i'm in class right now - boredddddd

I'm at school. DDD: The eighth graders are taking FCAT, sooooo I'm stuck in my Technology class with three other people [most of the class was in eighth grade] and a substitute. So, after playing any game the school's computers wouldn't block, I got bored. I typed in "bored in school" and got some blog entry or whatever from here. So, yeah, I signed up. I'm going to use this to amuse myself for a little bit [even though I dunno' what I'm supposed to post or anything, but whatever] . . . I'm hungry. DDDD: I wish I would of brought my I-Pod to school today, so I could at *least* listen to music. It's really quiet in here - I can here the sound of me typing across the room. '-_- Maybe I'll mess around with my DS or read or something, 'cuz there's still fourty minutes left of class [I think]. I wanna' listen to musicccccccca'. DDDD; ughhhh. what kinda' music do you . . . people listen to? I hope this isn't one of those serious forums where I'd get yelled at for posting this. :x oh welllll. XD i skipped saturday work detail and now i might get suspended for two days. DDDDD: ughhhh. oh, yeah, i wanna' see that movie about that conneticut haunting. it looks good. lol, joseph just went up to the sub. to ask to go to the bathroom -- again. she said no. DXXXX poor joseph. :( anywayyyyyyy . . .. yeahhhh. after this is fourth period [i think, i'm not sure how they're doing things today] -- that means i have pe next. D:< i hate my pe teacher. she looks like a tweaker or something. she sounds like it, too. XDDD yeahhh, she's mean. >_< she takes pe too seriously. annnddddd never gives us anytime when we get back from pe to go to the bathroom or anything. D:< i got half my points taken away last week becauase [after we came in from being in the sun and everything] for taking too long to fix my hair and stuff. '-_- ugh. yeah. it's so quiet in here. my friend next to me [robbin] is playing webkinz -rolls eyes- and angel a couple computers down is playing line rider - i don't like this game. jospeh is reading. yuppp. i think the sub. is texting or something. i dunno'. wow. this is long. i don't wanna' stop typing, though. DDD: i'll be bored again. D: oh, well . . . yeah, bye

I'm in class also in

I'm in class also in Keyboarding its really boring. He,He so.. Buh - Bye i guess. ♥ - Nickhuggz

I'm bored.

It seems the only things to do when work is done is to browse the internet. That would be fine and dandy if I hadn't done that 4 years straight. My internet browsing ideas are long gone and the boredom just got worse. Not to mention everything good is blocked. Maybe I should learn to be someone who goes through firewalls and get through blocked websites? Only 30 minutes left.

I'm in a 3-period long class everyday. It's Wednesday and all my work was done Monday. How much more can a 17 year old girl take? Not much more, I can tell you that.