I play video games all the time and also have many friends. Almost all of them are "aggressive" video games and i have not once thought about hurting myself or anyone else. The reason people fear games so much is that they are ignorant about them.

why video games are under rated

I agree people say get up and do somting useful or constructive. i'd like to e-mail them this site.

video games are not evil

they vent your frusteration. and keep u sain

video games are evil

Yes. Video games are evil. Don't doubt yourself, you're right. If you watch children who do play a lot of video games and those who don't, over a few years you will see a big difference between the two. I notice that kids who play a lot of video and computer games have difficulty with basic social skills, such as looking people in the eyes when they speak, and being very self-conscious. Video games are an indulgence. In the hearts and minds of children is the wrong place to experiment on what the long-term effects of video gaming (and the isolation that comes with it). Human beings are social animals. We need other people, not machines.

RE: Video games from a reader on 2004/04/23

I support this comment. Also video games can be so fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

In praise of video games

In recently published research, it was demonstrated that surgeons who play video games work faster and make fewer errors than surgeons who don't play video games. My eldest son who is a M.D. and a medical resident in radiation oncology, as well as an advid video gamer, recently told me about one of his training experiences. To the amazement of his instructor, he qualified on a piece of treatment equipment in 20 minutes, which according to his instructor normally takes about two months of work to accomplish. My son attributed it to a game that he plays a lot that requires many of the same types of skills. The moral to this comment is that if you need surgery or have a brain lesion, you should inquire about the video game habits of your physician prior to treatment. I also think that most of the adult generations are, as has historically been the case, woefully out-of-touch with the reality of the upcoming generations. This is largely due to the fact that most of us live our lives like drivers attempting to navigate an expressway relying solely on our rear view mirrors.

Emerson Ngu

School children...are, in more ways than one, the worst and most pathetic victims of the complex of inanities and cruelties called civilization. H. L. Mencken

He's Right

Video games right! Playing video games tought me about everything i know about today, as well as TV, not my parents. It was all electronics!

Video games (in moderation) is fine

Like many things in life, if done in moderation, video games are not a problem, and can even be educational and teach strategy and PC skills. But they ARE addicting. And unproductive. Kids need to spend time doing other stuff too - sports, riding bikes, music, actively playing with others, reading, chores etc etc...


Video games induce a trance like state vulnerable to suggestion and conditioning

Videogames rock

You're wrong. Videogames, television, and movies have long been the bane of organizations like White Dot, which describes itself as the “international campaign against television.” Clearly they don’t scorn computers (I learned about their crusade through their website), but many such puritanical organizations do. The main arguments always seem to be that electronic entertainment stifles creativity, encourages mindlessness, and promotes violent behavior. Oh, please. White Dot claims, with a bit of a self-righteous sniff, that watching television causes ADHD in children. But that just doesn’t hold for videogames. Video games have been used to refine eye-hand coordination, memory, and other skills in children with mental handicaps. I should know; one of our neighbors’ kids was ordered by the doctor to play lots of videogames just for this purpose. It paid off. By the time he was sixteen, he was judged skilled enough to drive. And so far, the number of wrecks he’s been in is less than the number that I (a pretty safe driver) have caused. Well, certain aspects of video gaming can be very good for players. A recent study commissioned by the US Government's National Institute of Health showed that players of action/adventure games have much better visual skills than non-players. This comes as no surprise to me. Have you ever tried to hit a seasoned Halo player with a thrown pillow? How about a grenade? Either way, you’re unlikely to succeed. "By forcing players to simultaneously juggle a number of varied tasks, action video game playing pushes the limits of three rather different aspects of visual attention," the researchers wrote. I wonder what they have to say about the multitasking skills gained by students who write term papers and play EverQuest at the same time. There’s got to be some skills gained there. Given the right type of game, a child can better eye-hand coordination (Super Smash Bros. Melee) or learn creative puzzle-solving skills (Tomb Raider, Myst). These skills come in handy later on in real life, whether for a surgeon performing a laparoscopy or for a mechanic fixing a motorcycle. Videogames can teach social skills too. Most role-playing games like the Final Fantasy series, Golden Sun, or Fable help players learn proper social behavior: good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior punished. “It’s an equal opportunity thing,” a fellow student recently told me. “Doesn’t matter how weak or small you are. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, white, black, whatever. Videogames are the closest thing we have to an even playing ground.” I have to agree. Videogames create an alternate, fantasy life in which we can do things we wouldn’t or couldn’t do otherwise, like street race or explore the farthest reaches of Antarctica. Gaming also creates an outlet to face some of our worst fears. Zombies, mutants, death, conspiracies…in a videogame, you can confront and defeat them all. That doesn’t mean you won’t need help. I’ve been known to make people sit through particularly scary levels with me, and to this day haven’t been able to confront my fear of Pac-man and his gumdrop-shaped nemeses. But that’s not the point. The point is that I can. Still, some groups insist that playing videogames encourages violence. Some of the videogames that have been cited for being “too violent” are games in which the player’s character is acting to stop the violent antagonist. Most of these videogames are just as violent as movies or even TV shows – therefore, people who solely accuse videogames of causing violence are off target, if not flat wrong. Games these days come with ratings and warning labels, and if you aren’t old enough, you can’t even buy a mature-rated game at Walmart. It’s the parents’ job to keep their kids from playing mature-rated games. Don’t blame the industry; it’s given parents all the tools they need. They just need to parent better.

Re: video games are evil

I am replying because I STRONGLY dis-agree with you, sir. Mainly the "I notice that kids who play a lot of video and computer games have difficulty with basic social skills, such as looking people in the eyes when they speak, and being very self-conscious" section of your rant. I am a seasoned gamer; Xbox, Game Cube, and my computer. Now, if you don't know what an XBox or Game Cube is then I suggest you actually research the topic instead of just blatant ranting. I, like previously mentioned, am a gamer, and I am self-concious. I am 'shy' around some people, and I find it hard to speak up for my self and I am reluctant to sharing my ideas and participating sometimes. But that is NOT because I am a gamer. If anything, gaming has brought me to be a better person.

The gaming industry is now realizing that player to player interaction is a very valuable aspect to a consumer's opinion of the game. Halo, for example, wasn't online, but I have many great memories of gaming with my friends (yes I said FRIENDS) and having a blast, and then going OUTSIDE to play football. Halo 2 is now online, creating even MORE interaction. Also, thanks to NOT giving in to peer-pressure (such as what I could expect from a persons such as yourself; feeling that video games are evil), I stuck with my interests, and met someone. Somone speical. Now involved in a relationship, I have realized that it doesn't matter what other people think of you; because there's always people out there who like you for YOU. I was shy and nervous most of the time because I was afraid of rejection, afraid of 'failing' my peers as if they were judging me; I thought that they would think of me a fool for being so diffrent. I like anime, manga, gaming, and so yes, I am a nerd. I am a social, casual, funny nerd. And I am not anti-social. I just talk to people who care.

P.S., I'm 14. I hope you take me serisouly.

videogames? evil?

i saw a couple things that are quite biased in this page. first, videogames induce trance like state vounerable to suggestions and conditioning. that is total bull and you know it. if your mind is that malleable, how do you live with tv and movies? videogames are just like tv or movies that are interactive. if videogames put you into that kind of state you must have a very weak morals and give into peer-pressure easy. second, videogames are violent. there is a reason for the ratings. and on top of that if that is not reliable enough, there are content lables as well, such as suggestive themes or mild violence or blood and gore, even use of alcohol. third, difference of people who play videogames and people who don't. if you can tell just by looking, that is just stereotyping and grouping. you need to get rid of all your bias opinions and look again. there is no difference in them. all people can't be same. there are some people who are natrally shy. and all shy people aren't videogamers and vice versa. last, because i don't have much time left, someone mentioned something on nature of get out and do something constructive. guess what? there are people who make games for living or play games as a profession by rating games. the industry of videogames are growing fast and still maturing. just like tv was some decades back. there are no need for just shot downs for games, instead try to make constrictive criticisms. the industry will eventually fix the problem and impove.


ps. videogames being violent is only a selective few. there is only a hand full of them out of billions of different games that are not so violent

pps. videogames being addictive. try to take some responsibility for yourself and control yourself. if you're 'hooked' on some game and it disturbs you, there is something wrong with you not the game.

Re: Video games (in moderation) is fine

I disagree with you saying that video games are not productive. Don't get me wrong, sports, bikes, music, playing with others, reading, chores and so on are prodcutive too, but video games are in fact EQUALLY productive to those sorts of things. Here are some reasons why they are productive:

1. Action games are effective with relieving stress. 2. Almost single game requires you to think, and they are all equally intellectually productive to those who play them correctly. Games such as Marathon require quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes sometimes to get the job done. Others require thinking ahead, like Age of Empires. Some require thinking involving lore of the area, puzzles, plot comprehension, and so on. In the end, it is simple: Video games are an intellectual activity to those who play them and take them in properly. Those who use their brains when playing will always be the most successful. That and many can involve use of imagination, and if not the game itself then other things catering to it (for example, level editors, which exercise a LOT of imagination for people). 3. All involve competition as in sports. Competition, of course, needs no explanation in the fact that it is a true benefit to people. The games can exercise competitive theory in going against and sometimes cooperating, whether it is with the computer, other humans, or both. 4. Video games require patience and perseverance. Aside with the concept of competition, both of these things are essential to effectively mastering and/or getting through the game. 5. Challenge. Need I say more? 6. Some games can offer education on some things the player may encounter in life. 7. Some games can help improve social skills. Not too accurate when playing with a computer on an RPG, but excellent online or with another player (a.k.a. side by side playing Mario). You could easily build great social skills there. Believe it or not, 65% of my social skills come from multiplayer experiences. And rumor even has it from a study So generally, video games are a highly constructive and uniquely educational activity, take it from someone who has been a gamer for years, AND--despite ignorant criticisms--aces school and isn't prone to violence. However, there is something I wonder about on this matter. You see,the benefits I listed above would apply more to those who played the video game the right way. Of course, you may think, "well how could you play it the right way without enjoying it?!" However, I have watched other people play video games, and some do not apply much (if at all) effort, enthusiasm, substantial thought, and so on to playing the game, and yet they would still enjoy it. For example, some people could simply start up Doom, put on god mode and all weapons, and just sit there like a mindless corpse smashing buttons while the character is standing stationary. When playing like that, there is little or no productivity absorbed through playing that game. So the key to absorbing the positive aspects from the game--and, in the process, hopefully enjoying it--is to apply effort, substantial thought and so on to the game. The same should go for anything else you do.

Video Games help you learn

I play video games avidly, and they have done nothing but help me learn. Strag=tegy games have taught me to think things through and see the bigger goal. Online games tought me social interactions and teamwork. RPGs taught me development and all games have something to teach in basic reading/writing skills.

Video Games

I'm sorry that you feel this way, but there is still some hope for you. If you haven't noted (Obviously you haven't) modern video games are much more complex than the original Mario Bros. or Metroid, e.g. Lucasarts Knights of the old republic and its absolutley superb sequel Knights of the Old Republic II, or a Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playying Game i.e. City of Heroes or Asheron's Call II. In KOTOR and KOTORII how you act to others and how you deal with problems affects your progress and introduces the concepts of morals not found in modern music or television. In an MMORPG you are actually interacting with people from across the world and your standing is affected by how you act. You can also make many good true friends who like you for who you are, not your economic position or your physical appearance.

Thank you for your time- Avid Gamer and Active Socialite

Video games are powerful

I have been playing most of my life and my skill and my dex have improved greatly thanks to my games. Some games like Command and Conquer or any stratgey game those games have helped me broaden my mind about the way i look at things such as in looking in many different point of views. So these games are not to show the true form of death but to show us how the games can prove that people can use this info as survival.

The Art of Video Games

Rather than reading so much into the demographic of children today that "shoot themselfs" and "become alianated from social live," and at the same time—GASP!play video games, let's look at those who denounce them this way; the ones who "cand believe that you TCS support this …" Why, from this discussion alone, you could deduce that you'd have to be bordelined illiterate to misunderstand this art form.

And it is an art form.

I cannot put up with these aged, belligerent farts rioting and petitioning, and altogether wasting time whining about an interest their kids (or other kids) have and enjoy. "Video games are evil"? Didn't they say this about that nasty "rock music?" About comic books? About television, movies, and just about anything with the potential for entertainment value? Even further back, weren't they burning books in the streets of Berlin? (And yes, it is fair to make the connection between Nazis and you people.) Try rallying against books today. I dare you.

Oh, wait. That wicked Rowling woman's releasing another of those evil Harry Potter books. That witch will burn in Hades for sure.

It's also a waste of time to trounce on a growing aspect of pop culture when there are more important issues out there to tackle. Do any of you truly believe that clicking your thumbs will turn you into a psychopath, all by itself? Obviously, if your kid shows warning signs of turning psycho, then taking away their video games isn't what you should be focusing on. He or she'd have turned out that way, regardless.

Tossing logic aside and savagely bitching over every petty indulgence that's become popular is getting tiresome. Video games only depict violence—unrealistically, I'll add—but what about team sports? They act it out. How can professional athletes be a role model for your kids with those monsters in the NBA or NHL?

As for their importance: it is vast. As far as art, literature, drama, and music are concerned, video games have culture in spades. Not all of them do, of course. (Do not be so clumsy as to miss this point; developers may rehash a lot these days, but not all video games are the same.) It just requires one thing to tie it all together: interactivity. This is what video games are all about. It is not a passive art like the rest. You are interacting with an environment, you are participating in a story, your actions are being scored by a composer. It is unique, and there fore misunderstood.

The importance of video games lies in its potential for more. At the moment, the medium is so ill-used, the industry in such disarray that it is admittedly hard to see it as anything more than a child's pastime. Ideas are lazily duplicated without expansion, and innovation means nothing. Story is also still fit for just a reason to blow things up. As well, games don't typically seem to be as enthralling without violence, but that doesn't have to be. You also need hardware to run it all, even on just a console it isn't simple. There are numerous platforms when it should be as universal as compact discs. DVD's made it to acceptance in only a few years. If the developers just made an effort, you'd be able to play any game on any machine, anywhere.

It was this hopeless in a way with comics until books like Watchmen or Maus appeared. Then more books like The San∂man and Bone came out, and it at least less-scoffed at these days. On that note, here are some great examles of video game as a medium for storytelling that I've experienced and think everyone should, too:

Vagrant Story, for PlayStation. (After the introduction screen, wait for the music to die out and a very important scene in the game will start. not for slow readers, by the way.) Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time, for PS2, GameCube and Xbox Final Fantasy IX, that's 9, nine. You wouldn't know it was translated from Japanese. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Game Cube Metal Gear Solid, for PlayStation (or GameCube, for a graphically-upgraded remake)

All of these, with the exception of Vagrant Story and I think Metal Gear, are relatively short games. That's just how they make 'em these days, unfortunately, but for anyone who has never picked up a controller in their life, these should be tried. Give it at least that: a try. And play all the way through, with the sound on, because for these examples, more than most, the plot actually means something.

P.S. I just wanted to make it clear how godly and fantastic Vagrant Story is, as an absolute masterpiece. A true work of art. FFIX follows closely with a high fun-factor and a cast of the most lovable characters ever. Sands of Time is a clever and intelligent adventure, Wind Waker is the deepest Zelda game thus far (that might not mean much when compared to the other entries in the series, but trust me: it is not simple in any way) and Metal Gear Solid has earned high and deserved praise for its richly cinematic presentation.

I write this after nearly two months of inactivity in this thread, I know, but I had to write it down somewhere. It is extremely depressing when I play through a story like Vagrant Story and the realization that is a video game sets in, and as such it will not be known by so many people because of it.

which paper?

It would be very usefull if you could tell me what this recently published research is called, and where it can be found. (I would like to read it for my university course) -cheers

In our house video games hae

In our house video games hae become a co-operative effort. We have found that each of us are better at some problem solving than others and can "beat" that part of a game, then teach the others how we went about it. Also there are some games that take all of us together to beat. We have learned how to work as a team, control our anger, look at things from anothers perspective, and to improve our communication. The thing here is like anything else, you have to talk to and be involved with your kids to give an adult spin on things so they learn the lessons available. Whether it is TV, vedio games, movies, interactions with thier friends. I am not saying you have to be with your kids every minute, but if you are concerned about what they are doing, get involved.

Video games and Mental disorders

Video games do NOT cause problems like ADHD or ADD. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 8. I got my first video game system at 9. When I was in school at the time, it seemed nothing could hold my attention. The real reason was that, quite simply, the teacher talked to slowly. I could explore a hundred possibilities in the time it took her to speak a single sentence. I have used Texas homeschool/Private school laws to my extreme advantage; I was 13-years-old when I recieved my High-school-diploma. I have been in college for a year and a half. i am the youngest member of Phi Theta Kappa. My point is video games do not screw with a person's mind. Said mind screwing is done by teachers and principals. I play video games and code because then i must use the majority of my facilities for the project at hand, be it a interest calculator or beating the crap out of digitized character.

I am currently 15 and much smarter than you. no, that is not ego. It's accurate self-assessment.

Re: Video Games are Evil

"I notice that kids who play a lot of video and computer games have difficulty with basic social skills, such as looking people in the eyes when they speak, and being very self-conscious."

Look, you close-minded, media lamb. People with bad social skills cannot trace problems to videogames. Look up "Aspergers Syndrome" in Yahoo! search. People with those traits often play games because everything else is to slow. Nothing, especially contact with non-afflicted people is not sufficiently stimulating. gaming, however, can keep them occupied, can help them develope social skills that they are born without.Video Games are not Evil.

Robbie Hoy, 15 and a member of Phi Theta Kappa

Games and Violence!

I can tell you ALL that video games where a mence, why I would become so frustrated and possible even violent.

Well Toward my machine really. It all started around 1982 when Spectrum computer would take 23 years to just to download a single game.......I am still waiting!

My friend also has caused voilence to his table leg when his computer is taking 3 months just to download his MP3- so it would seem that Music is also to blame!

Dam that infurnal contraption.....Ahhh that's better let it out, I am now going to down loads anon!

Video games are important!

Imagine a world without any entertainment. No television. No movies. Music. Art. Drama. Gone. That world would be very bland, right? That is why video games are important. I mean, you get home from work, your bone-tired... and all you want to do is find some way to relax. Video gaming has become my outlet. But Im not one of those that sit hours on end at a Gamecube... staying up until 3:00 am playing Metroid Prime. They could also be educational as well. There are many games out there that can teach children the importance of reading and wringing... among other things. That is why I say that video games are important. *bows gracefully* Thank you for your time.

There are better ways to learn skills than Gaming...

Come on guys, lets get serious, video games can enable the user to develop skills to a certain extent, but there are better ways out there to learn those skills. Teamwork used to be learnt by interaction between another person, face to face, not over a headset or text 'chatting'. Also i wouldnt exactly saw "a handful" of games are violent, MANY games are violent, and the morals displayed in these titles encourage aggression and anti-social behavior. I particularly find it disturbing that the upcoming generation can now play the horrific tradgedy of war as a form of entertainment. Game ratings do not fully protect younger children from gaining access to offensive titles, and therfore do not protect their minds from becoming desensitized. Dont get me wrong, video games can be a wonderful source of entertainment, but when titles start to encourage gamers to 'beat up old ladies and steal cars' for a thrill, i think it is obvious our moral standards are declining without us even knowing it.

You are wrong. I'm sorry Samu

You are wrong. I'm sorry Samus, but from the likes of your post it comes out really clear that you aren't really absorbing the unique essence that comes with playing a video game that allows its players (sometimes a wee bit inadvertently) to develop. One of the most vitriol-saturated quips in your post is that you tell us to 'get serious'. Because not only is it stating that this whole thing is a joke, but it also partially projects itself as if as opposed to turning back in interest and then observing an old relic of entertainment from a more optimistic and interesting point of view that needs to be considered that we are instead to join the long line of conformity that is the decay wallowing up in the fat ass of this blueberry known as Earth, in this case being the ignorant view that video games are unproductive zombie-breeders that desensitize children and stunt their development.

Samus said: Teamwork used to be learnt by interaction between another person, face to face, not over a headset or text 'chatting'.

A question to ask here is: What exactly is the huge difference? I've participated in teamwork activities both on computer and in real life. In truth, so long as they each do well in helping the participants to learn and gain experience from the activity, then typically the outcome is roughly equal in value for each different form of interaction. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that each of these forms of interaction have their attributes. For example (I won't list all of the attributes I can think of), whereas you can decide to type something up before thinking about it, revising it and posting it while knowing that you are distant from the person in reality and so therefore are safe, in reality one wrong move could land you in a nasty situation. These sorts of online interactivity outlets can make pretty good 'training grounds' for developing social skills. The same thing goes for the strong attributes absorbed through playing video games or absorbing those characteristics in real life: Each productive activity has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just because video games take place in a virtual realm does not offer the safety to say that they are less of productive benefit when in comparison to that of other productive activities such as sports.

Samus said: Also i wouldnt exactly saw "a handful" of games are violent, MANY games are violent, and the morals displayed in these titles encourage aggression and anti-social behavior. I particularly find it disturbing that the upcoming generation can now play the horrific tradgedy of war as a form of entertainment. Game ratings do not fully protect younger children from gaining access to offensive titles, and therfore do not protect their minds from becoming desensitized. Dont get me wrong, video games can be a wonderful source of entertainment, but when titles start to encourage gamers to 'beat up old ladies and steal cars' for a thrill, i think it is obvious our moral standards are declining without us even knowing it.

Well, games today have sort of been losing their touch: What was once the gaming generation dedicated to innovative ideas, unique experiences etc has now become the corporate sellout revolution in which a majority of the manufactured video games are dedicated to graphics, engine, and the average consumer: Unintelligent, impatient etc pigs who don't appreciate games that actually challenge or adequately thought-provoke them, thus spawning mediocre games like Halo and Doom 3, all as a result of the gaming corporation's want for a shitload of money. Quite sad, really. Sometimes it seems that the entire world is turning into a large campaign over corporate domination

But getting to the rebuttal. How exactly do you think these video games are encouraging children to perform violent, anti-social behavior? To think that a child would perform, for example, a school shooting, there clearly must have been a large inspiration behind it. If you actually take the time to research school shootings such as Columbine, you'll learn how they were inspired (yes, these were actually logical inspirations as opposed to blatant criticisms over sources of potential entertainment): Depression and anger, Harris having to attend anger management, bullying, previous criminal records, and so on. It is often an aspect of human nature that one has to find an outlet when he/she is suffering any form of stress in life. These things can vary in terms of how serious the problem is, and the outcome can vary depending on the person. If you look at a lot of world stats, or--better yet--see for yourself, you'll see how depression, bad environment and location, and bad parenting has vastly affected the world, thus inspiring children to act out violence.

What about sports that involve actions such as body-checking? How many parents have been oblivious to the fact that physically enacting violent methods in recreational activities can lead to rather violent tendencies in various given scenarios, while their kids are body-checking, smashing and using all sorts of methods for violent contact on each other?

An even bigger question: How come there was never enough studies conducted towards either of these matters? It's simple: Because they would quickly be booed down by a vast majority of drooling masses. If you look at events we've faced in the past in which this happened such as when people considered that body-checking be banned from kids' pee-wee hockey or that if idiot adolescents re-enacted stunts done on the TV show Jackass (even in the midst of their constant and fair warnings, "don't try this at home") that it was due to parents not teaching/supervising them enough, you'd get the idea when flocks of mainstream pigs start kicking and screaming.

It's quite simple, when it all comes down: It's mainly the parents' fault. They were the ones who sat one their ass, doing nothing more other than complaining about the Janet Jackson incident over and over while their kids were, in the abstract sense, lying in their own excrement as their minds become corrupt as a result of their poor environment. Then, when the shit hit the fan, they do what mainstream world population degenerates do best: Blame a random aspect that is frequently used and advocated in our culture. And the cycle goes on and on. Who knows, maybe when another popular form of entertainment frequently used in our lives pops out that it will then become the main benchmark for ignorant criticisms, while the remainder of popular entertainment is left in the dust. This world is CO-RUPT.

why are Videogames so fun

I think the reason videogames are so fun is because they have stuff that you like to see. LIke for example:shooting is fun, so if you a videogame that has shooting on it, it might make you happy. you know what i'm saying.

acctually vidoe games do not

acctually video games do not "cause" kid to shoot themselves, kill other, ect. the person makes a choice to copy what is seen. its the same with violent movies. its a choice, and PEOPLE make that choice. not the games. they do not control your mind. they are electronic devices, boardgames, and stuff like that.the person makes the choice when they kill someone, or them selves.THEY chose to pull the trigger. not some ten sided dice, or an computer cd. they are inanimate objects. video games are plesent past times. and they encorage the imagination. heck, remember the 04 olympics? did you hear the interesting latin music they played during the synchronized swimming event? that, is in fact, one of the many expertly crafted songs of the final fantasy series. final fantasy 8 to be exact. vidoe games, espically rpgs, are expertly crafted pieces of electronic art.

Sick of the ignorant

Sometimes games is ALL a child has in todays society when bullies prevail and girls have learned they have all the power over boys (scales have tipped too far). Games are so useful in reducing stress and relieving anger...the two most common factors of ALL serious health problems that lead to depression...stress and anger. leave the kids alone with their games and instead of moaning about them, why don't you adults learn them for yourself? Probably because they are too hi tech for your old fashioned minds. saying it as i see it. My son might be dead without his escape into the world of games...and it's great to hear him giggling too...because when we hear nothing, they might be dead one day. Just BACK OFF the kids for God's sake. Those of you into forcing otherwise, aren't true authoritarians...just control freaks. So what are you fearing...ask yourself what YOUR problem is.

First of all learn how to spe

First of all learn how to spell. Video games don't kill people, People kill people. I play video games all the time and it doesn't make me want to shoot anyone. The kids that do shot people were sick and had something lacking in their head.

Video games and parents

First off, I am a very involved gamer with my xbox and I have to say that I play a lot during the day (maybe a little too much)however, when my father or mother tell me that I do play too much and I need to find a better past time or whatever, I am thrown into somewhat of a loop, because they theink I'm obsessed with games. Thats where they throw myself and my games out of line because it isn't an obsession its a way of life. Look around at yout gamer friends... they have the same lives as you do and they play almost every chance they get, because I know I do! It isn't right for these parents of mine mto tell us gamers that we are obsessed with the entertainment we love. Plus half the video games are war based. Hell I learned a lot from my war games such as Medal of Honor and Brothers in arms. They are not obsessions and they are not a waste of time. Waste of time said, "experts" that "kills our braincells as if we were smoking weed all day." well these "experts" (which some parents claim to be I know)don't know the half of what video games can do with the positive nature of our times. Common guys! Video games are so much more than a bunch of crap. It is such a wonderful way of life. NOT OBSESSIONS!!! Jonathan Biagianti a.k.a. TheHaloKing...

Kids and Games

I thought my kids played to many video games... Now they are out of the house, growing up and doing just fine. :) Guess I worried for no reason, except that I love them and didn't understand that they enjoyed different things then I did as a kid

I'm Pro gaming

Good to see people out there who are pro gaming! Anyway, the poster who said games aren't evil probably is a stupid prankster. The rushed spelling and horrible grammar. A sign of a possible Internet Junkie.

Anyway, strategy games like Age of Empires you need to think ahead. You work together with either other people or a computer and think of strategys like pick of the enemies one by one or use a pincer movement to trap the opposition. MMPORGs help you to make friends across the globe if you try. They also improve your team work. If you take on a dungeon by yourself you'll get pwned. In a group and the monsters get pwned. Racing and FPS help the player to react and improve visual skills such as hand and eye coordination.

Also, as a person said, staring at the TV for five hours with God Mode on killing everything in five seconds is bad.

video games do not cause violence.

video games do not cause violence. they do not cause anything, they help people of all ages relax, have fun, and if anything gain skills. children who play "violent" video games are not going to go shoot everyone becasue of the game. if a child kills himself or another person, itz not cuz of video games, or tv, movies, computer, in another words entertainment.

maybe some of the dumbass parents should take control of their life and startig invloved with their kids instead of blaming everything on the media. and games, and entertainment. didnt we learn anything from Coloumbine?

Video Games

I am a 25 year old avid gamer who has been playing video games since the age of 7. I find that people tend to make snap judgements without bothering to research the topic at all. Parents see their children playing games for a few hours and they get worried, they don't see the interaction and skill that is involved. As has been mentioned in previous posts, depending on the genre of game you are learning things such as spatial skills, social skills, hand/eye co-ordination, reflexes, maths, spelling & grammar, problem solving, value judgements, working within time constraints & in newer games physics. There would also be many other examples that don't immediately come to mind.

I find it amusing that a lot of these parents would happily sit there and watch TV for a few hours and see no problem with it. Apart from some knowledge, what are you learning from something that for the most part is passive and non-interactive. I would argue, that is a much larger waste of time, if you want to use that as an example. As for violent video games, you see much worse on tv and in movies than you do in most video games. I admit that most of the games I enjoy contain violence to some degree, however I am not a violent person at all. In fact I would argue that playing violent video games makes me less violent, I have a place to vent my anger and frustration without causing anyone harm. Video games may trigger a person to behave in a violent manner, but it could just as easily have been a movies, tv show, music or any number of things.

These media did not cause the problem in the first place, they merely exacerbated it. For the older generation on here, when you were growing up they said that rock & roll was bad for you, has it turned you into a monster? Of course not, you were well aware there was a world outside of music not matter how much you loved & listened to it. I saw mentioned earlier that video games do not teach you basic skills such as cooking, would you want to watch a tv show that is based on someone's mundane day to day activities? No, because that's boring, so why would you want to play a game about it? Would you want to watch a car race if they obeyed the speed limits and road rules? again the same thing, no.

If you banned things because they had the potential to cause undesirable behaviour, I doubt there would be much that we would be allowed to do. How about you give your children some credit, and play a few hours on the games in their collection, rather than sitting back and tut tutting. What do you have to lose?

That statement is ignorant

I have the same reasoning as the other guy because I am also an avid game player and I haven't thought of that sure there are some pretty violent games that is why they have the rating system so I have no idea where these people are getting this stuff from sure there are some kids that have killed people because what they saw on a video game but that doesn't all games are bad for kids there parents shouldn't have bought them a game that has such a violent game rating

i <3 video games

i think violent video games help with stress, i mean think about it, if you ar mad as hell, and you go postal, that wil get you the chair, but if you go postal in a VIDEO GAME, nothing will happen, (well, maby a zombie attack =P) but all im saying is that i think video game rule and that i like blowing of a zombies head with a shotgun =P

later all! (p.s. my favorit game is fable the lost chapters)

Reference to movies

You do understand that "The Recruit" is a fictional movie with fictional characters using fictional abilities, correct? By refering to a movie in supporting your statement, you've actually undermined the potency of your point. Therefore, there is less reason to believe in either the abilities gained by playing videogames and the effect of violence upon a child's mind.

video games

I have been homeschooling for 16 years and taking children seriosly longer than that. I've seen chidlren start out on Sega Genesis and on through to MMORPG's. Imagine spending almost all of teenage years playing video games, with a parent staying as involved as possible, without restricting activities much at all, not going to school nor with an imposed "curriculum" but with much conversation.

As a parent, I might at times be concerned as my confidence in a teen's choice of past-times wavered,but at least one such teen is a diligent dean's list college student, mature well beyond hir years, staunchly principled, and very involved in nurturing younger children and their video game preferences.

All of my children have been playing World of Warcraft, which is a massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG). After eight weeks of obsessive playing and no hoped-for self-regulation on the part of one, I had to step in. Instead of focusing on this obsession being all bad, I'm helping with balance. Discovering no outside of the home activity of interest, I offered options and because I gave him no choice, he picked one. I have them exercise with me everyday. Either rollerblading, swimming, running or a long walk.

It strikes me how different this generation is and it has everything to do with computers and gaming. We live in a large suburban neighborhood with lots of kids. They simply don't play "kick the can" anymore. I am sad about that, but, I try to understand. I really think these kids are more intelligent, more discriminating, and more skilled than kids who were less stimulated and less absorbed. I have some trouble accepting the violence on games, and I am chided for this. I don't let the younger children play mature games.

I have my kids practice on math several times a week, but I find that they learn so much reading, spelling, and vocabulary playing their games that I have trouble keeping up with them.

Maybe it's important to note that the older kids control the video game ethics in a positive way. They play for a challenge, for teamwork, when a friend comes over, there is much sharing and comradarie and loud exclamations.

The only conclusion I have is : Thanks for letting me "spill". I don't have anyone to share these ideas with. Most people don't have a clue about how kids learn. I could write about that all night!

Video Games as a Scapegoat

This is an interesting discussion, and I do have a few thoughts about it. For most who say "video games are evil", video games are a mystery. I agree with the reader who suggested that everyone research the subject. Frankly, if you don't know what it is you're objecting to, you have no business opening your mouth about it. (Incidentally, that goes for all of us, including the supporters.)

The point here isn't that video games, movies, or rock & roll are evil and will fry poor childrens' minds. The point here is that, like all "new" things, video games are a perfect scapegoat for a real problem. There are many people who play video games that are violent, have emotional issues, and have bad social skills. There are equally as many that don't play. On the other side of the coin, there are countless people who play video games that don't show any sign of violent behavior. Censoring video games for being violent, and saying they cause violence would be like saying that bibles shouldn't be available in hotel rooms.

The Christian bible is a very, very violent piece of literature, and it has depictions of all sorts of sexual indescretions. Religion has been the cause of wars in the past, and caused people to act out in violence against each other, due to differences in belief. By the same notion of saying that video games are the only and chief cause of violence in people that play, you could say that bibles have to be outlawed because some of the people who read them commit violent crimes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this. One thing does not lead to violent, or any other, behavior. The culmination of a lifetime of learning leads to behavior in children and adults. Parents have to educate their children, not censor the world around them. There will always be negative influences, and things that can influence in different ways. People have to be educated and emotionally mature enough to deal with these things in order to be healthy, balanced individuals.

Video games shouldn't be outlawed any more than books, movies, or anything else. We can't begin to censor, we can't begin to decide what is allowed to exist and what isn't. We can learn to deal with the world, to learn what is right and what is wrong. That's what children have to learn, and that's what adults have to learn: not to hide from things, but to learn about them.

Writing a paper on the importance of video games...

Hey, I am currently researching the improtance of video games and why they are important for children to play to enhance the mind and other characterastics. I want to use this site because it has alot of back and forth on the importance of video games, violence in the games, and parents feelings about video games. If there's anything that you would like to say to help me further, that would be great =)

Reply to Reply to Mitha

Hm. This entire collum looks like a generation gap trainwreck. On the one hand we have parents who value human interaction, values, morality, religion, working hard, progress towards real life goals etc. and on the other hand we have the ME generation who belive in having fun, personal entitlement, minimal work and get something for nothing. Mitha is right to worry about the "First Person Shooters" and other violent video games, movies, TV shows and yes the evening news. Research has long demonstrated that exposure to violence at the pandemic level that we have in the world today leads to greater isolation, dehumanization, hopelessness and disinhabition toward acting in a violent manner. Does this mean that the typical person who has grown up in the US who has seen 1,000,000 people shot, raped, blown up, robbed, smashed by cars, threatened, held hostage, tied up, thrown off a boat, cut up by chainsaws, chased by wild dogs, bears, sharks (insert animal here), had holes drilled in their heads with power drills, or been impailed by metal rods while having sex will in fact act in a violent manner, not necesarily. Does it mean that they will trust people less, view authority figures negatively, expect others to behave violently towards them and be prepared to retliate premeptively ...etc, yes. The military uses "First Person Shooters" to desnsitize people so that they can kill others. It gets them used to pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger to make them dead. This is something that most people tend to not be able to do easily, but with enough practice you too can become instictive at blowing people away without worying about remorse. This is way too long. Are video games bad.. no. Are some video games overstimulating and provide content that will make children more isolated and more likely to interact poorly with others, yes. Are video games fun, yes. Are video games typically used to teach values, human interaction skills, real life knowledge and empathy, no. I wonder why not.

Videogame 13579

okay, i have played video games alot, trust me. I'm kinda shy but videogames are not the reason. Just the real reason i'd rather not say. But still i am geting more vocal! Thank the anime convention!


Did any one notice that the people who left messages on this page that play video games made many mistakes in typing or spelling. Except for the 15 year old that was homeschooled. Not many people here could create a proper sentence. This is our furture people WAKE UP.

I develop video games. I've

I develop video games. I've seen research into children's development and how that is affected by gaming.

In no way are all video games about violence and destruction. Many games for children now teach friendship, cooperation and creativity.

I do not understand narrow minded comments like this. Try doing some research yourself. Ignorance is worse than the so-called 'indulgence' that you speak of.

Dude, you are officially my

Dude, you are officially my hero. No kidding. I am with you.

I like this kind of

I like this kind of research. I have been trying to convince people to take kids seriously but they never listen

why we need games

yes yes you are right about us needing other humens to socials with, me and every other gamer would say that games are a huge stress reliever if not for video games people would have more chance of becoming violent>. If u take away the video games what else would we take are stress out on????????????

Thanks to TCS for Changing My Thinking!

I'm so thankful for this website: the articles have totally changed my thinking regarding the need to limit my children's TV and computer-game time.

Providing unlimited access to these things has radically expanded my world as well. It's fun reading the game manuals and brainstorming together about how to solve various problems.



I am 16 year old boy, have been playing alot games in my life.

i have learned everything from games, nothing new in school. even if i play alot, it doesnt have to mean that im not social. social means 'ability to make friends' or 'talk to people'. it doesnt mean you have to look at other's eyes while talking or anything.

playing violent games doesnt affect you or real life, they are just games...

ever heard the saying.. "life is a game, play it"

As a gamer and an autist.

Hmm, the assessment about a generation gap may be half true. However, it seems more to me that part of your motiviations is fear for what you don't understand and a desire to stick to the familiar (raising your children the way you yourself was raised, not realizing that the time's aren't entirely static). Video games are my primary hobby, and if anything, they have expanded my (already vivid) imagination. In the words of a game developer "The mind craves exitement, the concept of 'what would it be like if things were like this..." Games (particularly the one that person, whose name I forgot, created) usually provide this kind of stimulus. That is also why certian particularly contrevesial ones are popular, it provides a means to do what one KNOWS (or should know anyway) that one should not do in real life, the perfect outlet to "experiment" in a testground as it were on such things.

As an autist (I've had Aspberger's(sp?) syndrome from the day I was born), I can't help but to be slightly offended at the idea of the subtext that you view it as an illness (Bubonic plauge is an illness, Aspbergers syndrome is an alternate neural configuration from the majority). I've developed a pretty thick skin about human ignorance (and outright stupidity) over the years, but I feel like something should be said on behalf of the other Autists. Video games don't "cause" autism, as far as I am aware, it is a birth defect or otherwise genetic. The only link I know of is that the typical autist (or at least myself) is more "compatable" with video games (and computers and such too).

I do support the idea of keeping certian games that were never intended for young children out of thier hands, but not by legeslature. If there was a law past, more laws about other entertainment media will pass with that as a precedent, getting bolder and bolder with each percieved "moral victory." It won't be long until some librarian gets 20 years for checking out "The Joy of Sex" to a 17 year old. The onus is on the parent. I would define "young children" as prepubecent. People are unique, and some mature faster than others. People are often ready at different ages, and it's up to the parent to know thier child and have faith in him or her to know if they are ready for the particular content in one game or another or not. My parents let me watch Termiator 2 at age 14, despite it being rated R, they knew I wouldn't do anything stupid (reinforced by the fact that I didn't want to let them down and lose that priviledge in the future). I'm not suggesting every kid is ready for whatever at age 14, I'm just saying that it varies on the individual. It's partly a matter of faith and partly a matter of understanding your kid (another duty of a parent, not that it is always easy). As things originally percived for kids gain a wider audience and have been around longer, there is no reason adults (who enjoyed such things as a child) should be automatically disqualified as a potential target audience (Cartoons are another example, look at "adult swim" and how much success it has had).

Another point worth making while it is on my mind is that games are FAR to broad a catagory to classify simply as one type of experience. Old-school spaceship shooter games (Gradius, R-TYPE) are a whole different breed from 2D fighters (Street Fighter, KOF), which in turn are entirely different from RPG's (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest/Warrior, Shin Megami Tensei), etc. That's not to say one genre can't have elements of the other either (River City Ransom has some RPG elements even though it is a beat-em-up). However, acting under the assumption that all games are the same rudimentary experience is pretty much the same as saying that to all other types of media (books, movies, TV shows, etc). I include this because oftentimes, people who decry games don't give enough credit for the variety of games and differences between them; instead smply assuming that they are all "murder simulators/mind deadening/etc."

Anyway, I've said my part, and a whole 2 months after the next most recent post even, hee hee.

From a True gamer

From a true gamer i think video games r very important! they teach hand and eye coordination and u get to have fun all at the same time! it may be addicting but who cares its easy to quit! and it doesnt ruin your mind us kids just like to talk about video games alot!!!!!

I would like to add.

A good bit of people (anti and even pro games) will say that First Person Shooters are just mindless shooters and are just there to let you take off some aggression and have some mindless fun.

But they do help with your ability to comprehend multiple objectives, your ability to remember directions and locations, and also are a little bit of help when micromanaging.

When you play about any FPS, you will normally be under attack by no less than five enemies during any select battle. And you really need to be able to think fast and decide where the incoming shots are coming from, where the most optimum spot for cover is, and which enemy needs to be taken care of first. (eg: You don't to waste time attacking weaker hostiles while an enemy scores an easy headshot on you.)

Secondly, When I was 11 until Halo 2 came out, (2 years or so) I played Perfect Dark with two of my best friends every weekend. We also normally played on one of two levels, and I still know the entire layout of both the levels. (I know the levels weren't very big but still.) I also can orient myself on any of the Halo 2 and 3 maps, If you ever played Banjo Tooie in the first person levels, I know two of the three levels by heart. Learning how to memorize those levels also helped me in developing strategies in memorizing my school work. (especially geography)

These are a few ways that I believe that (specifically FPS) games do help develop certain skills in the brain. I would like to say two other things.

1) Video games are great and do help people with certain skills and can promote Teamwork and equally important: good sportsman ship.

2) People who constantly say that video games are corrupting their and other people's children need to get their self-righteous' heads out of their self-righteous' bung hole. Seriously...GTA kills? what the heck?

Video games below God.

There are good and bad games. Now I feel unpleased when people think that games are for little children only and that a big person should be ashamed to play them. It is so here in Cameroon. Good ones teach you profitable things and improve your vocabulary such as some GBA ones like Golden Sun. Bad ones teach you improper things like immorality and cruel violence eg Grand Theft Auto. However the best games would be those based on Scripture so that the player thereof is made wiser. Do not play games more than you spend time with your Maker. And get wiser by studying the Holy Bible. It will help you choose between good games and bad games.

Your comment is ignorant and

Your comment is ignorant and ridiculous. Have you ever known anyone to directly play a video game and then commit suicide? No, I have only seen that because of school, 4 times.

Ignorant Statement.

"Did any one notice that the people who left messages on this page that play video games made many mistakes in typing or spelling. Except for the 15 year old that was homeschooled. Not many people here could create a proper sentence. This is our furture people WAKE UP."

Yes, people have a lot of spelling errors and they are not able to create full sentences that live up to YOUR standards. Look at it this way... Maybe we r just smarter then u. We choose to spell things the way they sound rather than the way society views it as "socially correct." We shorten our sentences to get the point across faster. Most people when they use just the letters or acronims of words like lol, are doing something else that is taking up their time so they dont have the time they need to make it acceptable to your standards. Even when we use letters like u and r its funny how the point still gets across in your head, you are just too ignorant to see it as someone else's way of using dialect. What I guess I am trying to get across here is everyone is their OWN person. Nobody on this earth thinks exactly like you do so you should accpet these people for their way about going with things with THEIR life. Don't start to think that you are the only one with a concious on this earth. What the real issue here is that its what one person views as correct vs. another person's view on correct.

they are not evil

You are looking at them the wrong way. Video Games are not evil. You just believe they are evil, and you easily blame video games for suicidal shootings, and young teenagers shooting other people. People saying that video games are evil extremely aggravates me, because people who play video games should have the common sense to see that video games are not reality. Kids AND Adults who believe that its ok to shoot people or whatever, really need some mental help, because video games has not a thing to do with it! There are also game RATINGS so parents should know what is not appropiate for their child or children because of the rating on the game box.

"in fact how to make friends

"in fact how to make friends at all" Go play an MMO noobzor


Hello everybody. I can see there's quite a discussion here. All that I can say is that: you guys that say videogames are evil and all that stuff...Yeah I mean...It depends on the know...there's a huge variety of games. There's a regulation to that, did you know? Like in the movies...A-B-C ratings, so there are games for kids, teens and adults. I've played a lot of videogames. I grew up with SNES, N64, then changed to PS and PC games, I can tell you, there are a LOT of different kind of games, I guess this place was made to TAKE CHILDREN SERIOUSLY,and I can tell you from my own experience, to any person who cares about children, that videogames are good for them but only if they play the proper ones. I once had a "play with maths game" I must have had 8 yr or some. I can still remember and it was SO much fun, It really helped me out to learn a lot of basic mathematical stuff. The characters and the environments were really amazing, it wa like an adventure. I can tell you...there are a lot of videogames that you won't want your children to play...I think is just a matter of common sense...You have to look what's adequate for your children...and of course, not let VIDEOGAMES to be the whole world for them... We still have a lot of nice stuff around, other than tv and stuff. Go outside, chat, run, play, use your body. Ironically...that's why kinect was launched...Anyway, thanks for the reading...It was quite entretaining. Peace and respect to all of your comments.