Atheist Parents on How to Treat Teenagers

Here is a page on which atheist parents and teenagers are talking about how to treat children. The discussion began with someone complaining about teenage girls, and includes comments from people who think that more discipline is called for, but a couple of posters mention TCS, and a couple of others seem to advocate a more TCS approach.

UPDATE: One person thinks the above should have been worded much more strongly, like this:

The discussion began with someone looking for endorsement in hurting his daughter, and includes comments from people who think the daughter should actually be hurt more.

and has asked for more warning in such cases next time.



hey, at least they were talking about improving communication. Change one thing... and that is a great place to start the change.

Double standards?

Ya gotta wonder if mom abides by some of her own rules:

>My girls have grown up with 3 simple rules:

>1. You can't hurt someone else >2. You can't hurt yourself. >3. You can't do anything that makes mom crazy!

What about not making the kid crazy? In my experience kids aren't the crazy-making ones.