TCS: New or Ancient?

Taking Children Seriously is a radical break from our (the modern world's) "traditional" way of viewing the world and people (children in particular). By "tradition" I mean maybe the last several hundred years of human history.

Yet from what I've learned of the few primitive people-groups still living in the world today (I'm thinking mainly of the !Kung of Africa and the Yequana of South America), these people live consensually and never, or rarely, coerce others in the tribe irregardless of age.

I'm not saying I'd want to do away with progress. I love to read, philosophize, debate, partake in coffee and chocolate, and do many things I probably wouldn't be doing if I were a Stone-Age Indian living in a totally harmonious, cohesive, and natural community.

(Of course, there'd be many compensations such as having attachment parenting be the norm -- but I must admit there's this piece of me that loves diverging from the norm, even in the way I parent.)

But could it be that progress has stimulated some individuals to keep seeking ever greater control over the world, and over other people, in order to increase their individual power and ability to make things go the way they want them to?

Could it be that our current heirarchical traditions are really a by-product of progress?

In that case, TCS is both new and ancient at the same time! I love the idea of getting to have my cake and eat it too! For instance, some other non-coercive folks I've dialogued with online seem to strongly disapprove of people like me who still buy foods and other products from "mainstream" suppliers.

From what I've been reading here, it sounds like we're welcome to come to TCS as we are and reach our own conclusions about outside issues. I hope to hear others' ideas about these things.