What would you do...

What would you do if a parent told your child that he would never have any friends? Would you take it as an empty threat out of anger and/or jealousy or would you act upon it?

having no friends

I would certainly act on it. I would tell the person that they were talking absolute nonsense.

Friends are people with whom one has common interests and common goals. For those with less common interests and goals, it takes more effort, but this is the era of the internet, for goodness' sake. Even people whose favourite activities are worm races or polar exploration will find kindred spirits out there.

The person has made it very clear that they are unlikely to be among those kindred spirits for your child. Cut your losses; move on and help your child find more amenable friends.

Thank you.

I don't believe any child should suffer nastiness from adults for any reason. Thanks for your reply. I wonder how many others feel the same.

What would I do?

I would ask the child if he's okay. Since the child probably tripped over some hang-up I might ask the other parent why he said what he said. If I could think of something I could say that would help him to get over his hang-up then I might try it. In any case I should say to the parent in question that he shouldn't have said that and that he should not say it again.

In the rather remote eventuality that the child did something wrong I would try to explain that to him, always keeping in mind that my initial assessment of the situation might be mistaken. But I would still tell the other parent that his response to the situation was inappropriate.